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Affordable Housing Committee Committee REport Town Meeting May 2007 Presented by Affordable Housing Study Committee.

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1 Affordable Housing Committee Committee REport Town Meeting May 2007 Presented by Affordable Housing Study Committee

2 The Committee  Created by the Board of Selectmen in November of  Seven members including representatives from the Housing Authority, ZBA, and Planning Board, in addition to four community members representing each of the four voting precincts.  Committee members were appointed after an interview process by the Selectmen in January of  Typically meets second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Webpage available on town website:

3 Definition: Affordable housing is housing which is reserved for, and affordable to, families or individuals who make less than 80% of median household income for the area. The 80% Income Guidelines for 2007, adjusted according to the number of persons in the household as follows: Current Qualifying Income Levels 1 PERSON: $46,300 2 PERSON: $52,950 3 PERSON: $59,550 4 PERSON: $66,150 Seniors Young families Children who are ready to ‘leave the nest’ Teachers, municipal workers, firefighters, police, etc What is ‘Affordable’ Housing?

4 How much affordable housing do we have? 111 units = 3.89% of total housing stock Hillcrest Village (64) 64 one bedroom units of ‘Section 667’ State-aided housing for elderly and disabled Residents come mostly from Norfolk and surrounding towns. Wait list approx 15 individuals (2-5 years). Pine Knoll (20) 8 two bedroom and 12 three bedroom units of Section 705 State-aided Family Housing. Wait list of 63 for 2-bed units, 30 for 3-bed units (2-5 years). DMR/DMH Homes (16) 16 units. Town Center Condominiums (11) Currently under construction in 2006 and two bedroom units ($153,280) age-restricted (55+). 7 three bedroom units ($168,609) will be sold to any appropriate size eligible household. Part of a forty-four unit development.

5 How does Norfolk compare to other communities?

6 How much affordable housing does Norfolk need? How are affordable housing units created? The State mandates that all communities statewide allocate a minimum of 10% of the community’s housing inventory to affordable units (286 units for Norfolk) The State encourages municipalities to work towards their 10% goal at a rate of 0.75 % annually (21 units annually for Norfolk).  Town sponsored units including rehabilitation, conversions and new development  Inclusionary zoning via Planning Board  40B developments via ZBA

7 What does higher density housing look like?


9 40B Affordable Housing in Massachusetts

10 Mission  To establish and maintain a comprehensive affordable housing plan for the Town of Norfolk which meets/exceeds State guidelines.  To promote and support the creation of affordable housing which is in keeping with the goals and objectives of the town.  To work with Town Boards and Committees concerning planning and implementation of affordable housing goals.  To interface with municipal, State, and Federal agencies to ensure Norfolk remains at the forefront of affordable housing initiatives.  To serve as an educational resource to Town residents, Town officials, and future developers.

11 Next Steps  Continue to communicate with, and provide support to, Master Plan Subcommittee, Housing Authority, CPC, ZBA, Planning Board and other boards and committees.  Explore funding mechanisms including grants and the use of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  Analysis of town-owned land for possible affordable housing locations.  Support consideration of the town center (B-1), Southwood (C-6) and other locations suitable for higher density affordable housing development.  Encourage and support developers who propose affordable housing projects which are consistent with the goals and objectives of the town.  Review and revise Affordable Housing Plan as applicable.

12 Assist/Join the Committee… CONTACT: Sarah Del Mastro Affordable Housing Committee Marian Harrington Selectmen’s office

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