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Corporate Social Responsibility & Building Business Responsibly Presented by Ron Stradling Tel; 01708 473075.

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1 Corporate Social Responsibility & Building Business Responsibly Presented by Ron Stradling Tel; 01708 473075

2 The Motor Industry…. Is not seen as environmentally friendly Is not seen as naturally supportive to communities Is an easy target for governments, lobbyists & The Mayor of London! Is not helped by Coronation Street or Top Gear!

3 The Industry Must Change…. It is largely stuck in a time warp Vehicles have modernised and some manufacturer’s are taking pro-active roles But the greatest majority have yet to catch up! Because very few end users care about emissions or environmental issues

4 CSR / BBR & Gain a competitive edge with & through BBR Gain opportunities to assist your clients to improve their image and profitability BBR links to business sustainability and continuity

5 Corporate Social Responsibility What is it? –a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. (Training Learning Consultancy 2006 “Building Business Responsibly”, IBA (2001)

6 Sustainable Development This is ‘development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ (Brutland Commission’s Report for the World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987)

7 Typical SME Barriers to BBR “This has been a successful business, why should it change now?” “We are struggling from week to week and cannot afford to put in another political system.”

8 Barriers to BBR Involvement Management inertia Economic short termism Low status of BBR as a business issue Lack of relevance Perceived cost Perceived time /resources Perceived Admin burden Lack of knowledge & skills Mainly for large corporations Barriers to SME BBR

9 The Dimensions of BBR Business Performance Business Finance Internal / External Stakeholders Environmental Effects Business Ethics

10 Drivers for SME BBR Personal motivation Values/satisfaction Part of doing good business Employees expectations Contributing to local community Supply chain pressure Innovation Competitive edge Networking Opportunities Reputation & Market position Legal compliance Financial Efficiencies

11 The Business Case for BBR Protect and Strengthen Sales, Brand Image, & Reputation Human Resources Risk Management Brand Differentiation Business ethics Business Continuity by design

12 Reasons To Want To Get Involved Enable non-franchised outlets to be more competitive with franchised dealers The right thing to do for your clients; help them to face the future more profitably To be and be seen at the forefront of embracing change that results in BBR Exciting and interesting work for

13 BBR and Benefits to SMES Reducing waste and emissions doesn't just help the environment - saves money /Improves profitability Also Helps to; ensure compliance with regulatory requirements develop profitable new products & services by understanding the business’s wider impact make your clients more creative and competitive - can lead to being first in the market

14 BBR and Benefits to SMES Helps to Reduce the risk of sudden damage to their reputation (& sales) Assist investors to be more willing to offer finance – perception of being here to stay for the long term Develop better reputation and make it easier to recruit good employees Employees stay longer, reducing costs and disruption

15 Other Benefits of BBR Consumers may prefer to buy from ethical businesses Some customers insist on buying from responsible companies Companies often prefer suppliers who demonstrate responsible policies

16 BBR and Benefits to SMES Activities such as involvement with the local community are ideal opportunities to generate positive press coverage – improve marketing opportunities Good relationships with local authorities make doing business easier – providing Business Continuity Plans are in place

17 Massive Impact on Vehicle Manufacturers During 2007 President Bush signed into law the first new fuel efficiency regulations since the 1970s. EU Proposals; from 2012, average emissions for new cars should be 120 g/kms and failure to meet these targets will bring heavy penalties

18 Hummer Viability Study Fuel prices are causing a re-think According to The Independent of 19 June 2008 GM Is considering sale or closure

19 Jaguar Land Rover Seeking to hire 600 engineers to improve vehicle energy efficiency Additionally, has announced graduate programme based at Gaydon and Whitley Plans apparently approved by Tata

20 CSR Case Studies VAUXHALL Social and Ethical Philosophy and Policy Environmental Philosophy and Policy

21 CSR Case Studies RENAULT Launched ECO2 Symbol, proclaiming commitment to products that are both Economical and Ecological Renault Commitment 2009: it plans to rank amongst the world's top three car manufacturers concerning CO2 emissions with 1,000,000 vehicles sold by 2008 emitting less than 140 g CO2/km, a third of which will emit less than 120 g CO2/km.

22 CSR Case Studies AUDI –Has opted for voluntary membership of the European Eco Management and Audit Scheme –Has spent £25million on installing natural gas turbines resulting in a 25% reduction of CO2 from the production of heat and electricity –95% of their waste material is now recycled –A5 Coupe won the Michelin Challenge Bibendum with the world’s cleanest diesel engine

23 CSR Case Studies FORD –Claim to be the first vehicle manufacturer in Europe to offer vehicles with Flexifuel Vehicle technology –Are developing alternative fuel vehicle technologies and hybrid power packs –Claim to be at the forefront of hydrogen-powered vehicle development –New Ford advertisement

24 In Summary Parking, travel and emissions are becoming more serious issues in the UK – market for small luxurious cars? CSR / BBR Offers MICg Members a golden Opportunity to improve fee income CSR /BBR training will be organised if sufficient numbers show interest

25 Ron Stradling Stradling Training & Consultancy Tel:00 44 1708 473 075 Fax: 00 44 1708 478064 Web: Thank You For Your Interest

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