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MODULE FOUR: Future Trends in Grey Literature GreyWorks 2010 Transparency Governs the Grey Landscape.

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1 MODULE FOUR: Future Trends in Grey Literature GreyWorks 2010 Transparency Governs the Grey Landscape

2 Future expectations: some free-text answers 75% expect changes in information needs in the next five years Gentil, GL9 - Future

3 To understand the grey literature of the future, one has to understand how communications and documentation are taking place. The Electronic World cannot be dealt with as a linear extension of the print world. Carroll, GL8 - Future

4  The Luxembourg definition on Grey Literature should be maintained with or without modification  Grey Publishers should in some way acknowledge the review process in which their print/electronic documents have undergone  Colleges and Schools of Library and Information Studies should develop curricula programs, modules, and courses on grey literature Grey Literature Survey 2004 Conclusions Boekhorst et al., GL6 – Future

5  Ways should be found to correct the disproportion between geographical and sectoral involvement in Grey Literature  Organizations involved in grey literature should formulate and publicize a Policy or Position Statement on Grey Literature  The Raw Survey Data (i.e. without names, email addresses, and URLs) should be made available to researchers for secondary analysis Grey Literature Survey 2004 Recommendations Boekhorst et al., GL6 – Future

6 (16) Commercially Published Literature is superior to GL The Content Level Boekhorst et al., GL6 – Quality

7 Overview SEVAL-Standards Weber, (SFOPH) GL7 - Quality

8 Discussion Evaluation and Research (especially targeted at multi faceted, multi level community interventions) should go beyond what is traditionally accepted as good evidence, i.e. in health RCT gold standard (randomized controlled trials) We want to assess and steer evaluation studies towards usefulness and applicability Integration of policy papers, guidelines, good practices papers, expert opinion, etc. This kind of mostly grey literature covers a lot of information on processes and context which is important for the application of knowledge (also of “good evidence”) Weber, (SFOPH) GL7 - Quality

9 Evaluation Process of Online Information Examine website – whose is it Who supports site What is purpose of site Where does information come from and how What is basis of information Currency Linkages & relationships to other sources What information about user is collected How are interactions managed with visitors Gelfand, GL7 – Quality

10 OECD Analysis (what was the joke?) No metadata standards No quality control No underlying database/workflow No common vision No knowledge of what readers need No understanding of discovery systems In summary – we’re a laughing stock! Why are people laughing? Green, GL7 - Assessment

11 OECD... why We’re laughing now Relaunch on Repec Dissemination of WPs has doubled... so far Green, GL7

12 (10) Your Business/Organization has a Policy or Position Statement on GL The Document Level Boekhorst et al., GL6 – Policy

13 OA policy (n=38 archives) Source: OpenDOAR 55% without policy statement Schopfel et al., GL10 - Policy

14 Conclusion A landscape in movement Grey takes its place Wanted: policy statement More wanted: improved bibliographic control Mostly wanted: usage statistics Schopfel et al., GL10 - Future

15 Purpose of Study To explore the extent to which scholarly grey literature is produced on our campus To discover the sources and the subjects of this literature To assess how well this literature has been incorporated into the library’s holdings To evaluate the need for, and if necessary, to make, recommendations on changes in collection development practice Siegel, (PSU) GL5 - Policy

16 Resulting Changes Re-defined “grey literature” in a contextually appropriate way Re-defined liaison roles of subject librarians Formal changes in library’s collection development policy? Siegel, (PSU) GL5 - Policy

17 Addendum to Library’s Collection Development Policy V. Institutional Scholarly Grey Literature It is within the mission of the library to capture, preserve, and make available the scholarly output of the institution. To this end, the library will attempt to acquire technical reports and other scholarly publications produced by PSU Departments, Programs, Centers, and Institutes. These materials will be cataloged and added to the collection, whether in print, electronic, or both. Criteria for selection is as follows: Siegel, (PSU) GL5 - Policy

18 Outcomes Internal political hurdle has been surmounted Framework for acquisition and cataloging now exists Poised to consider community-based grey literature collections that may be appropriate to mission of the university Siegel, (PSU) GL5 - Policy

19 TDL, Tsunami Digital Library Critical need for grey digital materials Essential to form partnerships Use the collection policy as a framework for moving forward Lehman et al., GL6 – Policy (Collections)

20 History of the Document Collection Grey Literature –Preservation –Access Who cared –Balloon Program Office –Librarians –Jim Winker Japzon, et al., GL6 - Preservation

