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The Renzulli Learning System No Child Left…Bored.

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1 The Renzulli Learning System No Child Left…Bored

2 The Renzulli Learning System is a breakthrough teaching tool that helps teachers assess their students’ strengths, interests and learning styles. The system guides students through learning activities matched to their personal profile.

3 Backed by research. Built for achievement. Based on 30 years of research at the University of Connecticut Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis have been at the forefront of researching, studying and developing teaching methods that unlock the gifts and talents of all students

4 Their work demonstrates that differentiating curriculum and instructional style leads directly to improvements in: Student Achievement Creativity Engagement Attitudes towards school School attendance

5 Based on the Enrichment Triad Model developed by Joseph Renzulli in 1977 The Enrichment Triad Model was designed to encourage advanced student learning and creative productivity in three key areas by: exposing students to various topics areas of interest fields of study in which they have an interest

6 The Renzulli Learning system utilizes the model to make thousands of resources and enrichment materials available for teachers and students with the click of a mouse Resources are tailored to students’ abilities, interests, and learning styles.

7 The system is web based and comprised of 4 core components The Renzulli Profiler: In less than 45 minutes, a teacher can gain an accurate understanding of each students academic strengths, interests and learning/expression styles

8 http://demo.renzullilearn http://demo.renzullilearn

9 Renzulli Differentiation Search Engine This powerful tool instantly searches the Renzulli Enrichment Database of over 13,000 pre-screened activities and selects those that match the student’s profile

10 Renzulli Learning is safe and secure. Built-in monitoring tools for teachers and parents All sites are consistently safety tested by Renzulli Learning Specialists Access is restricted to authorized students, parents and educators All student data is completely confidential

11 Wizard Project Maker This unique feature enables students and teachers to design, track and complete challenging problem-based learning projects built around regular curricular topics, teacher assignments, and individual/small group interests.

12 Total Talent Portfolio This feature records each student’s progress and can be accessed any time by teacher or parent. It holds a collection of the student’s best work Is easily transportable from grade to grade or school to school

13 Key Benefits of the Renzulli Learning System Enhanced Student Achievement Teachers can deliver TRULY differentiated instruction Students are engaged in personalized learning built around their strengths and interests Kids inspire each other to learn and explore Students pursue interests anywhere, anytime…in class, at home, even over the summer Independent exploration increases Child-friendly and safe learning environment A Teacher Time Saver Accurately identify student interests and learning styles in 45 min. not 45 days Easily incorporated into regular lesson plans Eliminates hours of searching for appropriate learning resources Students are up and running within minutes of completing the Profiler Advanced, at-risk, and even disruptive students are engaged in and out of class Built-in management tools make planning and tracking a breeze

14 What are Teachers and Students saying? “Renzulli Learning provides teachers a rich and ready-made bank of interest-based resources that can be integrated into curriculum in all grades and subjects” Carol Tomlinson (Univ. of Virginia) “The system not only makes TRUE differentiation possible, it makes it easy” 7 th Grade Teacher “I’ve been teaching for 17 yrs, and this is the first program I have asked to have purchased…It opens so many doors for the students” 3 rd Grade Teacher “The students are excited to see that ‘the computer’ knows what they like. Parents are commenting about the quality of the sites and the fact that their children would rather be on Renzulli than play video games” Elementary Curriculum Coordinator “The Renzulli System is where learning and fun collide” 2 nd Grade Student “I think this Renzulli program is really cool because it’s all about you” 4 th Grade Student “I really enjoyed using Renzulli. It was really fun to be able to design our own projects on things we were interested in. Renzulli always had information and websites for any topic I wanted to learn more about” 6 th Grade Student “When our school got to test drive Renzulli, I went to the enrichment activities every night for an hour or 2, just looking at websites that sounded interesting to me” 3 rd Grade Student “Renzulli is a great idea. It was so much fun to be able to design a project based on topics I was interested in! It is an amazing experience” 10 th Grade Student

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