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Written poems in spring

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1 Written poems in spring
By Alan Balnour Spring 2012

2 Dedication I am dedicating it to my mom. She always take care of me. She helps me when I need it. She does a lot of stuff and I have to compliment her. I have to give back to her.

3 Personal Poem By Alan Balnour I am Alan Nawabi Balnour. That’s what they call me. My nickname is BIG GUY or they call me BIG PAPI! My real name is Ramin Nawabi. My mom’s family call me Ramin. My dad’s family calls me Alan. I am a lion inside me. I fight to the last whistle. I also work like one. I always have passion. I am even powered by passion. My heart is a crate full of sports balls especially a soccer ball. I am also passionate about sports. I am most passionate about soccer. On my forehead it says “ALL I DO IS WIN!”. I can never stand losing at ALL! I get angry if I lose. I usually have stress about losing. I hear “ole ole ole ole.” I’m very passionate about. I always hear it in soccer. It’s music to my ears. I love the aroma of foods like cheesesteak, pasta, pizza, and burgers. I know they are fatty but they are delicious. They are also manly foods. It’s not for women! ONLY FOR MEN! I love the time of mid-day. Especially at 2:30 PM.I also love lunch time. It’s also bright and sunny. My hands say CALM DOWN. Whenever I am in a bad situation they say CALM DOWN. It helps me a lot. I get it done.

4 Personal Poem By Alan Balnour I remember I went to sea world. My Favorite part was when I kissed the dolphin. The was so cute. I also watched the killer whales diving. My parents saying was BE A GOOD PERSON. They want me to have a good attitude. They don’t want me to be bad. I will try to listen.

5 Couplet By Alan Balnour I rant if I don’t win the game. You have to be good to win the fame. I was an angry BOMB that EXPLODED at home. The fans have to moan. Today was a huge disappointment. We are going to have a meeting appointment.

6 Quatrain By Alan Balnour The winter brings a cold breeze. While the outside is about to freeze. I usually stay at home. My body freezes up to my bone. This time I am happy. In Florida I am mappy. Our car wakes up for another day. While my dad knows the way. This is my favorite season. I have a strong reason. The burgers are sizzling. The bees are buzzing. It is the start of school. It is very cruel It is back to cold. I have to be bold.

7 Haiku By Alan Balnour The birds are singing. I sway the pollen around. The trees are growing.

8 Limerick By Alan Balnour There was once a town named Val pins. That was famously known for pins. It was for people touring. Then it became a boring place. Now people “KABOOM” the pin place.

9 Ballad By Alan Balnour I am graduating from 5th grade I am a grown up child I am going Middle School I happily smiled I thought the summer I thought I was going to struggle I talked with my mom I thought 6th grade as a jungle I came and I had a great day I wasn’t so bad at all We had freedom I didn’t fall I thought in the summer

10 About the Author Alan Balnour was born in Jacksonville, Florida February 23, He is a huge Florida Gators fan. He is also a huge Tim Tebow fan. He loves sports so much. He has passionate about sports especially soccer. His catch phrases are “GO GATORS and “I LIKE TRAINS. He goes to RBMS [River Bend Middle School]. He also currently lives in Sterling, Virginia.

11 Spring By Shea Brady Spring 2012

12 Dedication I dedicate this poem to my pony Hunter for inspiring me to write these poems about horses.

13 Personal Poem By Shea Brady My name is Shea Brady I don’t have a nickname because my name really cant get any shorter and I just like Shea. My real name is Shea Brady and that’s my full name and lot of people call me just Shea. The animal inside of me would most likely be a horse because I am fast and love horses. The object inside of me would be a horse shoe because horse shoes are lucky and I can find four clovers a lot If I had a word on my four head it would be helpful because I always am willing to help people. I love the smell of cookies brownies and sugar because I am always eating sugar and making it but the smell I hate is fish because they are gross and smell really bad.

14 Personal Poem By Shea Brady My favorite time of day is after school because I have horseback riding and soccer. One thing I remember about my Childhood is my first horse show with the best pony ever (Hunter). If my hands could speak they would say hold the rains lose. The sound that I love is the sound of horses the sound that I don’t like is the sound of frogs. A saying my grandpa would say was when you go to birthday party's don’t pop the boons because it reminds him of the war.

