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Panagiotis Korologos Account Technology Secialist Enterprise & Partner Group Microsoft Hellas SA.

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1 Panagiotis Korologos Account Technology Secialist Enterprise & Partner Group Microsoft Hellas SA

2  Evolving Security Threat Landscape  Methods to Addressing Security Threats  Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative  Addressing Security Threats with Microsoft

3 Local Area Networks First PC virus Boot sector viruses Create notoriety or cause havoc Slow propagation 16-bit DOS Internet Era Macro viruses Script viruses Create notoriety or cause havoc Faster propagation 32-bit Windows Broadband prevalent Spyware, Spam Phishing Botnets Rootkits Financial motivation Internet wide impact 32-bit Windows Hyper jacking Peer to Peer Social engineering Application attacks Financial motivation Targeted attacks 64-bit Windows

4 National Interest Personal Gain Personal Fame Curiosity Undergraduate Expert Specialist Largest area by volume Largest area by $ lost Script-Kiddy Largest segment by $ spent on defense Fastest growing segment AuthorVandal Thief Spy Trespasser

5  The most common way for viruses to enter an organization is through e-mail “…antivirus experts at SoftScan said that 89.5 per cent of all viruses scanned were classified as phishing malware” - Clement James, “Virus Levels Soar in August,” IT, September 5, 2006 Spam volume continues to trend upward over time “Spammers now generate an estimated 55 billion messages per day... A year ago that number was 30billion..” - Robert McMillian, “Spam’s New Image,”, August 15, 2006 Phishing scams have become more sophisticated and successful in a short period of time

6 Company understands the importance of security in the workplace Individuals know their role with security governance and compliance IT staff has the security skills and knowledge to support your business Data privacy processes to manage data effectively IT security processes to implement, manage, and govern security Financial reporting processes that include security of the business Helps turn IT into a business asset not a cost center Supports your day to day security processes Is the Enabler to running your business successfully Technology Process People



9 Design Threat Modeling Standards, best practices, and tools Security PushFinal Security Review RTM and Deployment Signoff Security Response Product Inception

10 Engineering Excellence Security Development Lifecycle Engineering Excellence Security Development Lifecycle

11 Corporate OS Protection Server Protection “Edge” Protection Edge, server and client protection “Point to Point” Solutions Security of data at rest and in transit Mobile workforce Manageability

12 Leader in Gartner E-mail Security Boundary Magic Quadrant Leader in Forrester SSL VPN Wave Visionary in Gartner SSL VPN Magic Quadrant Leader in Forrester SSL VPN Wave


14 Client and Server Operating System Server Applications Edge Microsoft Forefront provides greater protection and control over the security of your business’ network infrastructure

15  Choices for Network Edge Protection  Internet-based services protect against spam and viruses before they penetrate the network  Comprehensive Enterprise-class Hosted Services for E-mail Security and Management  Service for e-mail security with performance backed by SLAs  Simplify E-mail Administration  Offloading e-mail security allows IT to focus on other initiatives Firewall Mailbox Server Hub Transport Server Client Access Server SMTP Internet + On-Premise Software

16 Attached Services On-Premise or Hosted Multi-headed Client

17  Choices for Network Edge Protection  On-premise software protects against spam and viruses before they penetrate the network  Local Control of Data  Antivirus, anti-spam and security policies can be customized to meet the needs of the organization  Built-in Protection  Protection for your data and your network that can expand as the organization grows Firewall SMTP Internet + On-Premise Software Mailbox Server Hub Transport Server Client Access Server Edge Transport Server

18  Multiple third-party antivirus vendors support Exchange Server 2007  Symantec  Trend Micro  Kasperksy Lab  GFI Software  McAfee  VSAPI to enable scanning messages in the store  Antivirus Stamp to minimize unnecessary rescanning

19 Gartner Magic Quadrant: E-Mail Security Boundary -Leader- Internet A B C D E Exchange Server/ Windows-based SMTP Server Distributed protection Performance tuning Content filtering Central management

20 Potential Single Point of Failure SharePointSharePoint ISA ServerISA Server SMTP ServerSMTP Server Internet Viruses Exchang eExchang e Single Vendor Single Engine Worms Spam A AAAA A A A

21 AV lab response times were tested for 82 “In the Wild” viruses and variants that appeared from April- July 2006. Tested sets of five randomly chosen Forefront engines vs three single-engine vendors Results 26 viruses were proactively detected by all labs 39 more detected by most labs or engine sets Results for remaining 17 viruses demonstrated the following…. Response Time (hours) Forefront Set 1 Forefron t Set 2 Forefron t Set 3 Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C 0406 Mytob.NQ@mm 0406 Mytob.NQ@mm 1.0 0406 Spybot!04C2 23.0 0406 Nugache.a 1.0 34.112.948.1 0506 Numuen.F 0.0 1.010.315.0 0506 Numuen.H 1.0 103.8251.9114.8 0506 Numuen.G 3.2 1.0151.8469.0 0506 Banwarum.C@mm 87.5 1.0116.773.0129.3 0506 Banwarum.B@mm 0506 Rbot!E905 0.0 1,141.8217.61.0 0606 Bagle.EG 0.0 7.30.0 0606 Bagle.EH@mm 0.0 18.40.0 0606 Bagle.EG@mm 0.0 0606 Bagle.LY@mm 0.0 6.42.5 0706 Feebs.gen@mm 0.0 503.8 0706 Feebs.EU 0.0 52.3173.239.0 0706 Virut.A 0.0 1,317.0 > 24 hrs 4 to 24 hrs < 4 hrs 1, 2006

22 Forefront Server Security products integrate and ship with industry-leading antivirus scan engines from Each scan job in a Forefront Server Security product can run up to five engines simultaneously Internal Messaging and Collaboration Servers A B C E D

23 Enterprise network Other SMTP ServersOther SMTP Servers Mailbox RoutingHygieneRoutingPolicy Voice Messaging Client Access PBX or VoIP Public Folder s Fax Applications: OWA Protocols: ActiveSync, POP, IMAP, RPC / HTTP … Programmability: Web services, Web parts Unified Messaging Edge Transport Hub Transport I N T E R N E T

24 External Web Server Intranet Web Server Exchang e Active Director y SharePoint Administrat or DMZ User Internet ISA 2006 Appliance HEAD QUARTERS Interna l Network Integrated Security Improved idle-based time- outs for session mgmt NEW Smartcards & one-time password support NEW Customized logon forms for most devices & apps NEW LDAP authentication for Active Directory NEW Authentication delegation (NTLM, Kerberos) NEW Efficient Management Web publishing load balancing NEW Exchange & SharePoint publishing tools NEW Enhanced certificate administration NEW Fast, Secure Access Single sign-on for multiple resource access NEW Automatic translation of embedded internal links NEW

25 Enterprise Network Other SMTP Servers Routing Hygiene Routing Policy I N T E R N E T Applications OWA Protocols ActiveSync, POP, IMAP, RPC / HTTP … Programmability Web services, Web parts Mailbox Public Folders Voice Messaging Fax PBX or VoIP Edge Transport Hub Transport Client Access Mailbox Unified Messaging

26 © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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