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Campus and School Desktop Enabling the Enterprise Desktop for Campus and School Agreement Customers.

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1 Campus and School Desktop Enabling the Enterprise Desktop for Campus and School Agreement Customers

2 Agenda New World of Work Product Suites CA/SA Desktop SKU Enhancements Resources

3 3 The Enterprise Desktop for the New World of Work

4 4 CA/SA Personal productivity Core content creation with streamlined user interface E-mail, Personal Information Management, basic collaboration Developer extensibility Comprehensive toolset for business productivity Most familiar suite for information work and collaboration Streamline processes with electronic forms Powerful tools for managing and analyzing data Integrated content management and workflow Protect documents with rights management Integrated instant messaging and application sharing Create “High-impact” content faster Extended collaboration and mobility Enable more efficient collaboration across geographic, organizational or network boundaries Ensure people get information they need when they need it, whether online or offline Valuable for mobile workers, disperse teams, project managers, and people who work with customers/partners Campus/School customers with Office coverage get Office Enterprise 2007 AccessPublisher InfoPath Communicator Integrated Enterprise Content Management Integrated Electronic Forms Information Rights & Policy OneNote Groove OutlookWord Excel Power Point OutlookWord Excel Power- Point Integrated Enterprise Content Management Integrated Electronic Forms Information Rights & Policy AccessPublisher InfoPath Communicator Applications Component

5 5 Windows Business Includes all the features of the professional operating system plus: Virtual PC Express Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) Subsystem for Unix-Based Apps (SUA) Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Software Assurance Core OS Infrastructure Optimization Virtual PC (VPC) is now a free download to all customers Windows Vista Enterprise customers are licensed for 4 virtual OS installs Connectivity, Security, and Compliance Systems Component

6 Windows Server CAL Exchange Server Standard CAL Office SharePoint Server Standard CAL Systems Management Server CAL Office Communications Server Standard CAL Office SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL Exchange Server Enterprise CAL Windows Rights Management Services CAL Operations Manager Client OML Office Communications Server Enterprise CAL Forefront Security suite Secure Communication, Collaboration and Compliance Presence and synchronous communications (IM) Information rights management Client, server and edge security Client monitoring and updates On premise multi-party audio, video and web conferencing Web based forms solutions Spreadsheet publishing Business data connector web parts Foundation for IT Infrastructure Platform, group policy, identity, security E-mail Content management Systems management Enterprise portal and search Team collaboration sites Servers Component

7 7 Applications Systems Servers Today H2CY ‘06 Please note: Same counting model as today Institution covers 100% of FTEs/PCs with single desktop selection New Campus/School Desktop SKUs will carry slightly higher pricing than existing Desktop SKUs Campus/School Desktop Campus/School Desktop w/ Enterprise CAL CA/SA Desktop Enhancements

8 8 Resources

9 9 Questions

10 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

11 11 Appendix

12 12 Becomes FrontPage Migration

13 Windows Vista Editions ++ Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is available, but no VLK support AE FPP will be Windows Vista Home Premium Frequent questions: Will Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium continue to be a qualifying operating system? Solely within Academic - Yes. Will the Apple Macintosh continue to be a qualifying operating system? Yes - with Windows Vista, customer will need to have SA coverage on Windows Upgrade license to support “Bootcamp”. ++ Campus/SchoolFacultyXX StudentX Select“Institution”XX w/SA StudentX Open“Institution”XX w/SA

14 14 Data ProtectionApplication CompatibilityWorldwide Deployment Windows® BitLocker™ Drive Encryption If laptop stolen, thief can’t boot to another OS and read data When PC is disposed of, data left behind on hard drives is protected Escrow service provides IT dept. a safe way to unlock a locked system Requires TPM chip (1.2) in hardware to seal the keys that encrypt and decrypt sectors on the Windows hard drive Virtual PC Express Ensures compatibility of legacy Windows applications during operating system upgrade Allows customers to run legacy apps in a virtual machine (Note: Virtual PC Express Early Release made available in March ’06 ahead of the Windows Vista launch will not include x64-bit support nor Windows Vista as host/guest) Sub-system for Unix-based Applications (SUA) Provides an interoperability solution that helps with: Integration between Windows and UNIX/Linux environments Migration of UNIX-based applications to Windows Multi-language User Interface (MUI) packs IT Pros can integrate all languages to disk image- no add’l costs Disk image spanning all languages and all PC form factors can be deployed worldwide Lowers IT costs associated to deploying and maintaining disk images Reduces the number of required disk images One PC can be switched for use by speakers of different languages All of the Windows Vista Business features and functionality plus the following…. Windows Vista Enterprise Features

15 15 Includes Everything you need for working from home Never doubt you have the right version of Windows Vista Enjoy the latest in Entertainment Get exclusive access to valuable software and services online Domain Join Group Policy Remote Desktop Windows fax and scan Web Server Windows Backup with Shadow Copy and System Image recovery Mobility and TabletPC Watch/record TV DVD burning and playback Encrypted File System Bit Locker Full Volume Encryption* Unix Subsystem* Media Center with new interface Media Center Extender DVD movie playback HD capabilities in Windows Moviemaker Easily burn DVD movies Additional games Free/First access to other valuable extras* All languages* VPC Express* All of the Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Business operating system features * Indicates not in Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Ultimate Features

