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ESHKOL REGIONAL COUNCIL “Partnership 2000“ Eshkol – North Eastern New York November 2009.

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1 ESHKOL REGIONAL COUNCIL “Partnership 2000“ Eshkol – North Eastern New York November 2009

2  The Eshkol Regional Council was established in 1951. At first the region was called Hevel Ma'on, (Ma'on District). In 1969 the name was changed to Eshkol in honor of the third Prime Minister of Israel, Levi Eshkol.  The Regional Council encompasses an area of 760,000 dunams (76,000 acres).  The area possesses unique ecological qualities ranging from sub-tropic to desert.  The wide socio/economic composition of its population promotes the existence of an advanced system of services in the areas of education, culture, and the municipal realm.  The thirty one communities made up of 14 kibbutzim, 13 moshavim and 4 residential communities and boasts a total population of 12,200 people which have all contributed in their own way to the creation of this robust rural enterprise here in the Northwestern Negev. General information - Eshkol


4  The agriculture in our region is professional, modern and with the assistance of the Institute for Research and Development always in the national technological forefront.  Taking advantage of the special climatic and soil conditions in our area, local farmers produce crops of outstanding quality.  Field crops such as potatoes, peanuts, wheat and cotton are extensively cultivated. Greenhouse vegetables and flowers are exported to the markets of Europe, the USA and Japan and are a major factor in the area’s agricultural economy.  In the last decade thousands of dunams of citrus groves have been planted in this region as much of the citrus production in the center of the country has been dramatically reduced. Agriculture Agriculture

5 Learning together about the potential for joint cooperation Singing together with Eshkol vocal group at “Neve Eshkol” day care center for senior citizens. Partnership 2000 – Joint steering committee

6 Living Bridge Activities 2008- 2009 March 23, 2008 – Joint meeting between 8th graders from Ma’ale Habsor and “Shraga” school in NENY- Ongoing connection May 2008 - Student Delegation from North East New York (NENY)` June 22, 2008 - A group of five young people left Eshkol to be counselors in the summer camps of the Jewish community of North-East New York. June, 2008 - P2P Coordinator – visit to the Community of Northeast New York Net@’s students enjoying & relaxing activities

7 The map of missile range  250 Kasam rockets fell in Eshkol.  300 Mortars.  3 People were killed  1 severely wounded  Severe damage to a synagogue and 3 homes.  31 out of 31 communities in Eshkol where targeted.  More then a dozen greenhouses were damaged. War in the south

8 The home of the Sela family on Moshav Dekel took a direct Kassam hit. Severe damage was done. Fortunately no one was injured. A Kassam hit in a home on Moshav Dekel War in the south A Kassam hit on the road on kibbutz Magen

9 War in the south These concrete structures were placed all over the area to provide shelter against shrapnel from the Kassam rockets and mortars. They don’t look like much but they saved a lot of lives This one was placed in the playground adjacent to S’de Nitzan kindergarten.

10 Sheltered buildings – New Library Sheltered buildings – New Library

11 Sheltered buildings – Nofei Habsor Sheltered buildings – Nofei Habsor The kibbutz & Moshav high schools were finally united after more then 30 years of separate education

12 HOSEN – One for all & all for one HOSEN – One for all & all for one

13 Thank you

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