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1 IRCA - Past, Present and Future. Max Linnemann IRCA Certification Manager

2 The Past

3 IRCA has been at the forefront of auditor certification for three decades. IRCA is the only truly international auditor certification body.

4 IRCA and CQI are one organisation. In recent years, our resources have been focused on improving the CQI. But now focus has shifted back towards IRCA. IRCA Japan is a key area of focus – IRCA wants to provide Japan with ‘the premium’ auditor certification process and support Japanese auditors more than other organisations can

5 IRCA has always worked closely with Certification Bodies. Many Certification Bodies still require and value IRCA auditor certification – however, with ISO 17021:2011, the mandate for auditor certification has reduced.

6 The Present

7 IRCA is changing dramatically! In the last 1 ½ years IRCA has invested a great deal to allow it to develop and improve. A new CRM system and a strengthened management team. Executive Director IRCA IRCA Japan MD Certification Manager Technical Manager Marketing and Business Development Manager Membership Manager

8 All of us share common goals To improve and enhance IRCA To make IRCA more relevant to the needs of business To support auditors and the auditing profession through offering both a certification process as well as the benefits of a professional body.

9 What are we doing?

10 Enhancing our customer services. IRCA customer survey Internal review of services Ensuring we interact with you as you would expect.

11 Enhancing and developing our criteria to ensure IRCA auditors are highly competent audit professionals Revising our auditor certification criteria to make them clearer and more pragmatic and considered. (Please see IRCA 1000 Rev 1.) Revising our training course criteria – to further enhance the training that auditors attend.

12 We are planning for the future. Mapping out where IRCA will be in 5 years time – and what it will look like. We have asked the question: “What does industry at large and the auditing profession need/want from IRCA?”

13 Effectively marketing IRCA IRCA has grown through partnerships and word of mouth. We are: Working with Training Organisations to enable us to market to the 60,000 people that attend training courses annually. Increasing brand profile and refreshing the brand. International advertising campaigns. Linking with other organisations such as Certification Bodies, ISO, Accreditation Bodies and Companies that employ auditors, to promote IRCA and incoorporate IRCA into their plans for the future.

14 The Future

15 IRCA is the central hub for management system auditing professionals internationally. More than just a certification body – IRCA will be a professional body too, offering its members more than just certification. How?

16 Increased support and value for Auditors. Improved auditor certification criteria. Certified CPD training courses. More resource for auditors – journals, trade publications, magazines, on-line IRCA CPD materials. More recognition for auditors business being professionals. Plans for a Chartered Business Management Systems Auditor grade.

17 Thank you for listening…

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