21 Problems with Balloon Documents Open and Interoperable Metadata Copyright Certification and Collection Process Japzon, et al., GL6 - Preservation

22 Future Plan Scan documents Map records Seek Copyright Permissions Form a joint committee Find Funds Japzon, et al., GL6 - Preservation

23 No Comprehensive U.S. Preservation Plan Three National Libraries Library of Congress National Library of Medicine National Agricultural Library Jaros et al., GL10 – Preservation (Vet)

24 Plan for the Future: Rescue the Past, Restore, and Preserve Development of Focus Group –Seven veterinary libraries involved –Chosen for specific reasons –Met at Texas A&M University; additional meetings held at conferences Survey Creation of Steering Group Action Plan Jaros et al., GL10 – Preservation

25 SIGLE to OpenSIGLE in 5 seconds 1980 – 2005 SIGLE (EAGLE) GL8 2006 OpenSIGLE prototype GL9 2007 OpenSIGLE goes live May 2008 GreyNet conference papers in OpenSIGLE Farace et al., GL10 - Preservation

26 Strategy [ A strategy that on the one hand would make GreyNet OAI-compliant and on the other hand would expand INIST’s role in OpenSIGLE from solely a caretaker to an external service provider. To this end, GreyNet’s conference based collections would provide an example of OpenSIGLE’s potential for other data providers in the grey literature community. Farace et al., GL10 - Networking

27 Considerations Streamlining the SIGLE Classification Scheme for OpenSIGLE Metadata templates according to various document types Plus links to datasets and software underlying published research Networking with former EAGLE members and new stakeholders in GL A crosswalk to subject based and institutional GL Repositories Farace et al., GL10 - Networking

28 The Challenge The karst research community and its knowledge base are fragmented, globally distributed, and highly interdisciplinary. As karst issues move to the forefront of attempts to develop solutions to significant environmental degradation, information integration and linkages, promoting collaboration is essential. The Solution The Karst Information Portal is a growing international community seeking to create an open system for karst-related information. The goal is a freely accessible web- based information network to inform research, to enhance collaboration, and to address policy decisions in karst environments. Chavez et al., GL9 – Networking

29 (19) Grey Literature itself constitutes a field in Information Studies The Content Level Boekhorst et al., GL6 – Field of Study

30 Role of Library/Bibliographic Instruction How to search, find, evaluate information To understand scholarly communication principles & practices How to cite, organize & recall information within intellectual property guidelines Establish familiarity with course management platforms Promote collaboration and group or team skills Integrate writing, data analysis, quantification and presentation skills Gelfand, GL7 - Education

31 Background Information: Gelfand’s paper on Grey Literature related to Distance Education, 1999 Results from the Survey on Grey Literature 2004 Roundtable on Curriculum Development and Grey Literature, 2006 If Grey Literature constitutes a field in Library and Information Studies, then it must be offered to LIS students as an accredited college course. Given the state of the art in grey literature, Distance Education now offers a viable means of implementing an accredited course on Grey Literature Farace et al., GL9 - Education

32 Method of Approach 2. Literature Search (Examples) 3. Pilot Course on Grey Literature 1. Survey (Status Quo) Farace et al., GL9 - Education

33 Pilot Course on Grey Literature: Stakeholders UNO, Distance Education Program *Accreditation GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service *Qualified Instruction EBSCO, LISTA-FT Database *Access to Course Content Students, Upper-level Undergraduate/Graduate *Student Enrolment Farace et al., GL9 - Education

34 Blackboard, Bb System Software providing functionalities such as email connectivity, dedicated announcement board and document archive, student enrolment and grade book, etc. Course Syllabus Course title and description, about the instructor, assignments and assessment, semester outline and due dates e-Reader Required Reading List divided into five sections each dealing with a particular aspect of grey literature. Each section includes four assigned articles. The full-text of all 20 journal articles are available via EBSCO’s LISTA-FT Database. And, an Appendix provides links to other resources in grey literature Test and Assignments Open-ended test on the Assigned Readings, A Case Study, and the Design of a Research Proposal on Grey Literature Pilot Course on Grey Literature: System and Courseware Farace et al., GL9 - Education

35 Findings: Did you hear about GL in any of your courses? Rabina, GL9 - Education

36 Is GL treated in LIS syllabi? Dedicated New Orleans Reference Louisiana Knowledge Organization Records management Health sources Texas A&M Chapel Hill SciTech Clarion University of Texas Collection development Kentucky Simmons Hawaii Rabina, GL9 - Education

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