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The Impact of Trauma Teaching Resilience Through Positive Adult Relationships.

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1 The Impact of Trauma Teaching Resilience Through Positive Adult Relationships

2 Lincoln Demographics Current enrollment – 200 students 63.8% Caucasian 29.6% Hispanic 3.1% African American 3.5% Other 71.6 % Free/Reduced lunch (State average is 42.3%) 21.8% Special Education (State average is 12.6%)

3 What is Complex Trauma? Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can be measure by the number of traumatic events a child experiences prior to the age of 18. These experiences are narrowed down to the following areas: Recurrent physical abuse Recurrent emotional abuse Contact sexual abuse An alcohol and/or drug abuser in the household An incarcerated household member Someone who is chronically depressed, mentally ill, institutionalized, or suicidal Mother is treated violently One or no parents Emotional or physical neglect

4 Impact of ACEs on Brain Development A PET scan of a normal brain (left) shows a high level of brain activity in the temporal lobes of the brain. The temporal lobes are responsible for regulating emotions and receive input from the senses. The temporal lobes on the right are from a severely traumatize child in which the lobes are inactive. Children with damage to this part of the brain suffer sever emotional and cognitive problems as well as have difficulty in making and/or sustaining positive relationships.

5 Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Common… National Survey of a typical classroom. Substance abuse 27% Parental sep/divorce 23% Mental illness 17% Battered mother 13% Criminal behavior 6% Household dysfunction: Abuse: Psychological 11% Physical 28% Sexual 21% Neglect: Emotional 15% Physical 10%

6 ACE Score and Teen Sexual Behaviors – National Data Intercourse by Age 15 Teen PregnancyTeen Paternity

7 Relationship Between Number of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adolescent Pregnancy Percent who had a teen pregnancy ACE Score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-8

8 ACE Score and HIV Risks Ever Injected Drugs Had 50 or More Intercourse Partners Ever Had an STD

9 The ACE Score and the Prevalence of Attempted Suicide ACE Score Percent attempted (%)

10 High Residential Mobility (>8 moves) During Childhood by ACE Score ACE Score Percent who moved 8 or more times (%)

11 “…early experiences help to determine brain structure, thus shaping the way people learn, think, and behave for the rest of their lives.” I Am Your Child Reiner Foundation

12 What Are We Doing To Build Resiliency In Our Kids?? In 2009, Lincoln opened the doors to the first School Based Health Clinic in Walla Walla. The Clinic offers mental health counseling (individual, group and family), primary care and substance abuse counseling. Open communication between the clinic and the school has provided a more holistic understanding of our student’s situation and needs.

13 Lincoln Health Center’s Impact… In the 2009-10 school year, the Lincoln Health Center had 1073 visits from Lincoln students. As of March this year, they have already seen 1055. 90% of the student population has been seen at the health center this school year. 78% have seen a Registered Nurse 21% have seen a physician or nurse practitioner 25% have seen a mental health counselor

14 Mental Health Disorders Breakdown

15 Primary Care Breakdown

16 Shift in School Philosophy of Discipline Discipline is not reactive or based on punitive measures. Empathy and compassion is at the forefront and a true understanding of all components is taken into consideration. Goal is to keep kids connected and in school versus out of school discipline.

17 Discipline at the School…

18 Number of Suspension Days Students were out of School through November 30th

19 Police Reports Filed on School Incidents

20 What do the Kids Think?? Student Questionnaire

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