15 Couplet By Shea Brady I can here his nay as I touch his mane that is just like silk and ask him how are you today? I laugh and play with my pony all day he rallies up and nays he still wants to play. At the end of the day the hole barn sleeps even my crazy horse that makes anything but a peep.

16 Quatrain By Shea Brady Once upon a time there was a Billy brown buff he wanted to be the Kings horse chuff The king tolled him he did not fit the quality's of my horse Chuffy Billy brown buff disagreed he said I am brow and bluffly. If Billy brown wanted to be a horse he needs to act like one Billy brown wanted to meet the kings other horse gun That after noon he learned how to walk and nay like a horse Billy brown buff the king said you are not a horse in a strong force. Billy brown walked out in embarrassment and shame That night he when to the barn not in fame The kings horse saw Billy brown crying of Corse You want to be a horse we smell and I want to be a dog not a horse. After Billy brown had that talk he learned to love what he was But the king sad we should give Billy a quiz Why said the kings helper why We should give Billy brown another chance he was a nice ally.

17 Haiku By Shea Brady Butterflies flutter Birds chirping, wings spread yellow Spring has just begun.

18 Limerick By There once was a horse named Shealy Who though she could make bread so then She said nay and ok Now I will stick to my stall hay.

19 Ballad By Shea Brady Riding is to have fun Riding is to jump I will stand Try to understand Please understand Day and night I am at the barn Day and night I am jumping jumps and beyond I have found my perfect horse my best friend life is jumping curses thou are bond I her they want to split us up Its hard but I will not let them you and me will stand side by side They think it is best but we can fight I go and tell my manager no I want to ride One more day to tell them what I think I stand up and say we are a team Make them under stand for the good Riding is for the joy of it this fight will not go down stream

20 About the Author Shea Brady was born in Sterling Virginia. She has one pony that inspired her to write most of these poems. She also goes outside to write some of these like the Haiku. Almost all of Shea Brady’s poems were rote in a classroom. Shea works weeks on all of these poems and hops you enjoy.

21 By Calvin Jennings Spring 2012
Awesome Poetry By Calvin Jennings Spring 2012

22 Dedication I dedicate this book to my family who I would like to see every night and every day. Some have passed while some come to be new.

23 Personal Poem By Calvin Jennings My full name is Calvin Wynn Jennings and I am sometimes called Calvin but I prefer Cal. I am called Cal after the famous baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. A real name for me would be is the same shortened name I had always had, Cal. The animal inside of me, swimming in my stomach acids would be a Narwhal . Know wonder I’m always being stabbed in the back. The object I hold inside my heart would be memories of not just the beach but at the beach with family and my first long board. The word written on top of my forehead would be “SPACE”, space, the universe, our galaxy has always just interested me. The sound I love would be the oceans crash against the beaches sand and the sound I dislike would be the wind scraping dead leafs against the streets side on a cold ,cloudy day. Sounds like nails on a chalk board. The smell I admire would be the smell of cooked crabs topped with old bay and the smell I hate would be the strong, intense smell of the Yankee candle store at the mall. . My favorite time of day would be from 8:00-9:00am where the dew drips are still on the tips of grass but where you stand in from of the sun and you fell the suns heat. One of the many memories from my childhood would be learning to ride a bike but of course I had training wheels on but it was the first time on a bike so I remember. And of course a phrase I hear every single weekday afternoon would be “DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK YET !!!!” from every guardian around me.

