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ENVIRON International Corporation AIChE Information Session Tony Jones March 6, 2007.

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1 ENVIRON International Corporation AIChE Information Session Tony Jones March 6, 2007

2 Who am I?  Tony Jones, Ph.D. Microbiology/biochemistry, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom

3 ENVIRON addresses a wide variety of human health and environmental issues related to the presence of chemicals in the environment; in foods, drugs, medical devices, and consumer products; and in the workplace; as well as business issues related to the development and use of energy and environmental technologies. What is ENVIRON?

4 Overview of ENVIRON  A mid-size environmental consulting firm with over 50 offices and nearly 900 employees worldwide  Founded in 1982 by three colleagues from an environmental consulting firm - two scientists and a lawyer with a vision to use risk assessment tools and techniques in evaluating chemicals in the marketplace and environment  Offer experience and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, including engineering, geosciences, life sciences, public health, and regulatory affairs

5 ENVIRON Locations Amherst Arlington Atlanta Baton Rouge Boston Chicago Cleveland Columbus Deerfield Denver Emeryville Hartford Houston Indianapolis Irvine Kansas City Los Angeles Mountain View Nashville Newark Novato Portland, OR Princeton Ruston St Louis Seattle Tampa Washington, DC Wauwatosa Aix-en-Provence Essen Frankfurt Helsinki Milan Paris Rome Warsaw Zeist Bath Birmingham Cardiff Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow Leeds Liverpool London Beijing Shanghai Kuala Lumpur Singapore Sydney Perth

6 Practice Areas Engineering & Technology  Air Quality Management  Compliance Assistance  Corporate Responsibility  Ecological Risk Assessment & Sediment Management  Energy & Environmental Technology  Engineering Design & Construction Management  Environmental Due Diligence  Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning  Environment, Health & Safety Management  Greenhouse Gas Consulting  Health & Safety  Litigation Support  Risk Assessment & Risk Management  Site Characterization & Remediation  Solid & Hazardous Waste Management  Water Management Services  WEEE, RoHS and Eco-Design

7 Practice Areas Health Sciences  Applied Epidemiology  Consumer Products  Dietary Supplements  Food Contact Substances  Foods & Food Ingredients  GRAS Determinations  Industrial Chemicals & Environmental Contaminants  Litigation Support  Medical Devices  Nanotechnology  Nutrition Science & Dietary Exposure Assessments  Occupational Health  Pesticides  Pharmaceuticals & Biologics  Risk Assessment & Risk Management

8 ENVIRON Organizational Structure Irvine Office Engineering/ Geosciences Air ScienceHealth Sciences 3 Principals 6 Managers 4 Senior Associates 6 Associates

9 What Kinds of Projects Would I Work On at ENVIRON?  Air Toxics Risk Assessments -rail yards in Northern & Southern California -port operations in Oakland -army base redevelopment in Northern CA -computer chip manufacturer in San Jose  Permitting and Regulatory Compliance -permits for emergency generators at large biotech facility -evaluation of meteorological data collected for regulatory air dispersion modeling -preparing annual emissions inventory to meet permit conditions for national laboratories

10 What Kinds of Projects Would I Work on at ENVIRON  Litigation Support -claims of metals & VOC toxicity from ordnance detonation in Southern CA -claims of benzene and hexavalent chromium toxicity from plastics manufacturing in Texas -claims of radon gas and radiological particulate toxicity from uranium milling in New Mexico  Indoor Air Pollution -indoor air quality evaluations -mold investigations -work place complaints

11 What Classes Do I Need to Stay Awake For?  Transport (Fluid Dynamics, Mass & Heat Transfer)  Material and Energy Balances  Organic Chemistry  Technical Writing  Basic Statistics  Computer Programming  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)  Environmental Regulation/Management/Law  Environmental Engineering

12 Is Consulting For Me?  Do you like thinking about the interface between science and policy?  Do you like solving practical problems?  Do you like finding new ways to solve problems?  Do you have good “engineering judgment”?  Can you work independently and as part of a team?  Are you a good writer?  Can you juggle multiple projects at the same time?  Can you concentrate on but not get lost in the details?  Are you conscientious about deadlines?

13 How Do You Know What Company is Right For You?  Project Variety -types of project -clientele -company’s history/commitment to innovation  Opportunity for Professional Growth -mentoring opportunities -opportunity to work with people in different areas of expertise -opportunity to get experience in fields of interest -conference/course attendance supported  Staff Morale -financial/ownership stability -team spirit  Pay/Bonus/Benefits

14 Why Choose a Career at ENVIRON?  A career at ENVIRON provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with professionals at the forefront of current environmental issues and technologies  Opportunities for professional challenge & growth -Educational Assistance - 75% of tuition for 2 approved courses per year -ENVIRON Stipend Program (MS Degree) -Professional Development – reimbursement on coursework and exams required to build & maintain professional status in chosen field -Professional Registration Fee Reimbursement

15 Why Choose a Career at ENVIRON?  Social and Community Service Events -The ENVIRON Foundation -Bay Area Green Business Program -Solarthon 2006 -Monthly Happy Hours or more frequently -Lake Tahoe / Big Bear Cabin

16 Entry Level Opportunities  Site Solutions Associates (Remediation, Wastewater, Site Assessment, Risk Assessment) -Environmental Science, Toxicology, Biology, Civil, Environmental, Chemical Engineers, Geologists - Tasks include: -Collecting and analyzing environmental (soil, ground water, air, etc ) samples –to support environmental fate and transport assessments –design of remedial measures -Due diligence assessments -Regulatory analysis -Defining cleanup goals for contaminated sites using Federal and state environmental regulations

17 Entry Level Opportunities  Air Quality Associates -Chemical, Mechanical, or Environmental Engineers -Tasks include -air emissions calculations -data analysis -technical writing -regulatory analysis -air dispersion modeling -air pollution control equipment design -Air-specific on-the-job training and mentoring provided

18 How to apply   Come and talk with me!

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