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StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity. StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Nurturing Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship at the College Level College Environmental.

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1 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity

2 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Nurturing Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship at the College Level College Environmental Advisory Group District Opening Day 2008 Workshop

3 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Sustainability To utilize components of social, cultural and biological diversity in a way and rate that does not lead to long-term decline, thereby maintaining the potential to meet the needs and aspirations of present and future generations. (Adapted from the “Conventions of Biological Diversity”)

4 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity In the late 1980s, we started hearing about global warming, loss of biodiversity in the rainforests, and that hole in the ozone layer.

5 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Environmental sustainability concerns are not new to the 21 st century. There’s an old t-shirt from the 1990s that says...

6 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Think globally, act locally

7 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity De Anza’s Early Leadership De Anza has been in the forefront of environmental sustainability since the 1970s 1967 – Doug Cheesman, one-person Biology Dept 1970 – Federal Grant for the outdoor Environmental Studies Area created by staff and students. Now 70 plant families, 370 native species. 1975 – Recycling starts on campus (communitywide in 1988) 1976 – Environmental Biology: an Ecology class

8 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Global Community Initiatives Talloires Declaration (1990), signed by more than 350 university presidents and chancellors worldwide Earth Charter ( 1987) American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment

9 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Talloires Declaration We, the presidents, rectors, and vice chancellors of universities from all regions of the world are deeply concerned about the unprecedented scale and speed of environmental pollution and degradation, and the depletion of natural resources. University leaders must initiate and support mobilization of internal and external resources so that their institutions respond to this urgent challenge. We, therefore, agree to take the following actions...

10 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity History of De Anza Initiatives Pre-1992: Community Recycling and the Cheeseman Outdoor Environmental Studies Area (ESA) 1992: College Environmental Advisory Group (CEAG) formed; chaired by Julie Phillips 1994: Board adopts Environmentally Sound practices: Energy, Materials & Resources, Water Conservation, Indoor Environmental Quality, Sustainability Since then we have much to celebrate in our efforts.

11 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Sustainability Accomplishments Kirsch Environmental Studies Center Active Student involvement from the initial $180K grant to the design of Kirsch. In addition, students run the Kirsch Center and the Cheeseman ESA 2007 Center for Built Environment award

12 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Sustainability Accomplishments Five other LEED Buildings with a sixth under construction Statewide Energy Management Program grants (SEMP-1993-98) Legislation, unfunded mandate, in 2001--See CA Ed Code Non-smoking policy on campus Green building materials in all building renovations Shared governance approval of Sustainability Management Plan to better manage and measure

13 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity History of EMS/SMP Discussion From compliance issues to being leaders who are proactive and ethical in environmental sustainability Developed through CEAG and E.S. 62A-D courses on EMS starting in 2005 Managed through student, faculty, staff and community volunteers Uses ISO14001 framework Policy and Sustainability Management Plan approved in 2007 We are now in implementation phase

14 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity SMP ISO 14001 Framework Supports environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs Certification/registration Going beyond compliance –PLAN: objectives –DO: implement processes –CHECK: monitor, measure and report –ACT: continually improve performance

15 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity SMP Seven Areas of Focus Green Building Construction and Renovation Community and Civic Engagement Hazardous and Solid Waste Reduction and Control Energy Conservation, Efficiency and CO2 Reduction Water Use Reduction and Control Green Purchasing and Procurement Controls in the College Supply Chain Ecologically Responsible Landscaping, Installation and Maintenance

16 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity How can we each participate? Students Faculty Staff Community

17 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Campus Recycling Program Yes - Into to the blue bins Empty bottles Aluminum and tin cans Paper, books, newspapers and phone books Plastics 1-7

18 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Do not place in blue recycling bins Batteries Food waste Tissue paper or paper towels Styrofoam Printer cartridges Light bulbs

19 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Ok, then where? Batteries Battery collection sites located in Mailroom in Admin Bldg or on 2nd floor of the Campus Center

20 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Food Waste Containers Campus Center trash bins Dining Services cutlery and containers are 100% biodegradable

21 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Guidelines for other items Printer cartridges – return to vendor Styrofoam – place next to blue recycling bins Paper towels and tissue go into regular trash bins

22 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Reuse Program – OTI CompTechS OTI Computer Technical Support (CompTechS) program offers hands-on technical support internships Work-based program includes assessment of current skill levels, performance-based training, customer service training, paid campus and corporate internships, and job placement assistance.

23 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity How CompTechS Program Works Computers donated to FH or DA Computer Donation & Scholarship Program. Disadvantaged students apply for a computer scholarship through their college's Financial Aid Office. OTI oversees refurbishing operation that collects donated computers, refurbishes each unit and installs software and operating systems. Qualified students are selected by Financial Aid to receive a refurbished computer. When the computers are ready for distribution, OTI's Computer Donation Program staff members invite the selected student recipients to make an appointment to pick- up their machines at De Anza College. Donate your old computer. Tell your friends!

24 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Dining Services on Campus Award winning program Cutlery and containers are 100% biodegradable “Fair-trade” coffee Buy from local organic farmers, use hormone-free meats Composting program used for herbs grown on campus, which are then harvested and used by Dining Services.

25 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Programs and Curriculum Environmental Studies programs –Stewardship A.A. All disciplines incorporating environmental sustainability themes Institute of Community and Civic Engagement Office of Diversity Outreach and retention Student clubs

26 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity Bookstore goes green, too! Used Textbooks - wholesaler resells several times instead of always buying newly printed copies (saves trees, reduces use of chemicals, reduces landfills) Textbook Rentals - same idea but at a lower cost to students also reduces freight shipments to and from bookstores. Recycled products - water bottles, notebooks, backpacks, clothing.

27 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity What’s your biggest or smallest challenge ? In many ways, the environmental crisis is a design crisis. It is a consequence of how things are made, buildings are constructed, and landscapes are used. Design manifests culture, and culture rests firmly on the foundation of what we believe to be true about the world.” Sim Van der Ryn

28 StudentsFacultyStaffCommunity

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