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Company Profile 2004 Flexible Solutions International Inc.

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1 Company Profile 2004 Flexible Solutions International Inc.

2 Flexible Solutions International Inc. develops new technologies for use in water conservation, energy conservation and is a world leader in 'green chemistry', at the forefront of providing patented protein-based polymers that provide competitive performance for various products and processes while satisfying environmental concerns for the creation of non-toxic products for a wide range of industrial, agricultural and consumer markets. About Flexible Solutions

3 Flexible Solutions Ltd. Energy Conservation Watersavr Global Solutions Inc. Water Conservation NanoChem Solutions Inc. Synthetic Proteins Flexible Solutions International Inc. Heatsavr Tm EcoSavr Tm WaterSavr WaterSavr Mosquito Control BioPolymers AgriSciences

4 How Does it Work- Ionic Repulsion Spreading Action Imagine specifically tailored molecules with these characteristics: They prefer their feet in water They prefer their heads in the air Once they spread out, they resist climbing each other They have side chains to keep molecules controlled They are short lived - biodegrading into air and water

5 Flexible Solutions Ltd. Designed to act as an energy conservation tool. Heatsavr™ is a liquid solar blanket that spreads itself across the swimming pool surface. The technology is designed to conserve up to 45% heating costs by building a molecular blanket over the surface of the water. Evaporation accounts for up to 80% of heat loss from a swimming pool. A single Ecosavr™ contains liquid which automatically floats to the surface of the pool and acts as an evaporation inhibitor, much as a conventional solar blanket performs, except a lot easier to use. Pool owners need a fish every 30 days. Heatsavr™ / Ecosavr ™

6 Applications Home Swimming Pools: Small Applications – Pools 400-1,000 square feet of surface area Solution: Ecosavr™ Dispensing liquid over 4 weeks Home Swimming Pools Larger than 1,000 sq. ft. Solution: Heatsavr™ Using Automatic Metering System Commercial Large Applications Solution: Heatsavr™ Using Automatic Metering System

7 Market Potential- Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr™ for North America alone 9 Million swimming pools in North America

8 WaterSavr Global Solutions Inc. What is WaterSavr ? An environmentally friendly water surface film An evaporation suppressing technology (powder form) that will save up to 40% of water from evaporation. It will restrict the evaporation of water on lake surfaces, reservoirs, canals and other small or large bodies of water. It biodegrades into water and air and is safe for human consumption

9 WaterSavr in Application

10 WaterSavr Composition Powdered Form –Hydrated lime –Cetyl/stearyl alcohol flow aid U.S. Pat 6,303,133 Food grade and potable approved chemicals NSF certified ANSI 60

11 Current Conservation Problems California Desert Reservoir San Diego’s water prices are rising 6% per annum Phoenix’ water prices are rising 8% per annum US Locations:Price per Cubic Meter Huntington VA.$1.26 Pittsburgh PA.$1.05 Hackensack NJ.$0.89 Burlington VT.$0.88

12 Highlights of WaterSavr Friendly to the environment - Approved by United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Biodegradable – every 2.5 to 3.5 days WaterSavr is efficient – 1 kg per hectare No change to alkalinity and oxygen level in water

13 Acquisition 2004 On June 9th, 2004 Flexible Solutions International acquired from Donlar a broad portfolio of environmentally friendly technologies and products, 52 U.S. and 139 international patents and a 65,000-square foot manufacturing plant on 40 acres of property. Donlar also has leased corporate offices and a laboratory in Bedford Park, Ill. The net book value of the assets were placed at around $8 million for property, plant and equipment, in addition to $1.7 million for intellectual property. For the year ending Dec. 31, 2003, Donlar reported sales of $4.2 million. NanoChem Solutions Inc. (formerly: Donlar Corporation)

14 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Oil Production Industrial Water Treat Cleaning Products Dispersants Cosmetics Paper Toothpaste AgriSciences Major Market Segments Develop, Manufacture and Market Biodegradable Aspartic Acid Based, Water Soluble Polymers

15 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Presidential Green Chemistry Award The first Presidential Green Chemistry Award in the Small Business category was presented to Donlar Corporation for it's pioneering work in polyaspartate technology. Polyaspartates are bio- degradable, non-toxic polycarboxylates that have uses in a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. Donlar has championed this environmentally friendly technology since 1990.

16 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Water is Part of the Oil Extraction Process Causes Scale and Corrosion Problems Currently Requires Multiple Products to Control Current Technology Has Environmental Problems Thermal Polyaspartic Acid is Enviro-Friendly TPA’s Control Scale and Corrosion Oil Field Chemicals

17 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Two Major Areas of Scaling Problems - Topside - Downhole  Squeeze Current Products - PAA - Phosphonates - Phosphate Ester All Have Environmental Problems TPA is Cost / Performance Competitive TPA has No Environmental Problem MARKET DESCRIPTION - Scale Control

18 NanoChem Solutions Inc. 98 % of the Current Corrosion Inhibitors do not meet OCNS Standards Desired Properties - Biodegradable- Quick Acting - Low Toxicity- Efficient - Cost Effective- Compatible - Temperature Stable- No Effect on Oil TPA satisfies ALL of these needs MARKET DESCRIPTION - Corrosion Control

19 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Cooling Water Scale and Corrosion Control $1.5 Billion World Wide Market Current Products Have Environmental Problems TPA is Multi-Functional:Scale Corrosion Control Dispersant Industrial Water Treatment

20 NanoChem Solutions Inc. TPA is Used for Anti-Redeposition, Slurry Stabilization, and Re-Encrustation Used in Powdered Laundry Detergents, Automatic Dishwashing, and Industrial & Institutional Cleaners Conventional chemicals add 1.5 Billions LBS / Year in Environment TPA is Biodegradable Estimated Worldwide Volume at 500 Million Pounds Market is Split Approx 50 / 50 Liquids and Powders Detergents & Cleaning Products

21 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Broad Range of Applications Phosphates and Acrylates Dominates None of Current Products are Biodegradable TPA Permits Higher Solids and the Reduction of Biocide $200 Million MarketDispersants Large Volume Users - Kaolin- Gypsum - Carbonates- Superplastisizers - Agriculture- Coatings

22 NanoChem Solutions Inc. Enhances nutrient uptake. Increases nutrient availability by reducing fertilizer precipitation in the soil providing significantly higher yields and crop quality. Ensures better health and seedling growth by keeping pre-plant fertilizer phosphate available to young plants even in cold soils. Complexes calcium and other nutrients resulting in improved crop quality Precipitation Inhibitor

23 FSI Manufacturing Facility - Peru, Illinois 65,000,00 square feet 40 acres land Rail spur & bulk tanks

24 FSI Management Flexible Solutions International Inc. Dan O’Brien, CEO Dr. Robert N. O’Brien, Chief Scientist Fred Kupel, CFO Jens Biertumpel, VP Finance Subsidiaries: NanoChem Solutions Inc. Grace Fan Joe Fan Don Anderson Herbert Bolz Flexible Solutions Ltd. David Katzov Grant Moonie Mark Glawdecki WaterSavr Global Solutions Inc. Mike Stover, North America David Verlee, Europe, Asia, Australia Advisory Board: Alexander B. Korelin Donald W. Harrison Dr.Milind M. Lele Dr. Roger Decort

25 FSI Corporate Information Trading Symbol: FSI: AMEX 1 year Trading Range: $2.90 - $5.35 Transfer Agent: Computershare Auditor: Cinnamon Jang Willoughby Shares Outstanding: 11,819,916 Fully Diluted: 13,565,916

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