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CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 Keeping your business Connected.

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1 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 Keeping your business Connected

2 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 1 CA Don’t settle for the status quo Typical Business Setup Life with CA as your Partner No readily available accurate inventory of IT setup by location - phone lines, contract term, pricing etc. Audits and central management extremely difficult. Multiple carriers, service vendors, pricing plans, contract terms, and technology platforms with no standardization or central control across locations. This causes unnecessary complexity and management burden while also sacrificing volume discounts. No strategic telecom/IT partner to depend on (just vendors) forcing IT staff to be bogged down with day to day break fix issues instead of forward looking projects. CA conducts a comprehensive inventory review of every location and provides instant visibility through a secure online portal. No more guessing or blindly counting on vendors CA consolidates and aligns your telecom spending through consultation and sourcing:  Expert help to determine what you have and what you need, and then, without bias  Professional sourcing to get the absolutely lowest prices without sacrificing quality  All contracts will leverage total spend and will be coterminous CA proactively manages your IT system – we will monitor your environment and you will have one call to make to one company for any issues nationwide 24x7x365.

3 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 2 CA Given our range of services, CA can provide the right solution for your business Expense Reduction Inventory & Online Mgmt Voice & Data Procureme nt Telecom Equipment Service & Support IT Consulting Managed Services The Gartner Group reports over 85% of telecom billing invoices have errors. CA reviews your telecom bills and system setup, saving you money at no risk to you. Expert recommendation. Multiple quotes from leading providers. Vendor neutral, customer bias. No risk to you. Your entire portfolio (contracts, service cases, equipment) instantly visible. We take something difficult and make it simple. Every manufacturer available. Expert advice and service. Great value. Expert technicians & a senior level dedicated principal for every account. One-off or full service plans available. Is your IT system as effective and hassle free as it should be? CA experts will help you design a system that is best for your business. Proactive management of your IT environment such as Disaster Recovery Support, Network Monitoring and Security, Help Desk and Remote Support, and more. One Company, Nationwide

4 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 3 CA CA is a strategic IT partner that will help your business succeed CUSTOMER CA COMMUNICATIONS Expert advice from seasoned executives A strategic partner to support your business Secure online portal for all of a customer’s IT info IT and Telecom Managed Service Provider Executive team with decades of experience led by Marc Agar, a recognized expert in the field quoted in numerous publications Backed by a network of over 1300 partners throughout N. America with over 10,000 qualified technicians to call upon 24x7x365 At the forefront of the industry as shown by our suite of innovative offerings such as our online customer portal & customer loyalty program CA Communications helps companies navigate the complicated and confusing landscape of IT and Telecom

5 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 4 CA Many prominent national and local businesses have already experienced the CA Program

6 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 5 CA CA’s Unique Suite of Customer Benefits Integrated SolutionsService You Can Count On Innovative Offerings Less Complexity, Better ValueYou’ll never imagine going back Cutting Edge Tools One vendor, nationwide to manage all of your telecom needs, from voice and data service, to legacy equipment support, to disaster recovery systems. Avoid the headaches of multiple vendors (billing issues and finger pointing) while benefiting from volume discounts by consolidating their telecom expenditures. A Senior level principal, with years of experience, will be dedicated to your account. This principal will visit your locations and be your single point of contact for your IT needs. On top of this, CA can call on a network of over 10,000 qualified technicians and a state of the art back office system. This allows us to offer 24x7x365 service, anywhere in the nation.  An Online Customer Portal providing visibility into customers’ complete telecom portfolio, with instant access to bills, service tickets, contracts, inventories, and more.  Loyalty programs offering free services or equipment, just for being a CA customer.  Equipment Leasing options to avoid capital charges, save money, & receive greater protection.

7 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 6 CA CA’s Operating Principles  Break fix issues occur regularly but can be solved quickly and at low cost by CA’s network of technical experts who deal with such issues every day. This frees up your IT staff for more forward looking projects.  Billing issues are a continual headache – CA’s 24x7x365 back office system allows customers not only to review their bills instantly, but also to leverage our expertise in resolving issues quickly and accurately.  Explore additional services from CA’s suite of offerings, such as network monitoring and security, that would free IT staff for strategic projects. Outsource Consolidate  Allow CA to leverage your telecom expenditures with as few network carriers as possible to secure better pricing and customer service. Industry consolidation allows for the use of fewer carriers than before.  Have one vendor – CA Communications – maintain more aspects of IT for you, ranging from equipment maintenance to network service. Given our nationwide network, CA can eliminate the finger pointing and logistical nightmares that occur with multiple vendors, delivering cost savings and a much higher level of customer service. 1 2

8 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 7 CA CA Communications was founded in January 2002 by Marc Agar and has thrived since then, with over 1000 businesses in its portfolio. With over fifteen year’s experience at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, Marc is a recognized expert in the field and has been quoted in numerous publications including Twin Cities Business and Minnesota Monthly. Marc started his career in sales at ESI Communications in 1994. After ESI was acquired by McLeodUSA in 1997, Marc rose quickly to become GM/Vice President for the state of MN, directing all sales and operations for the McLeod IBS Group. The MN IBS Group included four offices, 100+ employees, and a budget of $17 million. This division was one of the largest interconnects, the largest Inter-Tel dealer, the 3 rd largest Mitel dealer, and the 3 rd largest Toshiba dealer in the country. Contact Us Today to Get Started 888-784-1514 About Us

