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Hochschule Esslingen – University of Applied Sciences!

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1 Hochschule Esslingen – University of Applied Sciences!

2 2 Hochschule Esslingen What you might know about Germany…

3 3 Hochschule Esslingen Germany has so much more to offer…

4 4 Hochschule Esslingen General facts about Germany » Situated in the heart of Europe » About 82 million inhabitants » Official language: German (with a variety of dialects) » Moderate climate with hot summers (up to 35°C/95°F) and cold winters (as low as -15°C/5°F) » Variety of landscapes: from mountains in the South to seascapes in the North » Strong economy, especially car manufacturing, mechanical engineering and electronics » Land of „poets and thinkers“ (Goethe, Einstein, Marx..) Esslingen and Göppingen

5 5 Hochschule Esslingen Esslingen “I just fell in love with the pretty old buildings and small alleys; they were exactly like in pictures of my German book in high school!” Laura from Finland » Lively town with 1,250 years of history » 93,000 inhabitants, located in the valley of Neckar, surrounded by vineyards » Attractive economic region, strong emphasis on automotive and mechanical engineering » Historic old town with half-timbered houses, numerous pubs and a great cultural variety » Distance to Stuttgart 15 km

6 6 Hochschule Esslingen Göppingen » Traditional and innovative town of industry and services » Close to nature, with a great variety of sports and culture » Located in one of the most beautiful countrysides of Baden- Württemberg » 57,000 inhabitants » Distance to Esslingen 25 km, approx. 30 minutes by train

7 7 Hochschule Esslingen Stuttgart » Economically powerful metropolis in the southwest of Germany » 600,000 inhabitants » City of culture, gardens and parks and a variety of architectural styles, festivals and events » Famous museums, e.g. Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche Museum, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Linden-Museum

8 8 Hochschule Esslingen Esslingen University of Applied Sciences – Facts and Figures » One of the top addresses in Germany for engineering, management, social and nursing sciences » Regularly ranked among the top ten universities of applied sciences in Germany » At the forefront of the German high-tech industry with close contacts in industry, social work and health care institutions » Approx. 5,600 students, 11 faculties, 23 Bachelor‘s and 14 Master‘s degree programs

9 9 Hochschule Esslingen Esslingen University of Applied Sciences - Sites and Faculties Esslingen City Campus »Automotive Engineering »Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering »Mechanical Engineering »Natural Sciences Esslingen Hilltop Campus »Information Technology »Management »Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences »Graduate School Goeppingen Campus »Engineering Management »Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering

10 10 Hochschule Esslingen Reasons to study at Esslingen UAS » Practice oriented curriculum » Learning setting in small groups » Excellent facilities (modern workshops and labs, etc.) » Esslingen UAS is top in rankings » Courses taught in English in most of the faculties » Many links to industry and welfare organizations  possibilities for internships

11 11 Hochschule Esslingen Partnerships of Esslingen UAS Links with many international companies, e. g. … and welfare and health care organisations in the region

12 12 Hochschule Esslingen STIPUS program - Special offers for international exchange students » German language courses at different levels, free of charge! » German History & Culture class, free of charge! » Excursions to “places of interest” (e.g. Lake Constance, Frankfurt, Nuremberg), free of charge! » Intercultural workshops, free of charge! » Accommodation is guaranteed for all exchange students » Meet international students from over 35 partner universities around the world » International Friends Program for German and International students with activities and trips

13 13 Hochschule Esslingen What to expect from your STIPUS study abroad semester at Esslingen UAS? » Language of instruction: German or English » Choice of courses from all undergraduate study courses » Full orientation program, German language and German History & Culture classes including excursions » German semester dates: September-February and March-August » Various options available: » 1 semester of studies » 2 semesters of studies or » 1 semester of studies + 1 semester internship

14 14 Hochschule Esslingen University of Esslingen – Graduate School Master Programs in German » Social Work » Nursing Sciences » Innovation Management » Energy and Facility Management Master Programs in English » Automotive Systems » International Industrial Management » Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Master Programs with Partners (in German) » Engineering Management » Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering » Applied Surface and Material Sciences » Environmental Protection »Social Economics

15 15 Hochschule Esslingen The International Office » Is there to help you before, during and after your stay at Esslingen UAS! » Contact for international exchange students: Monika Zellner

16 16 Hochschule Esslingen The International Office » Answers your questions regarding study abroad possibilities at Esslingen UAS » Provides information and general guidance » Handles applications from international exchange students » Organizes an orientation program for all international exchange students » Organizes activities to meet German students » Arranges suitable accommodation

17 17 Hochschule Esslingen Accommodation » Halls of residence in Esslingen » Single rooms with shared bathroom, 240-245 €/month » Single apartments including kitchen and bathroom 275-280 €/month » Halls of residence in Goeppingen » Single rooms in shared appartments » Costs 209-270 €/month » Accommodation is guaranteed for all international exchange students!

18 18 Hochschule Esslingen Travel in Germany Munich The Alps Stuttgart Berlin Frankfurt Köln ca. 15 min ca. 2 hours ca. 3 hours ca. 6 hours ca. 3 hours ca. 2 hours by train

19 19 Hochschule Esslingen Travel in Europe Amsterdam Paris Budapest Prague Vienna Rome

20 20 Hochschule Esslingen Where can I find more information? First Information - Programs and Application Accommodation Course descriptions

21 21 Hochschule Esslingen Contact Information Monika Zellner: Our doors are open for you…

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