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Unit 6 Being Creative. 02.05.2015 Text A The Creative Personality.

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1 Unit 6 Being Creative

2 02.05.2015 Text A The Creative Personality

3 02.05.2015 Unit Six Text A: 1. Teaching Aims and RequirementsTeaching Aims and Requirements 2. Teaching FocusTeaching Focus 3.Cultual BackgroundCultual Background 4. Text organization Text organization 5. Abstract of the TextAbstract of the Text 6. Text A studyText A study 7. Summary of Text ASummary of Text A

4 02.05.2015 1.Teaching Aims and Requirements A.Grasp the main idea and structure of the text. B. Master the key language points and grammatical structure in the text. C. Conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme if the unit.

5 02.05.2015 2. Teaching Focus 1. 介词 + 关系代词 简单介词 + 关系代词 知识归纳:用于此结构的关系代词指人时 只能用 whom, 指物时只能用 which ; 介词选择的 依据主要是根据从句中的动词、形容词、名词 与介词的固定搭配而定;或者以先行词与从句 中的动词关系及所表达的含义而定;或者以先 行词在定语从句中的作用和含义而定,并且含 有介词的短语动词不能拆开,介词仍然放在动 词之后。

6 02.05.2015 复杂介词 + 关系代词 知识归纳: 用于此结构的关系代词有 which, whom, whose 。 常用于该结构的复杂介词有: as a result of, at the back of, because of, by means of, for want of, in front of, in case of, on account of 等。 简单介词 + 关系代词 + 名词 知识归纳:用于此结构的关系代词有 which, whose 。 介词的选择取决于关系代词后的名词及 整个句子的含义。

7 02.05.2015 the+ 名词 +of+ 关系代词 知识归纳:用于此结构的关系代词只 有 which 。 该结构表示所有关系, 口语中常 用 “whose + 名词 ” 代替。非正式文体中可 以用 “ of which the + 名词 ” 。

8 02.05.2015 表示部分的词语+ of +关系代词 知识归纳:此时,指人的关系代词只能是 whom, 指物 的关系代词只能是 which 。表示部分的词语常见的有:不 定代词 all, both, none, neither, either, some, any, 数词 ( 含基数词,序数词,分数和百分数 ) ;数词 + 名词; the + 最高级 / 比较级,以及表示数目或数量的词语 many, most, few, several, enough, half a, a quarter 。

9 02.05.2015 3. Cultural Background Roger Von Oech: president of Creative Think, a California-based consulting firm. He is author of the best-selling books A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative and A Kick in the Seat of the Pants.

10 02.05.2015 IBM(international Business Machines): the world's largest computer company, based in the US, which produces both hardware and software,especially for business users.

11 02.05.2015 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi(1893-1986): Hungarian- born American biochemist. He was the first to isolate vitamin C. He won the 1937 Nobel Prize for discoveries relationg to bioligical combuston.

12 02.05.2015 4.Text organization PartParagraphsMain idea 11What makes the personalities of creative people different from others can be generalized with one word — “complexity”. 22-15The author tells us eight traits that are often found in creative people.

13 02.05.2015 5. Abstract of the Text In this passage, the author describes some contradictory traits found in creative people, such as smart yet naive at the same time, imaginative but deep-rooted in reality, tend to be extroverted and introvoted. From the description of these dialectically integrated personalities, the author shows that complexity is the feature of creative people's personality.

14 02.05.2015 在这篇文章中,作者描述富有创意的 人身上具备极其矛盾的几对性格,如: 既聪明又天真,既有丰富的想象力又具 有根深蒂固的现实感,往往是既外向又 内向。通过对这些有机结合、辩证统一 的性格特征的描写,作者指出富有创意 的人的性格具有复杂性。

15 02.05.2015 6. Text A study devote: v. use all or most of your time, effort, etc. in order to do sth. or help sb. e.g. : He devoted his energies to writing films. She devoted herself to her business.

16 02.05.2015 multitude: n. a very large number of people or things e.g. : I had never seen such a multitude of stars before. These systems are capable of performing a multitude of different tasks.

17 02.05.2015 integrate: v. if two or more things integrate, or if you integrate them, they combine or work together in a way that makes sth. more effective e.g.: Colorful illustrations are integrated into the text. Many schools are now integrating computer science into the curriculum.