24 Couplet By Calvin Jennings Rows and rows of all of this food People cutting in line, It’s so rude Food so soft and rough all over Maybe topped with a fancy clover All of these foods are refreshing, sharp, and salt Like many different flavors of malt

25 Quatrain By Calvin Jennings Like a under water unicorn Out of the water with his great big horn Jumping around ten feet high Gets hurt and starts to cry Just swimming around Without making a sound He doesn’t speak words But he does eat birds Narwhal is so slippery and old But his wisdom is so big and bold Narwhal is so chilly and wet I think it make as a bad pet You waft the odorless mammal But all you smell is his skin enamel He’ll never smell you if you never smell him So let him swim and let him find his limb

26 Yellow Butterflies And windy vines all around So many flowers
Haiku By Calvin Jennings Yellow Butterflies And windy vines all around So many flowers

27 Limerick By Calvin Jennings Once lived a bear named Mario Who did way to much fardio He went outside to run Then “BA-BAM” went his fun Now died from to much cardio

28 Ballad By Calvin Jennings There once lived a kid named Jab Who was mad at his fishy He wouldn’t eat his food The fish was really squishy Jab was really mad at his fish So he stopped feeding it He sent him somewhere far away Since he wouldn’t eat a bit I guess a far away is the toilet He’s gone now, I’m just a tad sad Somewhere else good other than this bowl Like a pond sleeping beneath a little lily pad

29 Calvin About the Author
Calvin Jennings is an average 6th grade student here at River bend Middle School and he loves science class. And was born in Sterling VA. Out side of school he likes to long board and hang with his friends. Mrs. Dolar is his English teacher here at school. Calvin wrote approximately 8 poetry books all through the Elementary School. Calvin

30 The truth of Nykylah! By Nykylah Long Spring 2012

31 Dedication I want to dedicate this poem book to my sister(Kendra). I love her very much and I cant my life without her here with me. Sometimes we fight and we don’t really get along with each , but that doesn’t really matter because we love each other.

32 Personal Poem By Nykylah Long I am Nykylah L. Long. The L. in my name stands for Lashawn. My mom named me after my godmother. My real name is rose. Roses are nice and sweet. But their thorns will stick you in your hand. And that’s how I am. The animal within me is a puppy. Puppies are nice and mean. That is how I am. A light is my heart. Lights are bright, still, and quite . I am bright, still when I don’t want to move, and quite when I’m tire. Written on my forehead childish. I am always being silly. I am also doing crazy things. I love the sound of a oven beeping. Its tells me its time to eat. I love sound of wind blowing from one place to another. It tell me my birthday is near. I hate the sound of fire trucks, it scares me and makes me sad. I love the smell of hot tea. The smell of hot tea relaxes me. I hate the smell of fire. It makes my nose all stuffy and it makes it hard for me to breath. My favorite part of the day is the evening. The evening part of the day , is when I get to have fun with my friends and it’s a time for me to relax. I my hand speak it would tell me to accomplish all my dreams. My hand would tell me, “Don’t let anything get in your way.” My favorite childhood memories is when I got my first little brother. I was 7when I found out that I was going to get a baby brother. I was happy when I found out that I was going to get a baby brother. My mom always says, “take a chill pill, “if I or my sibling were doing something wrong. “Take chill pill “ means to stop doing that or calm down.

33 Couplet By Nykylah Long Ice-cream Sunday The icy goodness melted me down to the floor, as I tasted it, I wanted some more. Soon as I reached the core, I tasted a taste I couldn’t ignore. I could smell the sweet milk and ice as I took waft of the ice-cream And there I knew I had fulfill my dream.

34 Quatrain By Nykylah Long A Sunny Day At the Beach. The beach is a wonderful place, To explore and maybe meet a new face. Waves crawled to the shore. People laying on the floor. I know this is going to be a good day, Playing with the a wave, Kids yelling really loud, I cant hear other sounds. A man trying to collect money in a guitar case, And kids having a race, I’m looking at a sea shell I adore, There's nothing else I could ask for. Life guards are looking for someone to save, I they are very brave, I’m looking around, As the wind cools down.

35 Haiku By Nykylah Long Robin Robin, bright and red. Black and small can do a lot. Robin flap your wings.

36 Limerick By Nykylah Long Katen There once was a girl named Katen, That thought she was a pretty pen. Someone said she lies, “wan” she started to cry. Never trust Kat, the lying pen.

37 Ballad By Nykylah Long I saw Sofia take something out a locker, I didn’t know what to say, Savannah got “mad” at Sofia, When I tried to talk to Sofia, savannah cried and pulled me away. Now their gone, They left because of a fight, I cant believe they left me, But now I'm alright. About a week later, Savannah got mad at me, I was mad at Syd for what she did, Savannah hit me in my face and I couldn’t see. I cant believe the left me, But now I’m alright.

