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By Jestin D. Johnson Dr. Merwin PADM 7040. History The Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Foundation was founded in 1971 by the late Dr. Hosea Williams. After.

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1 By Jestin D. Johnson Dr. Merwin PADM 7040

2 History The Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Foundation was founded in 1971 by the late Dr. Hosea Williams. After noticing a homeless man begging for money, he bought him a fish sandwich and began to cry after seeing the severity of this one individuals degree of hunger. Dr. Williams began this life changing movement, after realizing how fortunate he and his family were. He solicited the help of his wife and Rev. William H. Borders to begin serving dinners to men in the educational building of Wheat Street Baptist Church located in downtown Atlanta, GA.

3 History cont. While they continue servicing individuals less fortunate the, the organizations main focus has changed dramatically. Instead of serving only men one day of the week, they now serve an average of 33,000 homeless men, women and children. Over 800 volunteers make commitments during main dinner events at Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves.

4 Mission Statement “ To support the basic needs of the homeless and working poor with the goal of providing immediate assistance to restore them to their life paths of self actualization. Through year round activities clients and partner organizations receive food, housing referrals, cleaning supplies, toiletries and clothing.” (Source:

5 Organizational Summary Food Preparation and Service: Prepares and distributes to main dining halls all food items to feed 33,000 persons per feeding; prepares shopping lists; inventories food and supplies on hand; identifies, solicits and maintains contact with chefs and cook helper volunteers; schedules volunteer work shifts and determines job duties.

6 Organizational Summary Cont. Resource Development: Solicits, receives and inventories donations of food, supplies, equipment and money; develops solicitation list and coordinates mailing of some 800,000 pieces; responsible for developing plan for corporate and foundation (city, state and private) donations; produces and implements can drives.

7 Organizational Summary Cont. Home Delivery: Organizes and trains volunteers who will deliver food into homes on the day of the dinners; prepares take-out plates and gives plates out to the drivers; receives all requests for meals and organizes delivery.

8 Organizational Summary Cont. Social Services: Implements all social services including the clothing center, shower center, barbers and beauticians, long distance calling center, toy and book center, medical and counseling center and others that volunteers may suggest; trains and supervises volunteers; sets-up and breaks-down social service areas; determines supplies and signage needs for these programs.

9 Current Status After Dr. Williams died in 2000, his daughter, Elisabeth Omilami a former actress, relocated from California to Atlanta. She gave up her passion for the Hollywood lights to continue her fathers legacy. Mrs. Omilami has greatly enhanced the vision of the organization and continues to demonstrate a great passion for the destitute.

10 Current Status The HFTH is currently one of the many non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area that is making a strong contribution to the recovery effort for the evacuees from Hurricane Katrina. They have reached capacity for donations of food and clothing but are in dire need of financial support.

11 Current Status Cont. Recently, the Atlanta City Council approved legislation to prohibit panhandling in the tourist triangle in downtown Atlanta. HFTH was at the forefront trying to prevent this legislation from being approved and continues to be a voice for the homeless.

12 Highlights Hosea L. Williams is a recipient of the Purple Heart for service in WW II. Lieutenant to Rev. M. L. King, Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. A leader of the “Bloody Sunday” march that led to the Selma to Montgomery march, the catalyst for the 1965 Voting Rights Bill. Juanita T. Williams, his wife, was a Georgia State Representative for the East Lake community for 8 terms and was the first African American woman to run for office south of the Mason Dixon line.

13 Highlights Cont. Hosea Feed the Hungry organization events fed over 69,000 men women and children in 2004. The organizations food pantry provided 3,613 emergency food boxes to families in 2004. Signature holiday dinner events at Turner Field and City Hall East are on Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK and Easter Sunday.

14 Legal Status Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless is a 501 (c) 3 organization which allows contributions to be tax deductible. (Source:

15 Conclusion The Hosea Feed the Hungry non-profit organization is the essence and steward for those less fortunate. Grassroots organizations such as HFTH, are often overshadowed by larger non-profit organizations that are the face of our government. This organization should be applauded for it’s efforts to endure in the face of adversity and competition. It’s successes speak volumes and their effort should be glorified.

16 Sources tions.htm tions.htm ml ml

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