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The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Israel’s Medical Devices and Supplies Industry Rising to the Challenge.

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1 The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Israel’s Medical Devices and Supplies Industry Rising to the Challenge

2 Why Israel?

3  Israel is the second largest source for innovative medical technologies after the USA.  Almost 400 companies founded in the last decade  More depended on collaboration with world leading manufacturers  Highest innovative technical ability  World’s #1 in Medical Device patents per capita

4 Number of Life Science Companies Founded  Source: ILSI Database – 2004

5 Where Research Meets Industry  A tight network of universities, research institutions and medical centers  Entrepreneurial authorities in all research centers  Assistance to researchers throughout all phases of commercialization

6 Where Research Meets Industry CriterionIsrael’s Ranking Quality of University Education 1st University-Industry Collaboration 2nd Legal environment supports technology and applications 2nd Number of outstanding engineers 3rd Joint technology-based collaborations between companies 3rd

7 Inter-Industry Collaboration  Support from Israel’s highly sophisticated, internationally renowned electronic industry  Application of advanced technologies in medical devices

8 Versatility and Rapid Response to Market Needs  Manufacturers quickly meet demands of the international medical community  Versatility and customer oriented flexibility approach.

9 Streamlined Regulatory Clearance  The Ministry of Health regulatory process corresponds FDA regulations  Studies conducted in Israel qualify as proof of FDA approval  Several GMP facilities operate in Israel

10 Ideal Test-Bed for Clinical Trials  Over 80% of the population are covered by healthcare organizations, making it simpler to :  Access and analyze statistics  Manage trials

11 Top-Notch Professionals  Members of Israel’s medical community have earned international acclaim  Israeli professionals routinely collaborate, teach and lecture around the world

12 Government Support  Active support of entrepreneurship through grants, loans and tax benefits  50% of all technologies in development at government- supported incubators are related to medicine

13 Investment Incentives  Incentives and assistance to corporations establishing R&D and manufacturing facilities in Israel

14 International Cooperation Major healthcare companies invest in Israeli technology

15 Key Segments

16 Medical Devices- Subsectors  Source: ILSI Database – 2004

17 Electromedical & Surgical Devices  International reputation for advanced technologies in state-of-the-art applications:  Improved diagnostic tools  Function-assessment equipment  Fetal and patient monitoring

18 Electro-medical & Surgical Devices  Cardiac therapy  Laser surgery  Dialysis equipment  Respiratory equipment  X-ray technology  IV systems

19 Rehabilitation Equipment  At the forefront of rehabilitation equipment, with highly acclaimed solutions in:  Orthopedics  Visual & audio devices  Mobility aids & devices  Homecare equipment  Computer aids for the physically challenged

20 Dentistry  Over 30 exporting companies  Product range includes:  Intra-oral cameras  Image-guided implantation systems  Pneumatic dental tools  Drills and accessories  Laboratory equipment  Implants  Adhesives

21 Medical Supplies Reputation for high quality  Adherence to the highest medical standards  Diversified product range

22 Telemedicine  Israel enjoys well-established medical and telecommunication infrastructures  As a result, Israel is home to some of telemedicine’s most advanced technologies:

23 Telemedicine  Homecare cardiology services and GSM-based patient monitoring  Interactive video consultation  Tele-radiology services via the Internet  Satellite-based training and education materials  3D medical imaging

24 Non-Electronic Diagnostics  Many new products and developments are based on the vast knowledge accumulated in:  Toxicology  Chemistry  Parasitology  Immuno-chemistry  Microbiology  Bacteriology

25 Hospital Planning & Engineering Consulting Services  International reputation for being at the forefront of high-tech hospital design  Israeli companies provide services around the world

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