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ARRS-SERAM. SERAM, “Sociedad Española de Radiología Médica” is the Scientific Society that groups more than 4.700 members among Spanish radiologist. Nowadays.

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2 SERAM, “Sociedad Española de Radiología Médica” is the Scientific Society that groups more than members among Spanish radiologist. Nowadays is one of the fastest growing and most influential scientific society amongst Spain. Was founded on February 11th,1917, under the name “Sociedad Española de Electrología y Radiología Médicas”. History

3 Executive Council: President:Eduardo Fraile Moreno President - elect:Carmen Ayuso Colella Past President:Luis Martí-Bonmatí Liason for Science:Luis Cerezal Pesquera Liason for Strategy:Pablo Valdés Solís Liason for Education:Ángel Gayete Cara Liason for Publications:Antonio Talegón Meléndez Liason for Communications:Carmen Martínez Serrano Liason for Professional Affairs:Ginés Madrid García Treasurer:Dulce Gómez Santos Liason for Social Affairs:Yolanda Pallardó Calatayud General SecretaryMiguel Ángel López Pino SERAM-Officer names

4 Membership Active3846 Members in training701 Honorarymembers13 Retired86 Corresponding members26 Technicians51 Industry12 –TOTAL4735

5 By specialty: SERAM, is divided into several sections, specialized in the different areas of Medical Imaging, as follows: SEICATCardiothoracicSERVEI Interventional SERPEPediatricFORATraining SEDIMBreastSEDIAAbdominal SEUSUltrasoundSERMEMusculoskeletal SEGECAQualitySENRNeuroradiology SERAUUrgencies Composition I

6 By region: SERAM, is the forefront, of 13 local associations of radiologist, covering the full territory of Spain. Composition II

7 SERAM has created recently a new body, that of the International Member, which is the result of the bilateral agreements among the Spanish society and different Central and South American radiological societies. Under these agreements, SERAM is performing cooperative teaching activities, continous medical training and developing professional relationships with different American societies and their members. International Affiliates

8 SERAM has settled: Grants and meetings –Visiting professor program –Grants for international members, allowing them to complete their education in spanish centres of excellence International Affiliates

9 International affiliates meeting Organized by SERAM takes place on Monday at RSNA´s Congress in Chicago Third Edition 2010 Instituto Cervantes Chicago International Affiliates

10 Increasing influence at ESR Quite a few SERAM´s members part of the Executive Council Possible spanish radiologist as Congress Committee Chairman in 2013 SERAM as the natural gateway between America and Europe SERAM in Europe

11 Being aware of the importance of total quality control in the full process of Medical Imaging, SERAM has appointed recently a new category of affiliate member, Medical Imaging Specialist Technician. SERAM has contacts with most of the local associations of technicians, where SERAM provides training, guidelines and support on continuous education. Technicians

12 Publications Virtual library Radiología Monographics Radiología Esencial

13 17 International publications are offered to our affiliates. Access everywhere. Tailored PubMed. Virtual Library

14 Official publication of SERAM Radiological spanish publication in PubMed English version online Opened to our international affiliates 6 numbers / year distributed to all our members Revista Radiología

15 SERAM Monographics Yearly based Sent to all members –In 2009: “Radiología de Cabeza y Cuello”. –In 2010: “Radiología pediátrica” “Radiología Enfermedades Emergentes”

16 Up-date 2009Up-date 2010

17 January 2010 Encyclopedia of Radiology Covers all aspects of radiological procedures State of the art of our discipline Comprehensive set of videos that complete texts Focused on teachers and trainees Radiología Esencial


19 Subjects: Part I

20 Subjects: Part II

21 Cuestionarios y acreditaciones “on-line” Certificados automáticos Cuestionarios y acreditaciones “on-line” Certificados automáticos Web site:

22 Educational programs for Residents Research grants Strategic areas: oncology, vascular, cardiac, molecular imaging SERAM-Education

23 “Correlación radiopatológica” sponsored and organized by Spanish Foundation of Radiology In cooperation with American Institute of Radiological Pathology (formerly AFIP) Continued Education

24 Celebrated on even years XXX National Congress A Coruña, May 27th to 31st,2010 XXXI National Congress Granada, May 24th to 28th,2012 National congresses

25 Specific areas of radiology Take place in odd years Congresses of sections

26  Professional Congress Organizer  Travel Agency  Secretariat SERAM

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