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2 Our Mission: “To help men and women of all ranks, leaving the Armed Forces to find and remain in employment for the rest of their working lives”

3 How do we do this: Providing the CTP’s Employment Service ESL ‘Service of Care’ Veterans’ Employment Help Specialist: wounded soldiers & VICS

4 Current MOD Resettlement Provision - The Facts Numbers: 19 -25k leave Services each year MOD Funded Re-settlement:  Eligibility - 50-60% are eligible for Career Transition Partnership (CTP) Resettlement  Criteria – normally serve 4 years or more, plus medical discharges irrespective of time served Early Service Leavers (ESLs):  40-50% each year at not eligible for CTP services and currently receive minimal MOD help

5 The CTP is a partnership between the MOD and Right Management to deliver resettlement services to eligible Service Leavers In reality a 10 year commercial contract through 2015 MOD provide ‘gatekeeping’ and initial advice and the CTP (RM) provide the heavy lifting’ resettlement help CTP Resettlement consists of three main parts: Employment and transition advice and guidance delivered through a series of Career Transition Workshops with each Service Leaver having a dedicated Career Consultant Re-skilling and training either at the CTP’s own Training Centre or through a network of preferred suppliers An employment and job-finding service delivered by RFEA and the Officers’ Association

6 CTP 10 x Regional Resettlement Centres 1 x Resettlement Training Centre RFEA 24 UK Offices + Germany Central Employment Helpdesk Officers Association London Edinburgh

7 Does The CTP Work? If you were to believe some of the reports in the media – you would think not – However: Since 2005 between 91.8% and 96% of SLs who used the CTP have been in work 6 months after leaving the Services. Independent surveys at 12 and 24 months show percentage in work increased. Significant number been promoted or moved to higher paid appointment 07 NAO – “MOD at forefront of international best practice in providing tailored resettlement help – services of good quality in preparing SLs for new careers” Conclusions:  Yes it works - CTP resettlement is highly effective for those eligible Service Leavers.  The majority of Service Leavers benefit hugely from their military service and are highly attractive to employers.

8 ESLs are not eligible for MOD/CTP resettlement 40-50% of total leaving Services are ESLs In 09/10 there were 9380 ESLs ESLs in three groups:  Discharged from basic training – 60%+ of all ESLs  Trained but less than 4 years service – op tours  Trained, but lose eligibility - discipline, drugs, admin, etc  Majority are young and many are vulnerable Outcomes :  60%+ on JSA on discharge  6 months post discharge – 50% in work - 23% on JSA - 30% from Army on JSA  Significantly worse than CTP or peer group Early Service Leavers

9 Only current resettlement help provided to ESLs is– RFEA ‘Service of Care’ Focused on ESLs from Army training units. Providing career advice and job-brokerage to 1500 ESLs per year Issue of ESLs a moral and reputational risk to the MOD Dec 10 – MOD ESL Consultation exercise Essentially how can the transition of ESLs be improved without it costing the MOD any money! Early Service Leavers

10 MOD ESL CONSULTATION The COBSEO Consortium, Leading Service and non Service Charities in association with selected commercial organisations

11 COBSEO CONSORTIUM SOLUTION The Solution is based on the principle of identifying need through a pre-discharge assessment and delivering a bespoke Personnel Development Action Plan (PDAP) which enables the individual to develop the personal and vocational skills to gain appropriate employment and build a rewarding future life. Individuals have different requirements and the Consortium’s members working together offer unparalleled opportunities to successfully address these needs It draws together programmes funded by charities and other government departments

12 COBSEO ESL TRIAL Based on Catterick Garrison Run for 12 months starting in Jan 12 Delivered to 1000+ Untrained and Trained ESLs The most challenging cohort Effectiveness Assessment Criteria to reflect both ‘hard’ outcomes – sustainable employment, housing etc and ‘soft’ outcomes – education, life skills, obstacles to employment and social inclusion

13 HELP FOR THE WOUNDED Services have 1000+ wounded and a larger number of injured – many will leave in next few years Army Recovery Capability + RN and RAF Major priority for all Service charities – Help for Heroes, Royal British Legion, ABF the Soldiers Charity etc Charities working in partnership the 3 Services RFEA are providing tailored employment help to those who are leaving the Services This includes a manager working on behalf of the MOD to coordinate the many offers of help and the provision of embedded employment specialists in the regional Personnel Recovery Units Working closely with the CTP and Remploy

14 VETERANS EMPLOYMENT RFEA also provides through life employment help to all military veterans. Delivered in close coordination with other Service charities and JC+ But - veterans unemployment is an ‘information blackhole’ Research that has been done is contradictory However :  There is cohort of veterans >100k who are on JSA  Younger ones usually ESLs, but many left the military many years ago  Many face substantial obstacles to employment  Often, but not always related to their military service

15 Stephen Gledhill Chief Executive REGULAR FORCES EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION (RFEA) Stephen Gledhill Chief Executive Mountbarrow House 6-20 Elizabeth Street London SW1W 9RB Tel: 0845 8737163 Mob: 07792484670 Fax: 08700 940795

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