18 02.05.2015 external: adj. relating to the outside of sth. or of a person’s body; relating to your environment or situation, rather than to your own qualities, ideas, etc. e.g.: They did it in response to external pressures. External causes become operative through internal causes.

19 02.05.2015 recharge one’s batteries: (informal) rest or relax in order to get back your energy e.g.: I’m going to spend a week in the mountains to recharge my batteries.

20 02.05.2015 trial: n. a process of testing to find out whether sth. works effectively and is safe e.g.: The new drug is undergoing clinical trials. The security system will be reviewed after a three-month trial period.

21 02.05.2015 (go) hand in hand: if two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected e.g.: Wealth and power go hand in hand in most societies. They say that genius often goes hand in hand with madness.

22 02.05.2015 insight: n. a sudden clear understanding of sth. or part of sth., especially a complicated situation or idea e.g.: The article gives us a real insight into the causes of the present economic crisis. The research provides new insights into the way we process language.

23 02.05.2015 superior: adj. 1) of very good quality e.g.: This handbag is made of superior leather. 2) better, more powerful, more effective, etc. than a similar person or thing, especially one that you are competing against e.g.: This western restaurant is superior to the one we went to last week.

24 02.05.2015 correlate: v. if two or more facts, ideas, etc. correlate or if you correlate them, they are closely connected to each other or one causes the other e.g.: Poverty and poor housing correlate with a shorter life expectancy. They are trying to find out if these behavior patterns correlate with particular changes in diet.

25 02.05.2015 alternate: v. if two things alternate, or if you alternate them, they happen one after the other in a repeated pattern e.g.: His moods alternated between happiness and gloom. Work alternated with sleep.

26 02.05.2015 distinguish: v. recognize and understand the difference between two or more things or people e.g.: Small children can’t distinguish between right and wrong. Can you distinguish the different musical instruments being played now?

27 02.05.2015 CF: distinguish, discriminate distinguish: 普通用词,指有能力辨别或实际观察到的区 别,强调 辨别所需的技巧。 discriminate: 语气强,指从非常相似的事物中辨出差异,尤其强调 把好坏区分开来。 1.Can you _______________ good books from bad ones? 2.I can ________________ my roommates by their footsteps. 3.The twins are so alike it’s difficult to ________________ one from the other. distinguish discriminate

28 02.05.2015 regard: n. (formal) attention or consideration that is shown towards sb. or sth. e.g.: The present administration has demonstrated little regard for environmental issues. She has no regard for other people’s feelings.

29 02.05.2015 nerve: n. courage and confidence in a dangerous, difficult, or frightening situation e.g.: It must have taken a lot of nerve to risk so much money on one product. CF: nerve, bravery, & courage nerve: 强调指在面临危险或在困难的情况下具有冷静、 清醒的头脑和坚定无畏的勇气。 bravery: 指在危险中表现出的勇气和信心或在逆境中仍 能坚持下去的毅力。 courage: 普通用词。指面对危险或困难时的勇气和敢于 奋斗的进取心。

30 02.05.2015 innovation: n. the introduction of new ideas or methods e.g.: We must encourage innovation if the company is to remain competitive. The innovation of air travel during this century has made the world seem smaller. Many people feel bewildered by the speed of technological innovation.

31 02.05.2015 credibility: n. the quality of deserving to be believed and trusted e.g.: There are serious questions about the credibility of these reports. The predictions of economic recovery have lost all credibility.

32 02.05.2015 expose: v. put sb. in a situation where they are not protected from sth. dangerous or unpleasant e.g.: The report revealed that workers had been exposed to high levels of radiation. They consider it almost a crime to expose children to violence and sex on TV.

33 02.05.2015 threshold n. the level at which sth. starts to happen or have an effect e.g.: Eighty percent of the vote was the threshold for approval of the plan. She has a very low threshold of pain.

34 02.05.2015 be at / in / to the forefront (of sth.): be in a leading position in an important activity that is trying to achieve sth. or develop new ideas e.g.: The company has always been at the forefront of science and technology. Prison conditions have been pushed to the forefront of public debate.

35 02.05.2015 vicious: adj. very unkind in a way that is intended to hurt sb.’s feelings or make their character seem bad e.g.: He gave the dog a vicious blow with his stick. She was shocked by the vicious tone in his voice.

