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Position and opportunities for SME in FIRE/FIRE+ JEAN-CHARLES POINT

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1 Position and opportunities for SME in FIRE/FIRE+ JEAN-CHARLES POINT

2 agenda SME typology FIRE offer SME requirements FIRE evolution

3 Projects engaged FUSION : 2 years SSA to engage SMEs on FIRE FED4FIRE and AMPLIFIRE Feedbacks from SMEs using FIRE Exchange with SMEs Requirements collections Experience from facilities.

4 SME position in Europe 65 % of jobs, 85 % of total job increase 90% under 10 employees (means most SMEs are incompletely structured) Slow evolution (compared to other continents) Potential number of SME users of facilities 100000+

5 FIRE principles and offer R&D driven experimental facilities Covering a large range of technologies Free or low cost access Federations efforts in progress (Fed4fire, FIRE-ICTLab, PPP..) Still incomplete integration between facilities and user groups (Living Labs, etc.)

6 FIRE coverage

7 How FIRE connects to SMEs R&I research Development / Product evolutions Development / Product evolutions Deployment/ Final testing Deployment/ Final testing FIRE facilities PPP? High tech SMEs/startup More « commercial » SMEs Feasibility study Testing different sub-systems Performance/sc alability tests

8 FLS on federation

9 WHAT? Multi-channel marketing platform: multicast delivery of different digital messages (SMS, e-mails, QR-codes, messages inside social networks etc.) Used for communication with consumers about business transactions: appointment and payment reminders, discount campaigns, use coupons, etc. WHY? Current systems suffer from peak loads (e.g. during seasonal campaigns) Development of smartphones will impose great challenge to system throughput in near future Difficulties in rapid deployments “on demand” Utilization of Fed4FIRE infrastructure for performing experiments for designing future-proof architecture of multi- channel marketing platform HOW? Via usage of Fed4FIRE facilities for:  Determination of optimal geographical nodes distribution;  Performing of scalability/QoE tests;  Testing of novel approaches for messaging platform: Cloud-based architecture Novel database technologies Loadbalancing mechanisms Message engines replication

10 1. Definition of optimal geographical distribution of nodes and measuring of accompanying parameters:  At PlanetLab Europe: installation of instance of multi-channel marketing platform at center of Europe (Rennes), North of Europe (Stockholm) and South of Europe (Athens)  Performing of measurement of actual network characteristics and relevant bottlenecks (useless packets, checksum errors, lost packets etc.) 2. Identifying of maximum scalability of the current platform and measuring of accompanying QoS deteriorations:  At Virtual Wall: setup of the architecture of the platform (including several hundred clients) with pre-configured network layer parameters (previously defined on the PlanetLab Europe at step#1)  Measurement of load limit where clients QoS will be at the minimum acceptable level 3. Implementation and testing of the novel algorithms for dynamically ranging highly scalable cloud-based platform  At BonFIRE: setting up of architecture and testing of implemented solutions: Splitted READ/WRITE access to databases Database/API loadbalancing (between BonFIRE cloud nodes) Message engines replication 3-steps approach, 3 Fed4FIRE testbeds:

11 Some SMEs needs SMEs have large interest for testing –technologies/ –market acceptance with users But need: Small SMEs Understand immediate benefits –How can FIRE can accelerate R&I / time to market process –How can it improve Quality / market matching One stop shop ideally, unique process Simple and fast process Support before and during testing phase Involve users in tests Reasonable cost access (light weight funding) Large SMEs Awareness and understanding of FIRE

12 Evolutions One stop shop (federation) « translate the need into testing phases » (hierarchical FLS, single sign on, same tools, etc.) Organised (and funded?) training/ personnal guidance/support Lightweight funding for experimenters and testbeds Right information and advertisement processes Fast track for testing Integrate user communities Relevant metrics to benchmark the evolutions

13 Possible models Testbed or federation Users (citizens, businesses, hospitals, cities) SME MODEL 1: integration/connection between facility and users SME gets the service MODEL 2: SME brings along their user in the test NB: USER INVOLVMENT CAN BE DURING ALL R&I PROCESS

14 Conclusions FIRE roadmap well positionned: facilities covering all kind of areas, at technology forefront, challenges matching (support, common tools, trusts and sustainability,..) Covers well some aspect of SMEs R&I life cycle Mentionned evolutions mostly in progress, BUT others (lightweight funding, fast track) are really desirable Looks to position well against the PPP

15 Thanks!!!

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