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KB METAL CO., LTD. 1 Beyond The technology 기술을 넘어 미래를 위한 가치를 만들어 가겠습니다. www. Company Introduction KB METAL CO., LTD.

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Presentation on theme: "KB METAL CO., LTD. 1 Beyond The technology 기술을 넘어 미래를 위한 가치를 만들어 가겠습니다. www. Company Introduction KB METAL CO., LTD."— Presentation transcript:

1 KB METAL CO., LTD. 1 Beyond The technology 기술을 넘어 미래를 위한 가치를 만들어 가겠습니다. www. Company Introduction KB METAL CO., LTD.

2 2 Table of Contents ▶ CEO Greetings ▶ History ▶ Organization ▶ Division - Metal Business Division - Electric/Electronic Business Division ▶ Location ▶ Affiliated Company

3 KB METAL CO., LTD. 3 CEO Greetings CEO Han Sang Park KB METAL has gradually evolved in the wire materials sector, including electrical/electronic sub-assembly (ESA), and now stands at the forefront of the industry. We are especially proud of the world-class system we have established to produce copper rod parts from renewable raw scrap materials. Through our ESA technology research center, we have been unstinting in our R&D investments to ensure that KB METAL is second to none in the motor and motor core industry for high-quality automotives. We are currently expanding into the hybrid market. In recent years, we have been committed to identifying and developing new business growth opportunities in the field of new renewable energy sources, such as solar power generation. Over the past decade, our company has overcome many difficulties and now stands firmly on a solid foundation after joining the Kabul Group family. In the future, we will continue our commitment to meeting the challenges of eco-friendly and future-oriented technologies, ensuring the continuous growth and global expansion of KB METAL. As always, thank you to our customers and stakeholders for your supportiveness and great interest. We look forward to receiving your unwavering support and encouragement in the future. Our best.

4 KB METAL CO., LTD. 4 History 2010.12 We are in Kabul International Group Metal Business DivisionElectric/Electronic Business Division 2008.02 Merger between MB Shiroyama and MB Metal 2006.03 Company renamed MB Shiroyama Co., Ltd (From Sunjin Metal Co., Ltd) 1997.05 Added more JCR Line of Eumseoung Factory and started the operation 1995.10 Completed the construction of SCR Line of Eumseoung Factory 1991.06 Completed the construction of Eumseoung Factory and continuous cast facility 1985.08 Founded the company in Ansan-si 2007.12 Company renamed MB Shiroyama Co., Ltd (From Hankuk Sunsan Co., Ltd) 2007.11 Adjunct research institute established 2005.03 Business aims expanded (production & sales of electrical/electronic sub-assembly (ESA)) 2000.06 Agreement signed on technical guidance for processing motor casings 1994.12 Listed on Korea Securities Dealers Association Brokerage Market[Dec. 22nd, 1994] 1987.02 Founded a Korea-Japan Joint Company for manufacturing motor and transformer core [magnetic core]

5 KB METAL CO., LTD. 5 CEO Metal Seoul Office Sales Team Procurement Team Finance Team Planning & Support Team Factory Production Team Support Team Sub-Assembly Factory Production No 1 Team Production No 2 Team Mould Technology Team Factory Affair Team Research Research & Development Team Quality Control Team Management Sales Team Procurement Team Business & Support Team Solar Business Team Auditor Outside Director Organization

6 KB METAL CO., LTD. 6 Metal Business Division

7 KB METAL CO., LTD. 7 Metal Business Division SCR ROD SCR of KB METAL is copper rod with 8mm of thickness, the high quality product made from electrolytic cathode copper. It is manufactured by the top technology and perfect quality control through the latest continuous casting line intorduced from Southwire, an American company, and is the basic industrial material to be used comprehensively for communications, electric power, and electronics, etc. Raw material : Electrolytic cathode copper(99.99% degree of purity) Application : Communication line, power cables, enameled wire, electric/electronic wires, wires for ships, wires for automobiles, etc. Annual : Output 135,000 Ton Standard : KSC 3133 : Copper Wire Rod Certification : ISO 9001 JCR ROD JCR, copper rod made from 100% of copper scrap, is the representative environment- friendly product of KB METAL, manufactured in the world first method of production. Being a resource renewable production of excellent characteristics, it can be used for various purposes and is by no means inferior to SCR. Also through the operating perfect environment equipments, were are taking the lead in the protection of environment. Raw meaterial : Copper Scarp Application : Power cables, wires for ships Annual : Output 62,000 Ton Standard : KSC3133 : Copper Wire Rod Certification : ISO 9001

8 KB METAL CO., LTD. 8 Annealed Copper Wire & Hard-Drawn Copper Wire These are new stranded wire products provided in diverse packaging like Bobbin, Carrier, Compact Coil, etc, manufactured using 8mm copper rod to meet the size and the characteristics that customers require. Raw material : 3.2mm~1.0mm hard-drawn copper wire, annealed copper wire & straned wire materials, can welding line, etc. Application : wires, enameled wires, can welding line, etc. Annual : Output 50,000 Ton Standard : KS C 3102 : hard-drawn copper wire 2.0mm, 2.6mm Certification : ISO 9001 Metal Business Division

9 KB METAL CO., LTD. 9 Metal Business Division

10 KB METAL CO., LTD. 10 Electric/Electronic Business Division

11 KB METAL CO., LTD. 11 Electric/Electronic Business Division

12 KB METAL CO., LTD. 12 Electric/Electronic Business Division

13 KB METAL CO., LTD. 13 Electric/Electronic Business Division

14 KB METAL CO., LTD. 14 Location

15 KB METAL CO., LTD. 15 Affiliated Company Estate Synthetics Auto KB International.Co.,Ltd KB Synthetics.Co.,Ltd KB AutoTech.Co.,Ltd KB Construction.Co.,Ltd KB Industry&Development Co.,Ltd Dongkook Industry.Co.,Ltd

16 KB METAL CO., LTD. 16 Affiliated Company Ferrous Non Ferrous Environm ent Medical Dongyang Steelpipe Kukin Industry Co.,Ltd Youngil Non Ferrous Metals Co.,Ltd KB Tech Co.,Ltd Dongkook Ind Co.,Ltd Kabul Jangyu Hospital Kabul Noksan Hospital

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