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Australian Inhibitor Mining Industry VCI products &Services.

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1 Australian Inhibitor Mining Industry VCI products &Services

2 About Australian Inhibitor About Australian Inhibitor Celebrated recently 50 years of service to the engineering,automotive and more recently mining industry. Manufacturers of specialised VCI inhibitor products for protection of ferrous and non ferrous metals. Kraft paper,coated and scrim laminates supplied in rolls cut to specific sizes or die cut shapes VCI mono and co-extruded,laminate barrier bags virtually moisture proof also form an integral part of total packaging supply. Ferro Film and Metalguard™ film is supplied in centrefold,layflat tube, sheet,bag on roll To protect a wide range of ferrous and non ferrous metals. FerroForm™ rigid plastic and FerroFlute™ corrugated plastic sheet can also be provided to protect vital parts. G15 Aerosol and Heavy Duty Liquid rust preventatives are supplied in 20 litre and 200 litre drums Silica gel and Emitters also form part of total supply. Research and Development Australian Inhibitor has been at the forefront in developing new and recent award winning VCI packaging materials accompanied by rigorous laboratory testing in all aspects of corrosion protection for Mining and Engineering associated industries

3 What are VCI’s ? 1Are temperature sensitive 2Vapourise 3 Attracted to surface 4Passivate metal surface 5Creates a barrier 6Prevents oxidation 7Keeps working

4 VCI Paper products Cylinder head in VCI paperFly wheel in VCI paper Bronze hoops in VCI paperPistons in VCI paper

5 Barrier Materials def 1000 MIL-B-121 Type 1 Grade C Class 2 Applications ship valves,submarine valves, end shafts gas pipes sprinkler systems gun parts Conforming wrap –follows irregular shaped products Grease proof,waxed both sides Lab checks –brass valves

6 Packaging Materials –silica gel chemically pure preferred for electronics strong particle less dust remains dry even when saturated versatile 2gm,10gm,100gm, 500gm, 1kg and 25kg loose. Applications moisture control management storage and export.

7 Rust preventatives –Aerosol & Liquids 400 gram aerosol & 20litre/200 litre liquid. Thermally stable Thixotropic Non stain -40ºC to + 260º C Sunlight resistant L ubricates and penetrates

8 CAT Parts Packaging End shaft using mouldable wrap Corroded pins ex USA Wrapped in VCI paper only Pin re cleaned and packed –VCI triple layer film Vacuum sealed

9 CAT Parts Packaging Water pump 10R-8660 Wrapped in VCI paper only Severe rust ion arrival Water Pump re packaged in VCI Triple Layer 175 vacuum sealed for ultimate protection

10 VCI packaging –VCI mono film heavy duty VCI film bags 200 um base sheet sealed to bag air ecvacuated for final seal machine is ready for export overseas

11 VCI Packaging –VCI triple layer- co ex Machine bolted to pallet base sheet is sealed to bag Machine is ready for export top layer 25um l.l.d.p.e. blue/print low slip /U.V. inhibitor ----------------------------- middle layer 150um l.d.p.e. -------------------------------- Inside layer VCI 25um l.d.p.e.

12 Mining Drive Shafts Mining Drive shafts packed in VCI film

13 Caterpillar Triple layer VCI film Protection Back hoe with zipper Opening Front elevation of Back hoe Side elevation of Back hoe

14 CAT Teleporter –export Teleporter preparation for export Triple layer shrink wrapped or vacuum Sealed Note door hatch re sealable for exportAnother CAT on the move …..

15 Laboratory Testing All aspects of Corrosion testing Types of tests 1Accelerated Corrosion Test 8 Micrometer testing 2Kreig Corrosion Test 9 Weatherometer testing 3Colour -Spectro Densitometer 10 Heat Seam seal Testing 4MVTR Test 11 Die fitment Test 5FTIR Analysis 12 Gas Chromatography 6Coefficient of Friction 7Falling dart impact

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