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ONS Population Statistics Roadshows Population Statistics Strategy Paul Vickers April 2013.

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1 ONS Population Statistics Roadshows Population Statistics Strategy Paul Vickers April 2013

2 Strategic Overview UK Statistics Authority Government Statistical Service ONS PSD

3 UK Statistics Authority Strategy Quality Impact Efficiency Coverage Trustworthiness

4 Government Statistical Service Strategy

5 Key elements across all four strategies People Stakeholders Statistics

6 ONS - Vision To be widely respected for informing debate and improving decision making through high quality, easy to use statistics and analyses on the UK’s economy and society.

7 ONS Organisational Principles We are customer focused We put quality first We deliver with pace We delegate decisions to the right level We look outwards, learn from experience and innovate We simplify our business processes

8 ONS – Strategic Aims Inform debate and have greater impact on decision making Dramatically improve the communication of our statistics and analyses Be highly regarded by our customers for producing trustworthy statistics and analyses that anticipate their needs Be at the forefront of integrating and exploiting data from multiple sources

9 ONS – Strategic Aims Have flexible and efficient processes and systems for statistical production, underpinned by sound methodology Improve quality and minimise the risk of errors. Keep the data we hold secure Be a statistical powerhouse at the heart of the Government Statistical Service and the European Statistical System Have skilled and motivated people who are enthusiastic for change

10 Population Statistics Vision To produce high quality fit for purpose population statistics and analysis with highly skilled and motivated staff recognising the changing environment we work in and the need for continuous improvement.

11 Population Statistics – Key Drivers Beyond 2011 Use of Administrative data sources Innovate to meet the needs of a wide range of users Keep data simple and accessible Be transparent

12 Population Statistics Strategy Stakeholders Statistics People

13 Population Statistics - Stakeholders Provide high quality, timely, fit for purpose statistics Ensure that commentary accompanying data increases understanding Make data more accessible Develop exciting and innovative products Engage with users Work in partnership with other data suppliers

14 Population Statistics – Stakeholders Challenges and Opportunities Understanding and extending our user base Collaborative working relationships Working more closely with the Government Statistical Service

15 Population Statistics - Stakeholders Roadshows Launch of new LS Research database Maintain existing mechanisms such as working groups, LIRPs Collaboration: CPC, LAs, GSS Consult: NPPs Innovate: IDP, social media, tools

16 Population Statistic - Statistics Deliver high quality and fit for purpose statistics and analysis Continue to make improvements to the way we produce and estimate our population statistics Be transparent with our methods and provide improved access to the data that underpins our key outputs Be transparent about the uses, limitations and quality of our outputs Develop our systems to a more robust environment to reduce the risk of error

17 Population Statistics – Statistics Challenges / Opportunities Beyond 2011 Eurostat Responding to reconciliation analysis Financial E-Borders Data sharing and transparency agenda Conceptual Framework

18 Population Statistics - Plans Maintain range of population statistics outputs New migration statistics New Longitudinal Database Improvements to QA of LA Population Estimates E-borders Conceptual Framework

19 Population Statistics - plans Short Stories UK Statistics Authority Assessments Improved methods for migration assumptions in NPPs Beyond 2011 2013 Population estimates APIs Data Visualisation

20 Questions for Discussion Are the Key Drivers correct, are there any others? Are there other opportunities we should be exploiting? Are there other outputs and products you would like to see in the plans?

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