38 About the Author The author grow up in Virginia with her sister (Kendra) ,her two little brothers ( Mel and Tummy) , and her mom and dad. She is 11 years-old. Nykylah goes to River Bend Middle school in sterling, Virginia. She wrote this poem for her older sister (Kendra). Even though the fight a lot, they still love each other(no matter what happens). She love all animals, especially puppy and horse. This is every thing about Nykylah Long.

39 By Freddie McKoy Spring 2012
Poetry Book Title By Freddie McKoy Spring 2012

40 Dedication I dedicate this poem to my mom because she has always cared about me and raised me to be a good person.

41 Personal Poem My name is Frederick McKoy. My nickname is Freddie, that’s what my friends and family call me. My real name is fire. Often because I have a fiery temper. I can get angry at people quickly especially the people who do idiotic stupid stuff on purpose. The animal within me is a wolverine. Wolverines travel in packs. So do I, well in friends really. My heart is a thorn. But, like thorns they also have soft spots. Normally I never cry but sometimes people’s words really get to me. The words written on my forehead are tricky and sarcasm. Being sarcastic is a part of my personality. Being tricky isn’t really apart of my personality it’s just fun…sometimes.

42 Personal Poem My favorite sound is laughter because it’s the sound of when your friends laugh with u not at you. My favorite smell is probably Christmas dinner. It reminds my of all the times we spend together as a family. Especially the food, it was so delicious. Late in the evening is probably my favorite part of summer vacation because that’s when its not too hot and no too cold. If my hands could talk they would tell to stop wasting their talents. They would say, “come on already, lets do something cool. My favorite childhood memories are the family reunion, going river rafting, and just having fun with my cousins.

43 Couplet By On a stormy night, midnight my uncle died, The very next day we had his funeral, everyone mournfully cried. As the funeral began to near the end it started to rain. But at the end of the funeral everybody felt pain. Even though he old enough to use a cane In our hearts we will never forget his name.

44 Quatrain By In the school we have fun in the locker room, before we have class and face our horrible doom. In class we learn and have fun…well sometimes, some people do terrible things like crimes. At lunch that’s where all of the fun is and talking starts, And sometimes people end it with a nasty fart. After that we head back to class with no enthusiasm, we were as depressed as a deep dark chasm. Then we realized we had the biggest history test of the year, almost everybody in the class feinted in fear. Everyone got seated to take this dangerous test, All we could do was try our very best. On the bus later that afternoon we all play our phones, until we feel pain in our bones. Finally we leave the bus when it’s our time, but in the end I found a lucky dime.

45 Haiku By Leaves life sunshine air It is a wonderful time Spring has sprung itself

46 Limerick

47 Ballad By During school we have a big test, I would pray that I wouldn’t have to stay. Today I knew I had to make an excuse, So I would really just run away. As soon as I left I went to the locker-room, I saw that my friends had the same idea. We totally knew what we were doing, then, Jordan said, “I destroyed my dad’s knew KIA.” Finally as we were having fun, We were abducted by a space craft. Suddenly I knew that we were done for,

48 About the Author

49 Poetry By Sean Meehan Spring 2012

50 Dedication I dedicate these poems to my family because they are the people I love above my greatest things I love to do.

51 Personal Poem By Sean Meehan I am Sean Meehan but my family members refer to me as Bence. My friends just call me Sean. The animal inside me is a parrot because I am really good at imitating voices and copying. The object inside my heart is a glass of ice, the ice is me, and the glass is the world. I am nice to everyone, even if they don’t like me. The word forgive is written on my forehead, because if someone does something mean I forgive them. I love the sound of video game stations starting up, boiling noodles, and purring cats. I hate the sounds of my little sister, metal scraping against teeth, and chalk on a chalkboard. My favorite smell is Regale theater’s popcorn. The scent of butter fills my nostrils when it is my turn to hold the bucket. Afternoons in the summer are my favorite time of day because I am wide awake and ready for action. If my hands could speak, they would tell me to stop chewing on my nails when I am nervous. My favorite childhood memory is when I went to Great Wolf Lodge with my friend Jack for the first time. When we got tired of swimming Jack and I did Magi Quest. My mom’s credo is “schoolwork comes first.”