16 16 Microsoft Confidential Home Premium- Ultimate adds Domain JoinDomain Join Group PolicyGroup Policy Remote DesktopRemote Desktop Web ServerWeb Server Windows Fax and ScanWindows Fax and Scan Advanced Windows BackupAdvanced Windows Backup Encrypted File SystemEncrypted File System Business- Ultimate adds Media CenterMedia Center Watch/record live TV Electronic Programming Guide Remote control and 10’ interface Media Center Extender Online Spotlight HD movie capture and publishHD movie capture and publish Burn DVD moviesBurn DVD movies For both Home Premium and Business – Ultimate adds Bit Locker full volume encryption for enhanced data protectionBit Locker full volume encryption for enhanced data protection Unix Subsystem to run Unix-based applications on Windows VistaUnix Subsystem to run Unix-based applications on Windows Vista Windows Ultimate extra contentWindows Ultimate extra content Supports multiple languages simultaneously Virtual PC Express for legacy application compatibility Windows Vista Ultimate Advantages Features

17 17 Differentiated Feature Home Basic Home Premium BusinessEnterpriseUltimate Security and Perf. Enhancements Search and Organize P2P Meeting Space Join Only Scheduled and Networked Backup Aero glass, animations and visuals Media Center (including extender) HD MovieMaker and DVD authoring Network Projection PC to PC Sync Mobility (Tablet, Aux Display) Encrypted File System Read Remote Desktop Web Server Fax and scanning utility Domain Join Offline folders Group Policy SUA (Unix Subsystem) Full Volume Encryption Virtual PC Express * * MUI -All Languages * * Windows Ultimate Extras * *Available separately for free for these SKUs only Feature Differentiation At A Glance

18 Introducing CAL Suites CAL Suites make it easy to acquire server infrastructure that will offer these capabilities. Windows Server Exchange Server Office SharePoint Server Systems Management Server Office “Live” Server Office SharePoint Enterprise Exchange Enterprise Windows Rights Management Services Desktop Microsoft Operations Manager Office “Live” Enterprise Security Subscription Suite

19 Benefit from Enterprise CAL Suite Benefit from Core CAL Suite Which Suite is Right for You? Both CAL Suites: Extend your IT budget Simplified licensing and compliance More value for your money Have Windows or Exchange If you see value in SPS or SMS. If you see value in 2-3 Enterprise CAL Suite component capabilities in next few years. CORE CAL Suite: Simple way to deploy Microsoft infrastructure. Cost effective way to buy CALs if you have Windows or Exchange CAL. ENTERPRISE CAL Suite: Offers Microsoft’s most innovative server software. Cost effective way to buy CALs if you plan to deploy 2-3 of the ECAL components in the next 3 years. Benefit from Core CAL Suite Benefit from Enterprise CAL Suite

20 Windows Rights Management Services MS Operations Manager Client OML Exchange Server Enterprise CAL Office SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL Office “Live” Server Enterprise CAL Office “Live” Server CAL Security Subscription Suite Instant messaging and telephony eForms, spreadsheet publishing, data connectivity Web, video, audio conferencing Information protection and policy enforcement Desktop monitoring Client, server, web security Unified messaging and email compliance Microsoft Server CAL Suites Overview Increased Value for IT Spend Simplified Licensing and Compliance Deployment Flexibility and Control Office SharePoint Server CAL Exchange Server CAL Systems Management Server CAL Windows Server CAL Content management, enterprise search, portal Messaging System monitoring and management Identity, security, networking, workloads Office SharePoint Server CAL Exchange Server Std CAL Systems Management Server CAL Windows Server CAL

21 Tiered Server CAL Structure AdditiveCALs Servers Base CALs Exchange Server (Std or Ent) Office SharePoint Server Exchange Std CAL (Messaging, Calendar, Contacts) Office SharePoint Std CAL (ECM, Portal, Search) Exchange Ent CAL (Unified messaging, Compliance) Office SharePoint Ent CAL (E-forms, Spreadsheet publishing, Data integration) Office Communications Server Office Communications Svr Std CAL (IM, Presence, Telephony) Office Communications Svr Ent CAL (Conferencing) Enterprise CAL Suite component Software to run hardware Microsoft Operations Manager Windows Server Windows RMS Rights Mgmt Services Systems Management Server Windows CAL Workload, File & Print, WSS, AD SMS CAL (Monitoring & Updates) Ops Mngr Client OML (Desktop Monitoring and Management) Forefront Security suite Core CAL Suite component Key

22 Enterprise CAL Transition and Availability CY 2006 (Q4) CY 2007 (Q1)CY 2007 (Q2) Systems Management Server 2003 R2 Office SharePoint Server CAL 2007 Office SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL 2007 Exchange Server CAL 2007 Exchange Server Enterprise CAL 2007 Office Communications Svr CAL 2007 Office Communications Server Ent CAL 2007 Windows Server CAL “Longhorn” Windows Rights Management Services “Longhorn” Systems Management Server V4 Microsoft Operations Manager Client OML Security Subscription Suite Transition options: Academic Open / Select: SA Step Up SKUs Campus & School: “Step up” at next renewal

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