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Imaging Alaska John Ahlrichs RapidEye 303 589 3597; +49 3381 8904 501 Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative Imagery Workshop.

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1 Imaging Alaska John Ahlrichs RapidEye 303 589 3597; +49 3381 8904 501 Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative Imagery Workshop

2 3 clear days: 90% of Alaska

3 See Structures in True Color

4 1:24,000 Scale Improved ground control and DEMs required

5 RapidEye Geospatial Information Provider > detecting, understanding and interpreting changes anywhere on earth... >... quickly and reliably for our customers around the world >.... that have enterprise level service requirements... >... supported by our 5 satellites. Geospatial Data Provider > Supplying data to national scale imaging programs Private company > No operational limitations

6 Q1: Sensor There are 5 “identical” satellites in the RapidEye constellation Launched Aug 29, 2008 Operational Feb 4, 2009 7++ year life 630 km altitude

7 Q2: Product Characteristics

8 Q3: Applications for the Product Ortho-imagery for base maps and land cover maps –Important: Imagery for base maps and analysis the same Wide area monitoring and change detection –Multi-temporal coverage annually –Multi-temporal in-season coverage RapidEye strength: Reliable, wide area, multi temporal coverage at a compelling (5 m) resolution

9 Q3: A Statewide, Multi-temporal Data Set: Point of Differentiation Homeland security Seasonal and multi-year changes in permafrost, coastal erosion Accurate assessment of burn areas, Before and after images for disaster response Monitor changes surrounding remote villages Identify new cabins and areas of habitation Monitor changes or encroachment to fragile and protected areas Monitor changes along roads, pipelines or other linear feathers Track disease movement and occurrence in forested lands Benchmark status of land before new pipelines, –More..... Put Alaska at the forefront of polar region monitoring and assessment

10 Q4: Native Horizontal Accuracy 250 m RMSE (~530 m CE 95)‏ RPCs provided in Level 1 header file –NITF format –No cost

11 Q5: Improved Horizontal Accuracy Design Specs: 6 m RMSE (~13.5m CE95)‏ –With 2 m RMSE GCPs and DTED 2 DEM –Exceeds 1:24000 scale requirements Initial calibration tests showing 5.1 m RMSE –With GCPs having RMSE >2 m –No benefit for GCPs < 2 m RMSE Better positional accuracy may be possible by others with non automated approach –RapidEye will provide Level 1 data Accuracy with Landsat GCPs and SRTM DEMs –25-50 m RMSE

12 Q6: Horizontal Control Distribution 1 GCP per 1000 sq km –RapidEye's automated ortho-rectifiecation processing works from a table of GCPs –Allows for clouds obscuring some GCP points –Completing GCP database of world RapidEye not in the GCP collection business –Would partner with organization having GCPs or RapidEye can extract them from V. High res imagery (new sensors have this accuracy native). Partnership required.

13 Q7: DEM Requirement DTED Level 2 DEM required for 1:24,000 scale Ortho products

14 Q8: Ortho Production RapidEye ground segment can ortho 2 million sq km of data per day. –Continuous throughput system No time delay on delivery –Uses library of GCPs (See previous slides)‏ Option –Purchasing agency receives Level 1 data and does own ortho-rectification –No price difference

15 Q8: Ortho Production Point of Differentiation Ortho imagery NOW –~1:50,000 scale Based on existing GCPs (Landsat) and DEM (USGS 15')‏ Ortho imagery when better GCPs and DEMs available –1:24,000 scale Based on GCPs 2-4+ m RMSE and DTED 2 DEMs 1 GCP per 1000 sq km RAPIDEYE WILL RE ORTHO ALL DATA WHEN BETTER DEMS AND GCPs AVAILABLE. NO CHARGE –RapidEye retains GCPs and DEMs for future use

16 Q9: Revisit Daily revisit –Alaska at <10 degree look angle –Global at <20 degree look angle Look angle (<10 deg) has nominal effect on map accuracy

17 Q10: Swath Width Swath Width: 77 km Swath Length: max 1500 km –Length of Alaska (ex Aleutians) can be collected in 1 strip Area per swath: 115,000 sq km Level 1 production interval –50-300 km (limit of orbit model)‏ –Multiple deliveries per 1500 m swath length Duty cycle not a factor over Alaska

18 Q11: Delivery Single Ground Station: Svalbard, Norway (78 N)‏ –See every satellite every orbit Delivery –Data delivered to RapidEye 2 hours after download –Std to customer in 72 hours, rush in 12 hours, faster possible –Centralized collection model has no restrictions; reliable delivery Tasking –Tasking order created at 04:00 and 14:00 UTC –Uploaded late morning and early evening –No charge for rush orders –Local cloud forecasting input possible for increased accuracy Ground Station yes; Virtual ground station more reasonable

19 Q12: Collection Volume 86,625,000 sq km per season over AK –5 nadir orbits per day (ex south east Alaska); more orbits with pointing –77 km swath width –1500 km swath length –150 days (May through Sept)‏

20 Q12 Collection Volume Point of Differentiation 3 days to cover 90% of Alaska –(clouds not considered)‏ –(ex Aleutians and south east Alaska)‏ 10 days for complete coverage –(clouds not considered)‏ Feasibilities show ~24 days for coverage considering clouds High probability RapidEye can image Alaska at least once between June and August. –Minimizes snow and sun angle effects –Multi-temporal collections possible over large areas/state

21 Q13: Delivered Products Level 1 –Path oriented, sensor corrected, collected in strips up to 1500 km –Delivered in 50-300 km by 77 km “processing segments” –NITF format, RPCs in header Level 3 –Orthorectifed (accuracy based on GCPs and DEMs)‏ –Delivered in 25 x 25 tiles (based on global grid)‏ –Geotiff format, UTM, WGS 84 standard, others at no charge –Processing options: include atmospheric correction and processing method Other –Support data: Unusable data mask, browse images, shape files, Metadata (XML)‏ –Age: All data fresh (we just launched)‏ –Repository: Fully flexible, ftp, hosting, hard media. –RapidEye can also provide mosaics

22 Q14: Licensing Standard EULA defines single user as a Government Agency, organization, etc RapidEye prefers a Government license for non Commercial use No Restrictions: –Data resampled to 30 m –Full resolution web posting for non commercial use RapidEye would consider other licenses

23 Q15: Pricing Base price is 0.95 Euro (~1.20/sq km)‏ –Volume discounts will make price very attractive –No additional charge for ortho-rectification All orders AOI based (just what you need)‏ Additional discount for archive data Online e-commerce system allows small users with credit card to buy small amounts of data with no minimum AOI Final price calculations when we understand needs, volume, other parameters.

24 Summary RapidEye can meet requirements RapidEye will offer an annual imaging program –Select areas multi-temporal within year)‏ RapidEye will re-ortho rectify all data at no charge –When GCPs and DEMs allow meeting 1:24,000 scale RapidEye will partner as appropriate RapidEye ready to start imaging as soon as the snow is gone

25 Murray Darling River, Australia December 4, 2008


27 Large area, Nadir coverage takes 5.5 days Northern latitude and pointing means AK coverage faster Day 1Day 2Day 3 Day 4Day 5 Minnesota Iowa Indiana Illinois Wisconsin Alaska Ex Aleutians and SE AK Note: Assumes Cloud Free

28 Comparisons to 2005 SGDC RFI

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