36 02.05.2015 devastating: adj. badly damaging or destroying sth. e.g.: It will be a devastating blow for the town if the factory closes. Acid rain has a devastating effect on the forest.

37 02.05.2015 expertise: n. special skills or knowledge in a particular subject that you learn by experience or training e.g.: She displayed considerable expertise in keeping the horse under control. His business expertise will be of great help to us.

38 02.05.2015 for the sake of sb. / sth., for sb.’s / sth.’s sake: in order to help, improve, or please sb. or sth. e.g.: He moved to the seaside for the sake of his health. I hope he’s told the truth for his own sake.

39 02.05.2015 strive: v. make a great effort to achieve sth. e.g.: We must continue to strive for greater efficiency. CF: strive, attempt, try & endeavor strive: 和 endeavor 一样,表示付出巨大努力,但 strive 强调过 程的劳累与紧张,而不强调努力的结果。 attempt : 较正式用词,强调已经开始,且希望完成,但不一定 能达到预期的结果。 try : 普通用词,可与 attempt 换用,但强调努力或尝试,后跟不 定式表示努力或争取;后跟动名词表示尝试。 endeavor : 正式用词,指尽最大努力、认真地克服困难去做某 事。

40 02.05.2015 7. Summary of the text They contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an “individual”, each of them is a “multitude”. Paraphrase the sentence: Creative people have many different personalities. Instead of possessing the personality traits that are normally found only in different people, they possess these different traits all in themselves, as if each of them were made up of many individuals.

41 02.05.2015 When necessary, they can focus it like a laser beam; when not, creative types immediately recharge their batteries. Paraphrase the sentence: Creative people have the extraordinary ability to concentrate their energy on their work if necessary; however, when such concentration is unnecessary, they will stop working and relax, refreshing themselves for future tasks.

42 02.05.2015 This is not a biorhythm inherited with their genes; it was learned by trial and error as a strategy for achieving their goals. Translate the sentence into Chinese: 这不是得自遗传基因的生物节奏;而是为达到目标 而通过反复尝试掌握的一种策略。

43 02.05.2015 As Howard Gardner reveals in his study of the major creative geniuses of the 20th century, a certain immaturity, both emotional and mental, can go hand in hand with deepest insights. Paraphrase this part of the sentence “… a certain immaturity, both emotional and mental, can go hand in hand with deepest insights. ” Creative people can be very intelligent and insightful; meanwhile they may be immature both emotionally and mentally in a certain way. That is to say, they may be very intelligent and yet at the same time be childish and naive sometimes.

44 02.05.2015 …either preferring to be in the thick of crowds or sitting on the sidelines and observing the passing show. Paraphrase this part of the sentence. Creative people either choose to be in the company of many people or to stand outside the crowd and watch what others do.

45 02.05.2015 These individuals stand “on the shoulders of giants”. Where does the phrase stand “on the shoulders of giants” come from? It quotes from Newton’s words “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

46 02.05.2015 Inventors have a low threshold of pain. What does a low threshold of pain mean? It means the inability to suffer a lot of pain.

47 02.05.2015 Eminence invites criticism and often vicious attacks. 1. What does invite mean here? It means “encourage something bad to happen, especially without intending to”. 2. Translate the sentence into Chinese. 卓越会招致批评,甚至往往是恶毒的攻击。

48 02.05.2015 For the first time I had money and open doors everywhere. 1. How do you understand “open doors” in this sentence? “Open doors” refer to opportunities in the author’s life. 2. What can be inferred from this sentence? With the publication of Roots, the author achieved great success and became well-known. He was no longer the poor young man he used to be.

49 02.05.2015 And I said to myself, The things in this bag are part of my roots, too. I can’t ever forget that. Why did the author say the things in this bag were part of his roots, too? Because the things reminded him of his past before he achieved success. Although he became a famous writer, he thought he should remember the time when he was striving for success.

50 02.05.2015 But only one reminds me of the courage and persistence it takes to stay the course in the Shadowland. 1. What does the “one” refer to in this sentence? It refers to the clear plastic case in which the two sardine cans and 18 cents were kept. 2. Translate the sentence into Chinese. 但只有一样东西会提醒我,在梦想的阴影里坚持自 己的方向需要怎样的勇气和毅力。

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