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2 SEWP Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement  IDIQ Vehicle for purchase of IT Product Solutions  Authorized by OMB as a Government-Wide Acquisition.

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2 2 SEWP Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement  IDIQ Vehicle for purchase of IT Product Solutions  Authorized by OMB as a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract  Program is 15 years old – Pilot for GWAC vehicles Version IV started in May 2007 – 38 Contract Holders  Low Fee – 0.6% with a cap  Emphasis on Customer Service (both Government and Industry) Extensive customer outreach and free training / Help desk: 301-286-1478; Program Manager: Joanne Woytek / 301-614-7128; Deputy PM: Patrick Logan / 301-614-7127;

3 3 Authority  One of 4 Agencies designated an OMB Executive Agency (GWAC agency) for IT Products and Services: 4 OMB Authorized Agencies -Commerce, GSA, NIH, NASA -Based on Clinger-Cohen Act Oversight by and Reporting to NASA, OMB, GAO  EPA is also authorized as an Executive Agent for IT Recycling contracts

4 4 Authority (continued)  Why NASA / SEWP = GWAC Based on GSA Request in early 1990’s Recognition of NASA’s knowledge and experience in high-end IT -Combined Technical and Procurement -Wanted all agencies to have access to that knowledge and experience Complement general GSA schedules Pre-competed and pre-negotiated -Limited number of contract holders based on open competition  Non-profit Program budget is self contained NASA provides no direct SEWP funding No SEWP funding is provided to NASA except for overhead costs

5 5 SEWP Acquisition Objectives  Information Technology Product Objectives Computer system to support IT needs Peripherals in support of computer systems Broad overlap for continuous access and continuous competition  IT Procurement Objective Innovative Procurement Processes

6 6 SEWP Scope  SEWP Scope: All Types of IT Products (Hardware, Software, Network Communications, Audio-Visual, Supporting Technology) Maintenance / Warranty / Product Training Planning, Installation and Implementation services (unlimited) Limited consulting services in support of purchased products (10% ) and short time period Leasing Purchase Agreements Cost per copy multi-function devices

7 7 SEWP Philosophy  Integrity After 15 years and about 150,000 orders, SEWP has had to cancel only one protested order  Flexibility Generic / commercial contracts Extensive scope  Control and Constraint Government oversight and control over all contract activities  NASA Contract = Must meet NASA IT Procurement Needs  OMB GWAC = Must be adaptable and open to all Federal Agency Needs

8 8 SEWP Program Services Help Desk On-Line Information / RFQ and Search Tools Free training on proper use of contracts for customers, contract holders and manufacturers Meetings / Retreats / Conferences Reports Quality Assurance / Surveys

9 9 Some Key SEWP Advantages  Fresh Products updated daily The OHNS factor  Pricing Lowest Fee with cap Fair and Reasonable pricing at catalog level Lower pricing at order level – internal competition and bulk purchasing  Time No Synopsis / Small Business Plans / Contracts / etc.  Customer Service We feel we are The Best

10 10 Some Key SEWP Advantages  Small business support All types represented Only GWAC with an SDVOSB set-aside  Tracking and Reporting Expected Delivery Date and Order Information Flow Order Status Daily reports to Contract Holders  Tools Many unique features especially Manufacturer Lookup and RFI/RFQ Always undergoing improvement  Training IG Approved (required for DoD) Free, on-site

11 11 Some Key SEWP Advantages  Flexible / Responsive Contracts To Satisfy IT Requirements Generic contracts with wide flexibility at the Delivery Order Level Agency specific policies and procedures Program Office operates on 24 hour response time Innovative and automated procedures  Provide an Increased Level of Contract Management Program provides high level of oversight and control of contracts Agencies may impose additional controls at their procurement shops Program can provide Agency-specific reports

12 12 Where SEWP Fits In  One of the largest non-GSA IT Product Contract 7% of IT Schedule – expected to remain at or about that level  Covers Manufacturers and products not covered elsewhere Approximately 30% of CLINs on SEWP are not on GSA  Focused on mid to high level computing products Average order size is $50,000 Not a Services contract Product solutions not just a catalog  FAR: Based on FAR Part 16 not FAR Part 8 Must provide Fair Opportunity No 3 quote rule

13 13 5/2/2015 Control and Reporting  Agency specific items and pricing Agencies may compete and negotiate special pricing and deals with any SEWP Contract Holder -Agency flag on Agency specific items  Facilitates searching, ordering, tracking and reporting Agencies can designate a list of “special” items that their Agency should purchase from -SEWP can provide special search and quote functionality to assist Agency -SEWP can provide reporting mechanisms on use of specially tagged items  SEWP has automated system to check items ordered against contract line items and produce discrepancy reports on any issues

14 14 Control and Reporting (continued)  Agency level reporting All orders placed by an agency Items purchased -Amount of detail saved by SEWP Program Office would need discussion  SEWP processes are highly automated For example: An Agency can request an e-mail be sent to a central office whenever an Agency order is placed.

15 15 Competition / Consolidation  Fair Opportunity critical to SEWP usage SEWP contracts specifically encourage overlap across contracts to maximize internal competition and delivery order price negotiations SEWP Web tools – both searching and quoting have built-in fair opportunity rule sets -Documentation provided to support and demonstrate fair opportunity  Agencies can pre-designate a Group or Groups of contracts for a specific use  Agencies can negotiate prices for specific requirements and planned purchasing (SEWP CUPA - similar to BPAs)

16 16 Competition / Consolidation (continued)  Agencies can consolidate purchasing to maximize price discounts NASA has consolidated database and other software purchases across the Agency -Oracle pricing for NASA through SEWP is below the GSA Smart-Buy Oracle pricing structure Exact mechanism for providing the consolidation needs in-depth discussion -Must take Agency’s financial and procurement systems into account along with licensing requirements

17 17 Services / Solutions  Firm fixed price product based solutions allowed Time and Material, support service task orders not allowed  Various ways to list and order solutions Each component separately listed and priced on the order A single SEWP line item containing all components of the solution -Contract will have each component separately listed for price verification

18 18 Federal Government Initiatives  SEWP has been in the forefront of providing 508 compliance information at the program and quote/ order level RFQ tool provides 508 templates to attach to Request For Quotes  SEWP includes EPEAT flagging at product level  SEWP includes several small business opportunities: Small Business competed set-aside contracts SDVOSB competed set-aside contracts Can be part of a Best Value Decision in the other 2 Groups Follow-on 8(a) non-competed set-aside

19 19 General Issues  SEWP IV Length and Contract Ceiling 7 year contracts $5.6 Billion ceiling per contract  Acceptance testing allowable in the contracts “Test” competitions allowed; e.g. Homeland Security Smart Card purchases  Special delivery requirements allowed on Delivery Orders SEWP tracks the user’s required delivery dates  Agency specific Terms and Conditions may be applied at the DO level  No increase in ordering time needed for SEWP to verify, process and track all orders

20 20 General Issues (continued)  Fees Lowest fee structure in Government – base of 0.6% SEWP fee structure based on budget needed to run the SEWP Program Office -Unlike other Agencies, SEWP fees are not used to finance any other Agency program If fee payments increase, the Program increases services and decreases the fee If fee payments decrease, the Program reduces services and (reluctantly) increases fees -Contract limit is 0.75% fee which is equal to GSA’s fee structure Fee is evaluated semi-annually

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