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WHAT IS THE TEAM FIRST PROGRAM ? The Team First Program is designed to put FUN and RESPECT at the forefront of our game. BC Hockey has partnered with.

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2 WHAT IS THE TEAM FIRST PROGRAM ? The Team First Program is designed to put FUN and RESPECT at the forefront of our game. BC Hockey has partnered with the Vancouver Canucks, BC Centre of Excellence, and the Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia to address the behaviours and attitudes that have become a negative influence in the game of hockey.

3 TEAM FIRST The “TEAM FIRST” program was developed around two important philosophies: 1.The concept of team is greater than the players and the coaches. 2. Sport is built on the ideals of Fair Play.

4 TEAM FIRST PARTNERS All participants – players, parents/volunteers/spectators, coaches, officials and sport administrators are equally responsible “PARTNERS” in this endeavor. Every individual involved must examine their attitude, actions and behaviours and make a personal commitment to the principles of Fair Play.

5 TEAM FIRST This BC Hockey Development Program revisits the positive social values of Fair Play: INTEGRITY RESPECT FAIRNESS These are essential elements of the game as we strive to live up to our mission statement.

6 TEAM FIRST COMPONENTS The Team First Program consists of the following components: 1.Conduct Management Initiative – the intent of this initiative is to ensure that the environment in which all BC Hockey activities take place is as positive as possible for everyone; it is the objective of this initiative to address issues arising from the interaction between the game partners at any BC Hockey sanctioned event in any arena or community venue;

7 Components continued - to foster and enhance mutual respect, understanding and the principals of good sportsmanship and Fair Play amongst everyone during all BC Hockey events; to promote safety, respect, enjoyment, and good competition; to eliminate behaviours and actions which detract from the safe and sportsmanship environment; ZERO tolerance of any form of abuse and/or harassment.

8 Components continued - 2.CHEVROLET SAFE & FUN PARENT EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS - This program is available to all associations from the BC Hockey office. 3. PARTNERS CONTRACTS - The Team First philosophy returns our focus to the conduct and attitude of our game partners by providing them with clearly defined expectations of behaviour. Partners are not only expected to sign acceptance of these expectations but to abide by these established standards at all BC Hockey related events.


10 Components continued - 4. THREE STAR SELECTION PROGRAM - 5. FAIR PLAY ASSESSMENT SHEET - have parents/fan complete a “Fair Play Team Assessment Sheet” during selected games or tournaments; this form will serve as a reminder of what is acceptable behaviour by everyone


12 TEAM FIRST RATIONALE Frequently asked questions : Will a Team First Program help our association? YES! Team First is a Program that is POSITIVE for all the Partners and the game. Who benefits from a Team First Program? Everyone involved benefits. All Partners participate and learn respect from one and other. Parents are encouraged to be positive and accountable for their actions. Referees will find it easier to officiate games. Team First does not change the rules of the game but encourages all teams to win as many games as possible as long as the play remains within the rules.

13 Questions continued- What can sponsors get from a Team First Program? They can view Team first as a “Good Citizen” program which teaches Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Integrity. How long does it take to start a Team First Program ? It can be implemented quickly once all of the Executive Members have committed themselves to the concept of Team First. Team First is an Education Program for every Partner in the sport of Hockey.

14 Questions continued- Why does our Association need a Team First Program? Many associations across Canada have some form of program based on the Fair Play Initiatives. However, the abuse of officials, inappropriate spectator behaviour and on ice behaviour still remains a concern. Team First is designed to educate all of our Game Partners of what we expect from them. Team First is a POSITIVE PROGRAM centered around what we want them to do, not what we don’t want them to do.

15 Questions continued- Why does BC Hockey need a Team First Program?

16 TEAM FIRST Dr. Murry Smith writes in Recreation Canada “ involvement in kids’ sports is deeper and more influential than it use to be. This deeper involvement has resulted in shift in emphasis from helping “where they could” to a pretty clear domination of kids’ sports by adults.”

17 TEAM FIRST “Dr. Geoff Gowan stated: “let us not as adults take the game away from children and mold it to adult standards. Let us encourage children to enjoy being active through enjoyable play and appropriately designed competition, which meets their needs. If we do this, we will have made an important contribution to their development through sport.”





















38 Questions continued- Some parents may say they don’t agree with Team First and don’t want to sign the Contract. The first question to ask is WHY NOT?? No doubt their answers will be the very reasons the program was developed. Membership in your association is a privilege not a right. Once they become members they have responsibilities to abide by the association’s regulations and by-laws. This is consistent with the Society Act of BC. The purpose of the contract is to inform all Partners of their responsibilities, rights and privileges.

39 ASSOCIATION EXPECTATION Implementation Process - at the start of the season conduct a meeting with all of your executive members, team officials, coaches, etc; at this meeting: - detail the objectives - outline the expectations - lay out the consequences - explain everyone’s responsibilities - explains the associations responsibilities - explain the distribution & collection method of the contracts and complaint procedure

40 explain the “Partners” contracts : explain the awareness campaign : - Parent - Player - Team Official - On Ice Official - Sport Administrator - Posters - Video - Brochures - 3 Star Program - Media - Fair Play Announcement explain the “Statement of Purpose” :


42 Examples of “Expectations” for : - Team Officials - Officials - Spectators - Players - Sport - Administrators

43 RESOLVING ISSUES all concerns must be in writing must be submitted within 5 days must be followed up by the association and report forwarded to their president with a copy to the District Director within 10 days

44 The report should contain the following: description of the incident names of those involved date, time, and other relevant details The severity of the incident may require: communication between associations and /or meeting with the people involved and/or the District Director

45 Actions and responses by Associations: investigate the incident record and file the report send a copy to the District Director if partners from different associations are involved, then a joint meeting may be held depending on the severity, a MHA Executive member should chair the meeting to resolve the issue

46 NOTE: During the process, all parties must be kept informed of all actions, responses and consequences. If the incident involves any chronic forms of Harassment or Abuse, then the Association’s Harassment and Abuse policy shall be followed.

47 CONSEQUENCES TO PARTNERS For the person(s) involved in any incident, the following consequence SHALL be one of the following: letter of education letter of warning probation period and/or restriction recommended suspension from event(s) as per BC Hockey Constitution, By-laws and Regulations criminal charges

48 COMPLAINT HANDLING PROCEDURES An association needs to explain to it’s Membership how complaints are handled, the reporting process, the method of enforcement and the procedures that will be used to handle the complaint. IMPLEMENTATION TRIGGER The reporting of unacceptable behaviour at the rink by a spectator, coach, player or official is the “triggering” event of the complaint procedure.

49 UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR Unacceptable behaviour is when anyone verbally or physically harasses and/or abuses a game player, coach, official or spectator. Confrontation should be avoided and reporting is encouraged.

50 REPORTING PROCESS an individual or committee shall be appointed should be resolved at the lowest level if the incident is serious enough to warrant a formal complaint, then an “Incident Report Form”(Annex B to this Policy) must be completed.This form must be submitted to the individual or committee responsible for complaint handling.


52 Go over Partners Reporting Concerns: on/off ice officials sport administrators/spectators/players Enforcement provide the name of those who have the power to assess discipline within the association part of this process should include the facility owner’s concurrence and support

53 APPEAL PROCESS To ensure a complaint has been handled With impartiality and fairness, the Association must have an appeal process. In case there is a perception that an incident has been mishandled or discipline improperly applied.


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