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By: Aleen Sepulveda Educ 110-004. June 23, 1932 – October 21, 2009 (age 77).

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1 By: Aleen Sepulveda Educ 110-004

2 June 23, 1932 – October 21, 2009 (age 77).

3 Who was Theodore Sizer Was the founder of the Essential School Movement. He founded the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) which began in 1984 with twelve schools. CES is to forefront the importance of equitable, challenging schools. By coaching for cultures of improvement and powerful learning communities focused on student achievements. To help promote schools characterized by personalization, democracy and equity, intellectual and excellence.

4 Which Educational Philosophy? Sizer was a believer of Essentialism. Essentialism is back-to-basic. No electives and through discipline. To teach students hard work, respect for authority and discipline.

5 What was his theories? Sizer developed eight theories about education: Value Knowledge Human Nature Learning Communication Society Opportunity Agreement

6 Theory of Value States what is knowing is completely up to the individual. Believes that skills are best learned through experience and that teachers should be like coaches. Gain useful skills and knowledge outside standardize test method.

7 Theory of Knowledge The distinction between knowledge and belief. Knowledge includes the skills and information we obtain in school. Feels that beliefs that influence knowledge and defines beliefs as the way knowledge is taught. Teachers are coaches, assisting learning but through a student’s own beliefs or style.

8 Theory of Human Nature How are humans unique and what are our limitations? He acknowledges that the biological difference between the humans and other species is that we act on the environment rather than being passive. Says that human satisfaction with a result of a discovery helps the human race survive.

9 Theory of Learning The method which skills and knowledge are acquired. He feels the purpose of education can be broken down into two parts: Education of the mind Education of the character He felt that education of intellect is extremely important, but without character, its useless. Doesn’t matter if students get the right answers, but how they evaluated on their efforts that acquired the answer.

10 Theory of Communication Believes there are 5 ways to make school better. First: to give teachers and students their space to work in individual Second: to insist students can master their skills. Third: Provide correct motivation for students and teachers Fourth: maintain the use of the mind during learning, allowing students to experience their education Fifth: Keep structure of school and curriculum simple so that it can be flexible.

11 Theory of Society Society is not only the community but also institutes, government, health-care system, and religion organization. Students should learn not only in educational setting, but also in society. Moral and intellectual development depend on the environment: A child won’t value moral or education, if they don’t see people from their community valuing it as well.

12 Theory of Opportunity All American parents want their children to be given the correct tools and skills to become a successful adult. Acknowledges, there are many disagreements over proper curriculum is and who should be schooled. Believes that student should be equipped with not only proper information, but also morals to help them make informed decisions.

13 Theory of Agreement Many debates that on what is the correct curriculum. Many don’t want to change the curriculum despise the changes we live today. He feels that politics have corrupted the school system. Believes that the democratic way is the for the school system to adapt and change into the environment.


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