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25.4.2014 Tampere FINLAND UNIVERSITY Pasi Kaskinen CEO.

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2 25.4.2014 Tampere FINLAND UNIVERSITY Pasi Kaskinen CEO



5 TRANSNATIONAL EDUCATION POSSIBILITIES University of Turku (UTU) University of Tampere (UTA) University of Eastern Finland (UEF)


7 OUR MISSION We provide scientifically proven educational solutions

8 OUR VALUES We contribute to the building of sustainable, functioning societies We offer educational solutions based on world-class research We educate leaders and experts that contribute to the well-being of societies

9 FINLAND UNIVERSITY Established in 2013 Is the coordination unit of transnational education of University of Turku University of Tampere University of Eastern Finland The universities are committed to quality assurance and high standard of operation. They have been successfully audited by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) and the universities also appear on the main international ranking lists published by Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings, and Academic Ranking of World Universities

10 HELSINKI OFFICE Finland University Inc. Korkeavuorenkatu 30 A 00130 Helsinki FINLAND


12 Leadership for Educational Development SHORT COURSE Who is it for? Principals What’s in it for you? The objective of the programme is to introduce and analyse developments and experiences in the Finnish educational system, its goals, methods and practices both from a theoretical and practical point of view. The programme facilitates analysis and discussion of the main factors underpinning Finnish PISA success and consideration of possibilities for adapting some of these basic ideas, policies and practices into the socio-cultural context of other countries. References Several

13 KiVa school - Let's make it together! KiVa is a research-based anti-bullying programme that has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland, with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The effectiveness of KiVa has been shown in a large randomized controlled trial. The KiVa programme involves both universal and indicated actions to prevent bullying and to tackle cases of bullying coming to attention. The universal actions are targeted at all students in a school. They refer to efforts made to influence the group norms and to build capacity in all children to behave in constructive ways, to take responsibility for not encouraging bullying, and to support the victims. References Over 90% of the Finnish comprehensive schools use Kiva. Kiva is implemented also in the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, France, Estonia, and Wales.


15 INSERVICE TRAINING PRODUCTS FOR MANAGERS Healthcare Executive MBA for NGO’s Executive MBA for Public Sector Public Financial Management Risk Management and Insurance

16 HOSPITAL MANAGER TRAINING COURSE This two-week course aims to familiarize the participants with the Finnish health care system, its management processes, research and development, and gives health care professionals an introduction to the processes of life- long learning. The course includes lectures, visits and organized social activities. References Municipal Health Bureau of Shanghai Pudong New Area, China ( 2012, 2013, 2014) Certification Participants will get a course certification of this programme issued by the University on Eastern Finland

17 Executive MBA for the Public Sector Public sector eMBA The executive MBA Turku programme is strongly oriented to the future, with the aim of learning to look far ahead. This, when combined with the spark of entrepreneurial spirit, creates great potential for growth in leadership. eMBA Turku has international EPAS accreditation granted by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

18 M ASTER ’ S D EGREE P ROGRAMME IN PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT The specific programme structure allows students to apply knowledge and skills gained in public management environment and investment policy and human resource management in particular in their own working practices during their learning process. The programme is designed exclusively for students who wish to work in positions of leaders and managers, cadres, and civil servants working in state and local management agencies and enterprises, officers working in public investment and management in public sector. Furthermore, the programme is designed for those who wish to be promoted in their career or to enhance their knowledge and skills to become professional managers in integrated economy in rapid growth at the present time. Reference: National Academy of Public Administration, Vietnam

19 MASTER ’ S DEGREE PROGRAMME IN RISK MANAGEMENT AND INSURANCE Finnish social and private insurance know-how is at the forefront internationally. Nordic insurance institutions are top-rated in international efficiency comparisons and Nordic social insurance systems have been able to accommodate universality with sustainability. Furthermore, the Finnish insurance system combines pragmatism with various social innovations. This program offers a unique set of skills and capabilities which enables participants to build viable risk management systems in their host countries. Best practices from both developed and developing markets are integrated to build structures and core competencies in risk management, and insurance


21 MASTER ’ S DEGREE PROGRAMME IN HEALTH AND BUSINESS Content The programme combines Business and Management Studies with Health Management Sciences and offers students the skills (management, leadership & financial skills) needed in the development of the health and wellbeing sector. Target Group Those aspiring to work in junior or middle management positions in health and wellbeing organisations, or as change consultants and entrepreneurs. References Students’ backgrounds range from medicine, nursing, pharmacy to public and business administration. The programme is globally-oriented with students from all over the world ranging from Ghana and Kenya to Pakistan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

22 Thank You!

23 Contact information Mr. Pasi Kaskinen, CEO Korkeavuorenkatu 30 A 00130 Helsinki FINLAND + 358 50 5757 577

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