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University of Edinburgh The Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change.

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1 University of Edinburgh The Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change

2 University of Edinburgh Universities change our lives These are the places where ideas are born, where knowledge is created and where innovation occurs. The list of examples is a very long one. While we can think of great academics of the past (Joseph Black, Joseph Lister, David Hume, Adam Smith, Charles Darwin…), it isn’t just a historical. Think of Ian Wilmut, Peter Higgs, Steve Jones; Universities are still, often controversially, influencing our development and changing our lives.

3 University of Edinburgh The UK Climate Change Act (2008) and the Climate Change (Scotland) Act (2009) lay the framework for radical changes in the ways in which we produce and use energy and use land in the UK 80% reductions in CO 2 emissions by 2050! How will we do this? …. It will require new ideas, new knowledge, new innovation. It will require Universities What is the context?

4 University of Edinburgh The issue, unlike many problems solved in the past, is unique in that it demands interdisciplinary collaboration

5 University of Edinburgh Question: Are Universities positioned and organised to take up the challenge? Answer: No. The environment in which academic exchange takes place is mostly focused on disciplinary investigation. Our Universities have thrived on structures encouraging such work. They don’t lend themselves naturally to broad interdisciplinary efforts, however.

6 University of Edinburgh What is the vision for the ECCC? The problems have been identified; its time to think, seriously, about the solutions. The Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change aims to provide the environment in which interdisciplinary ideas, knowledge and innovation are nurtured. Our vision is to build a vibrant global community of talented people at the forefront of tackling climate-related challenges. This community of people includes well-informed policy makers, business and community leaders; world-class researchers tackling timely problems; and outstanding educators and communicators.

7 University of Edinburgh Why Edinburgh? Location close to the centres of finance, law and government: Scottish Government commitment to radical changes in energy production and use One of the greatest concentrations of climate change specialists in the UK - in engineering, geosciences, law, business and carbon management… Links to, and participation within, broader UK and international research, teaching and innovation networks

8 University of Edinburgh Core functions of the ECCC Delivering high-quality research to identify science, technology and social science solutions to the climate change problem Teaching the next generation of climate change specialists Coordinating knowledge exchange with Government and society to support policy Working with business to support their response to the implications of climate mitigation, impacts and adaptation

9 University of Edinburgh The ECCC needs YOU The ECCC will focus on education, especially at Masters level. The ECCC will be externally facing, and open to industry, government, policy makers, law, and the public. We aim to allow the University to do what it does best. To make a difference to our lives. To help deliver reductions in atmospheric CO2 through ideas, knowledge and innovation.

10 University of Edinburgh parliament dynamic earth scottish executive waverley station old college climate change centre School of infomatics

11 University of Edinburgh Approach to Climate Change: 1. The Sustainable City 2. The Centre’s City Context 3. Connections… Approach to Conservation: 4. Historic Buildings Approach to the Building: 5. a Community of Spaces:. social spine. information centre and café A and B. outlook tower. lecture theatre. exhibition/conference/everything

12 University of Edinburgh We can’t do it alone. Collaboration means just that. We need partners external to the University. We need your assistance, advise and support.

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