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ChooseLife North Lanarkshire Current Action Plan.

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1 ChooseLife North Lanarkshire Current Action Plan

2 North Lanarkshire Choose Life since 2002 Full time Co-ordinator Consistent funding Chair Population of 325,520 The 2001 Census confirms that overall health in North Lanarkshire is poor 23%) persons have a limiting long-term illness (a long-term illness that limits their daily activities or the work they can do).

3 Implementation Group Meeting since July 2003 Ensure that the implementation of ChooseLife is appropriately co-ordinated and that the work is set within the wider mental health and well being framework. Encourage ownership involvement and participation by as wider a range of stakeholder as possible. Oversee the work of the ChooseLife Development Co-ordinator service provided by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health)

4 Implementation Group incorporated into joint Health Improvement Plans. Within North Lanarkshire’s Community Planning structure, health and well being matters are addressed within the Health and Care Partnership.

5 North Lanarkshire’s approach to ChooseLife Objectives  Early prevention and intervention Training Applied Suicide intervention Skills Training (ASIST) SafeTALK (suicide alertness for everyone) Tune Up is the ASIST revision for those who were trained in ASIST over three years ago. The ASIST is delivered on a monthly basis with at least one SafeTALK a month and one Tune-Up a quarter. There are currently 10 ASIST trainers in North Lanarkshire, from NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council staff.

6 Assessment and Treatment Pathway Assessment and Treatment Pathway for Lanarkshire. Long term impact reduce suicide Creating a common language and framework for identifying those at risk of suicide supporting them Working with Health Scotland to ensure evaluation and any links to HEAT targets

7 Improving support for hope and recovery ChooseLife North Lanarkshire is part of the Lanarkshire Recovery Network which promotes mental health recovery. Mental health recovery is promoted in line with the Scottish Recovery Network and through this ChooseLife and suicide prevention is high on its agenda.

8 Providing support to those who are affected by suicidal behaviour or a completed suicide Instead CRUSE Bereavement Care has been supported by North and South Lanarkshire ChooseLife groups to provide immediate support to those left bereaved by suicide.

9 Awareness raising and encouraging people to seek help early ChooseLife North Lanarkshire has been at the forefront of any awareness campaigning in Scotland. Through using mediums such as; Taxi cab advertising “Suicide. Don’t hide it. Talk about it” Bus Advertising Working closely with Motherwell Football Club Suicide Prevention Week Washroom Board advertising Promotional Materials

10 Suicide Prevention Week On an annual basis suicide prevention week takes place during the second week in September. 5-a-side football (North Lanarkshire’s annual 5’s) Music events (at Aroma Café Wishaw and Cumbernauld Now You’re Talking) Comedy (Universal Comedy) Film (The Bridge) Variety shows (Cumbernauld Now You’re Talking) Premier league football (Motherwell Football Club)

11 Priority Group Children (especially looked after children) Links with younger adults services in North Lanarkshire have always been strong this can be supported the ASIST trainers who worked within the Through Care team.

12 People who have attempted suicide Through linking with the New Zealand Ministry of Health, North Lanarkshire has created a booklet called “Thinking about Suicide? Don’t hide it. Talk about it.”

13 People who abuse substances Services which specifically support those who abuse alcohol and drugs have been trained in ASIST and SafeTALK. This has been encouraged by services such as Bridgeworks in Motherwell or by the Alcohol Drug Partnership (ADP formally ADAT) across Lanarkshire. Statistics show that 2.5% of those suffering from alcoholism may take their own life. This type of information can be a surprise to staff but once the level of risk is apparent then vigilance and awareness of those supporting vulnerable people increases. (figures updated courtesy of Steve Platt) Member of Lanarkshire’s Drug Related Death Group.

14 Health and Homelessness suicide prevention (safeTALK), substance misuse intervention, and information on health

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