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- THE KALMAR DIFFERENCE. The Kalmar mission is: To be the leading global supplier of equipment and services in container, trailer and heavy industrial.

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2 The Kalmar mission is: To be the leading global supplier of equipment and services in container, trailer and heavy industrial handling. To be more than a machine supplier. To have a complete range of products and services supported by the best global network in the industry. To be at the forefront of development both in product technology and value adding services.

3 With over 100 years of experience and in partnership with global and local customers in 140 countries Providing sustainable value to customers

4 More than a machine supplier Making heavy things easier to handle is nothing new for us. The company has over 100 years of experience in lifting and moving heavy loads. The Kalmar promise encompasses another dimension. Kalmar is more than a machine supplier.

5 “Simple words, but understanding the true need of our customers and ensuring that we keep our promises demands dedication to our core values.” Professionalism, Quality, Reliability and Partnership Christer Granskog President and CEO


7 Headlines, subtitles and statements Arial 28/36pt u/lc The best global network in the industry AMERICAS 1 Factory (The USA) 3 Sales companies 80 Dealers 209 Branches/Service branches EUROPE – MIDDLE EAST – AFRICA 5 Factories (Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands) 11 Sales companies 78 Dealers/Agents 151 Branches/Service branches ASIA PACIFIC 1 Factory (Malaysia) 1 Assembly unit (China) 1 Regional HQ and Sales company 4 Subsidiaries 5 Branches (Sales and Service) 3 Service branches 16 Dealers 1 Training Centre

8 Kalmar is more than an equipment manufacturer. Kalmar also provides : Automation applications (unmanned container handling technology, on-board smart features, remote maintenance software Terminal development consulting (Port Optimiser®) A complete line of services (preventive maintenance, rental, financing, pay per performance fleet management, training, online parts ordering). A global solution provider

9 Ala Sågverk of Stora Enso is one of the biggest sawmills in Europe with 310 000 m³ timber and sawn lumber. Problem: Stora Enso wanted to devote focus on it’s core business of wood production. Solution: All of the product handling was out-sourced to Kalmar, including equipment, service, drivers. Kalmar has total responsibility of the logistic chain from unloading to finished product for a fixed price per m³. Service Case: Flexibility and cost per cubic meter

10 Cargotec Corporation is the world’s leading provider of cargo-handling solutions for ships, ports, terminals and local distribution. Its three business areas, Kalmar, Hiab and MacGREGOR operate in materials hubs. Hiab supplies on-road load handling solutions. MacGREGOR focuses on the design, delivery and servicing of marine cargo flow solutions. All business areas are global market leaders in their field. Cargotec Corporation facts in brief Net sales approximately: 2.36 billion Euro (1-12/2005) Number of employees: 7,970 (June 30, 2006) Listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since June 1, 2005 Cargotec Corporation


12 Ports and terminals Products and services Ship-to-shore cranes Yard cranes (RTG, RMG & ASC) Straddle and shuttle carriers Reachstackers Heavy lift trucks Spreaders (Bromma Conquip) Terminal tractors Kalmar is leading the development of value added services such as full contract maintenance as in Port Elizabeth (USA), Fos (F), Århus (DK)

13 Heavy industry materials handling Products and services Electric and diesel/LPG forklifts with lifting capacities of 5,5 - 50 tonnes Terminal tractors Logstackers Reachstackers.

14 Short distance container and trailer movements Products and services Designed specifically for moving and spotting trailers in distribution centres, logistic companies and freight terminals. They are distributed under the brand names Kalmar and Ottawa-kalmar. Ottawa-Kalmar is the leading brand in North America.

15 Performance 1-6/2006

16 Kalmar: The full service market leader Kalmar sales by region 2005Kalmar sales by business segment 2005

17 Kalmar automation applications: Increasing integrated intelligence  ASC automated stacking cranes in operation since 1989  Fully automated terminal in Brisbane (in operation since 2002)  Smartrail®: automatic steering and container position verification for RTG cranes. 80% of new machine sold include Smartrail®, which can also be retrofitted)  Smartpath®: container positioning system for RTGs and SCs and available as both an original feature and retrofit  RMI Remote Maintenance Interface

18 Rough Terrain Container Handler Facing extreme requirements The Kalmar RT series is designed to be easily transportable between different locations. It can be converted within 30 minutes from operational to transportation mode. All the RT models offer four-wheel drive and steering.


20 Innovation for Kalmar is about constantly setting new standards in order to be proactive on the present and future customer demands. Kalmar recognises the need for a higher degree of intelligence integrated in the machines as the industry moves towards unmanned operations. As a collaborator in the world’s first fully automated terminal at the Australian Port of Brisbane, Kalmars shows its ability to put visions into practice. Kalmar is setting new standards

21 5-9 tonne FLT Port Optimizer® RoRo FLT Zero Emission RTG 7th Generation Straddle Carrier At forefront of technological development Kalmar´s never-ending commitment to developing the products and services. Launches in 2004 -2006: E-one RTG DCF-Series Toplifts i-Version Terminal Tractor

22 In recent years Kalmar has grown rapidly as a result of mergers and acquisitions. Kalmar: The full service market leader  No 1 in STS cranes in Europe  No 1 in RTG cranes in Europe  No 1 in reachstackers worldwide  No 1 in terminal tractors worldwide  No 1 in straddle carriers worldwide  No 1 in spreaders worldwide (Bromma)  No 1 in heavy industrial FLTs in Europe  No 1 in EC lift trucks (5H>) worldwide  No 1 in fully automated yard applications Today Kalmar ranks as:

23 Being number one is not enough! Kalmar is simply dedicated to

24 -

25 Nelcon BV/ Groot-Hensen Over a hundred years of history 1948 First lift truck built 1958 First terminal tractor (Ottawa) 1971 First truck for handling timber 1975 First straddle carrier 1987 First reachstacker 1948 The first lift truck built The first RoRo truck 1970 First reachstacker - Contchamp 1985 1994 Kalmar listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (until Nov. 2000) 1997 Spirit Delta - launched Sisu Terminal SystemsKalmar Industries Merger between Kalmar Industries and Sisu Terminal Systems 1997 Partek acquires Kalmar Industries First automated product - Smartrail 1999 March 2001 Kalmar acquires Nelcon BV and Groot-Hensen, in Rotterdam 1883 Nelcon BV founded First container ship-to-shore crane 1989 1975 First diesel-electric straddle carrier 1975 First fully automatic container stacking crane (ECT Rotterdam) 1998 New generation standard high speed diesel-electric straddle carrier 1953 First mobile gantry crane KONE acquires Partek 2000 2001 2002 After a demerger Kalmar, Hiab and MacGREGOR formed Cargotec listed on Helsinki Exchange 2004

26 Kalmar Core Values

27 Customer categories Ports and terminals Port authorities Shipping lines Other container operators Rail, stevedoring and other operating companies. Container Handling

28 Customer categories Timber Pulp Paper Steel Concrete Engineering industries Stevedoring Heavy industry materials handling

29 Customer categories Ports and inland terminals Truck and railway terminals, distribution centres and manufacturing industries Short distance container and trailer movements

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