9 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 8 CA Additional Information on CA Communications

10 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 9 CA CA’s Voice and Data Procurement – Expert Advice, Professional Sourcing Service Steps  Step 1 – Consultation: we help your team define criteria for selecting a carrier, extensively research your current situation, and make an expert recommendation on the best network configuration for your business.  Step 2 – Sourcing: we scour the market and negotiate on your behalf. Our Value Add  You receive the same service, at the same or better price, that you would receive if you went directly to the carrier we recommend.  We ensure you avoid paying 3x for a network that is half of what you need. We know what carriers are best, for what types of service, in what locations. We know the technology that is all hype and which is a savior.  We do the work for you so you can focus on your business.  You receive a credit for 3% of your V&D spend through our loyalty plan.  When you source through CA – even though you receive the same service as going direct – you gain CA as a strategic partner: Whenever you have issues with your service, all you need to do is call us. We will call the carrier direct and find a solution for you. Access to our other services, including our online customer portal.

11 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 10 CA Unsure what equipment you have at what location? Unsure when contracts expire – or even what contracts you have? Have reams of paper put away in file cabinets? After CA Communications organizes your entire portfolio to give you instant visibility you will never imagine going back to the way you do business now. CA’s Online Customer Portal View a complete picture of telecommunications contracts and equipment for every business location Create new or view existing service requests and receive instant confirmation. View bills as soon as they are issued – easily check for any discrepancies One click reveals case details such as time on site, service to be done, technician name, and more.

12 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 11 CA CA’s Customer Loyalty Program At CA, we believe in rewarding our long-term customers through the CA Loyalty Program. Receiving valuable benefits is as easy as 1-2-3: Sign up for a multi-year service agreement or network service plan (voice and/or data) You will be automatically enrolled in CA’s Loyalty Program Receive substantial credits for use on CA’s entire range of products and services each and every month Need additional headsets? Want to explore a disaster recovery plan? Require emergency service at a remote location? No problem for Loyalty Program members who start the month with free money to spend 123 Example 1: A retail chain spends $50k/mo on voice & data service, receives $2,500 in credits per month which it uses on service for its legacy Cisco phone systems in locations across the Western U.S. Example 2: A health care provider who spends $25k/mo on voice & data, receives $1,000 in credits per month which it uses to pay for a disaster recovery & business continuity system at its 10 locations Example 3: A bank with two locations spends $1000/mo on a service plan for its telecom system, receives a $50 credit per month which it uses to buy new headsets

13 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 12 CA Why Buy when you can Lease for less money, and more protection? Investment in telecommunications hardware can be a large investment for any business. Instead of having a large capital outlay, CA Communications offers attractive leasing terms on all its equipment (from all manufacturers). Our Customer Advantage program enables you to utilize current technology without large up front costs, upgrade to new technology for the same low monthly payments, and ensure complete protection for you communications infrastructure. In addition to avoiding a large upfront cost, technology deployed today to help your business succeed will be refreshed or replaced as required to ensure your business is always employing cutting edge technology. Under CA’s Customer Advantage CTAP your equipment will always be under warranty, ensuring your business is always up and running. What’s more, the low CTAP monthly payments are considered an operational expense as opposed to a capital investment. CFOs out there know this will immediately reduce your company’s tax burden. Ask us about our Customer Advantage Leasing Service today CA’s Customer Advantage Leasing Service – Current Technology Assurance Program (CTAP)

14 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 13 CA CA’s Telecommunications Equipment Service Plans Free or discounted Service, Adds, Moves, and Changes 10% or more discount on future telecommunications equipment Priority scheduling and dispatch for all service calls Free membership in CA’s Loyalty Programs (2 or 3 year plans only) Free annual preventative maintenance visit and overall service audit Access to CA’s Online Management Suite for instant visibility into your IT infrastructure Service Plan Benefits BronzeSilverGold For price sensitive businesses that want to pay a low fee for discounted remote service 50% Off Remote Service Charges The best plan for most businesses: receive free remote and discounted on site service Free Remote Service 50% Off On Site Service For businesses that want to pay one low monthly fee for free service visits Free Remote Service Free On Site Service As low as $600/yr As low as $400/yr As low as $1,200/yr All Plans feature Price Protection on all service for the term of the agreement

15 CA Communications Confidential & Proprietary 888-784-1514 14 CA Customer Resources Find these answers and much more at Do you want to know? How do I go about choosing a telecom provider? What the heck is a MPLS network and how could it impact my business? How does VoIP work and what problems are there with it? Why is having a telecom agent to my advantage? Why is tape not a good way to backup my data? Why does not having enough bandwidth hurt my business? What are managed services and why should I care?

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