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2010 Southeast Region Technology Transfer Director’s Meeting 7.30.2010 Scott Sewell Vice President Technology Acquisition & Development.

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2 2010 Southeast Region Technology Transfer Director’s Meeting Scott Sewell Vice President Technology Acquisition & Development

3 Early Beginnings

4 Bloomington, Indiana

5 Overview Cook established in 1963 – offers three products Today, 15,000+ products, 9,000+ employees worldwide, 16 medical entities, manufacturing on three continents, nine (9) strategic business units (SBUs), 2 shared service centers, distribution into more than 135 countries across more than 35 regulatory regions Global representation interacting with 42 medical specialties focused on development of minimally- invasive and converging medical technologies (Devices, Biotechnology, Biopharma and Cell Therapy)


7 Business Unit Focus Aortic Intervention –Interventional technologies providing endovascular solutions for cardiovascular disease affecting aorta and its branch vessels - Vascular Surgery - Thoracic Surgery Lead Management –A stand alone business emerging from Peripheral and Aortic Intervention -Electrophysiology - Cardiology Critical Care –Antibiotic-Impregnated central venous catheters, difficult airway management devices. - Anesthesia - Critical Care Medicine - Emergency Medicine - Pulmonary Medicine - Pediatrics/Neonatology Endoscopy –Interventional technologies that enhance efficient diagnoses and provide effective treatment for patients with biliary, pancreatic and esophageal/colonic/gastric diseases - Gastroenterology

8 Business Unit Focus Peripheral Intervention Vascular and non vascular access and treatment technologies supporting medical outcomes-based interventional procedures in radiology, neuroradiology and vascular surgery - Interventional Radiology - Interventional Cardiology - Vascular Surgery Surgery Biodesigned regenerative scaffold technology used to signal the body to remodel weakened or damaged soft tissue. - General Surgery - Colo-Rectal Surgery - Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery - Neurosurgery - Reconstructive Microsurgery Urology Interventional and biodesigned technologies focusing on adult and pediatric urology with an emphasis on stone management and pelvic health - Urology Women’s Health Technologies to support reproduction, high risk obstetric and gynecologic procedures and incontinence - Obstetrics - Gynecology - Embryology

9 Core Technologies BIOPHARMA - Cutting edge technology to enhance the development and delivery of vaccines and therapies. These are mammalian cell “factories” to produce the antibodies that deliever the targeted medicine. Biotech – Biodesigned regenerative scaffold used to signal the body to remodel weakend or damaged soft tissue while providing long term strength and support. Gene Therapy – Antisense, a gene –therapy compound that targets key genes responsible for cell migration and adhesion, collagen formation, secretion of extracellular matrix with potential use in drug eluting stents. Cell Therapy – Extracting and deriving muscle-derived cells, this technology is used to treat various conditions where tissues have grown weak or lost their initial function.

10 Unique Technologies

11 Biotechnology Dural GraftAnal Fistula Plug Staple Line Reinforcement

12 Aortic Aneurysm Repair

13 Drug Eluting Stents

14 Antibiotic Impregnated Catheters Spectrum Technology

15 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

16 In 1983, Don Wilson and Bill Cook saw the need for minimally invasive devices in the growing field of gastroenterology. Don Wilson Bill Cook

17 Over 45 years of experience developing devices Our Process in a nutshell: 1. Gather ideas from a variety of sources 2. Establish clinical development partners (clinicians with interest and expertise in the selected device area) 3. Develop a detailed understanding of the problem and proposed solution(s) 4. Evaluate prototypes 5. FDA Filing 6. Limited release/evaluation 7. Full release


19 At the Forefront of Research and Development We have a successful history of commercializing devices and have the infrastructure and knowledge to support research projects such as NOTES to become a reality

20 bold leadership innovative medical solutions worldwide Cook is dedicated to bold leadership in pioneering innovative medical solutions to enhance patient care worldwide. – mission statement



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