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Professor Alan Johnson Executive Director, Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

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1 Professor Alan Johnson Executive Director, Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

2 Major ARC Programs -  Discovery Programs (DP) APF, ARF/QEII, APD, Indigenous RD  Federation Fellowships (FF)  Linkage Programs (LP) International, LIF, APDI, APAI  Linkage-Infrastructure Equipment & Facilities (LIEF)  Centres of Excellence (CoE) and National CoE  Research Networks

3 C o E CENTRES NETWORKS TEAMS (Linkage – Discovery) INDIVIDUALS (ECR – Discovery) Focus Capability

4 Discovery Projects  Key Strategic Objective: develop and maintain a broad foundation of high-quality world-class research across a wide range of disciplines  Roles: CI, PI, APF (>8 years), ARF/QEII (3<8), APD (<3), ECR (<5)  Selection Criteria: Investigators-------------- 40% Project sig and innov--- 30% Project approach ------- 20% Project nat benefit------ 10% Funding: Up to $500,000 p.a for up to 5 years

5 Federation Fellowships (for 2003)  Eligibility criteria: Applicants will be distinguished researchers who are at the forefront of international research and who are either:- ● Australian-based Australian researchers of the highest international standing, ● expatriate Australian researchers of high international standing, or ● extremely high profile non-Australian researchers (up to 5 per year)

6 Linkage Projects  Key Strategic Objective: Encourage and extend coop approaches to research by strengthening links within Australia’s innovation system and within innovation systems internationally  Roles: CI, LIF, PI, APDI (< 3 years), APAI  Selection Criteria: Invest Track Record --20% Proj sig and innov -----25% Proj appr and trg------- 20% Proj national benefit -- 10% Ind Partner commit --- 25% Funding: Up to $500,000 p.a. for up to 5 years

7 Linkage ― Infrastructure  Aims to  encourage institutions to collaborate to develop infrastructure  support large-scale cooperative initiatives for sharing expensive facilities  support areas of research strength and researchers in recognised areas of research potential  Applications request > $100,000. ARC contributes at most 75% of the direct cost of purchasing equipment or establishing facility.

8 ARC Centres of Excellence  CoE selection round announced in Dec 2002 Biotechnology & Development Quantum computer technology Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics & Photonics Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems Autonomous Systems Mathematical & Statistical Modelling for Complex Systems Integrative Legume Research Quantum-Atom Optics  Plus: ACPFG, NICTA, NSSC

9 ARC Centres of Excellence  ARC discussing co-funded Centres of Excellence with potential partners  ARC forward planning indicates a selection round for Centres of Excellence for funding to commence 1 July 2005  ARC Research Networks, a new program with selection for funding to commence 1 July 2004.

10 ARC Research Networks - Objectives  Build focus and scale  Encourage inter-disciplinary approaches  Facilitate collaboration  Support highly innovative research  Embrace risky research  Address the “hard” challenges  The ARC intends that Networks will operate successfully across institutional and administrative boundaries  ARC encourages engagement of NHMRC, CSIRO, ANSTO, AIMS, DSTO, GA, Antarctic Division, Australia Council, Rural research boards, State instrumentalities, private sector researchers, etc etc

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