52 Couplet By Sean Meehan As I looked out my window after I finished my meat The sky was an orange sheet. The clouds were cotton when they floated by As if they were trying to say “hi!” Out of all the times of day The evenings are my favorite time of day in May.

53 Quatrain By Sean Meehan The thing I love on the big screen It is not always mean Get your popcorn and get ready to ride And you’ll have your mom by your little side Movies, movies they are the best It is like a popcorn fest Movies take you on journeys galore After you’ll be asking for more Silence all cell phones And no more grunts or moans Put that popcorn on your lap And make sure your lips don’t get harshly chap All the lights dim around us And please no more fuss Everyone sits, friends and foes Sit back and enjoy the awesome shows!

54 Haiku By Sean Meehan The flowers are in bloom The bumble bees are flying Yes, green spring has sprung!

55 Limerick By Sean Meehan There once was a boy named Frederick Who had a best friend named Van-rick He bought Frederick a crop The crop made a loud POP! Now they both have a friend named Nick.

56 Ballad By Sean Meehan In between two baskets of rolls, There is a piece of a French fry, Then, there’s a steak, But the steak could never cry… It’s the, Heart of Logans, It’s the chill of the night, Rising up, to the challenge of the burger, And the last person is gonna get a fright, And the waiters are all watching us … with Logans To the right, of a brown peanut, There is, some lettuce, And above, the ice-cream sundae, The coke will become one of us… And the waiters are all watching us … with Logans.

57 About the Author Sean lives in Sterling, Virginia and goes to River Bend Middle School. He loves the summer, holidays, and weekends. He interests in video games, amusement parks, chemistry, cooking, and hanging out with his friends. His dreams are being a video game tester and designer, going skydiving, and running a restaurant. His biggest dream is swimming with tamed dolphins in an amusement park.

58 By Michael Morley Spring 2012
Michael’s Poetry By Michael Morley Spring 2012

59 Dedication I dedicate these poems to my family. I hope you all like my poems. I love them all.

60 Personal Poem By Michael Morley My name is Michael Thomas Morley. My friends call me Mushell but I really hate that name. My real name is Michael. Some people used to call me m and m because of Michael Morley. The animal inside me is a monkey. I always like to play and I get a little goofy sometimes. The object inside my heart is a computer. I mostly work well but when there's a malfunction I go insane . The word written on my forehead is fun. I can always think of something fun to do. I love the sound of zombies in those movies. Also I like the sound of the birds. I hate eney noise that’s really loud. I love the smell of cinnamon. I also hate the smell of smoke. I love the time when the sun is out and its really warm. I like noon. Its the perfect time of day to play outside.

61 Personal Poem By Michael Morley 2 If my hands could talk they would say “ drop that bad tasting controller.” I remember when I was trying to learn how to ride a two weald bicycle. I tried and tried and tried but I couldn't do it. But when I saw Kellen do it I did it on my next try. My grandma used to tell me when I would whine about something that it wasn’t the end of the world and everything happens for a reason.

62 Couplet By Michael If your in a zombie apocalypse you need to get a gun. You really need to learn how to run. Like a pack of wolfs the zombies will chase you. If they catch you they'll suck out your blood like a straw in some stew. You would run and be terrified every time you hear the howled scream of someone being eaten. When your tired of all this you would jump into a pile of zombies and get yourself eaten.

63 Quatrain By Michael Morley Death is like a shadow. Its the painful feeling of torture. If only you could tell the future. Then you would know that the person that would die was the fatso. When my dog shandy died. Her shadow did not die. It stayed with me. Now it might still be along with me. I always wondered if death has a cycle. If it does where am I on it. Of it does have a cycle is it in the shape of a circle. I wonder how big it would have to be to have every person fit. I wonder how long if will take. For the cycle to land on me so I can die. I guess I will never know. I will just sit and wait for it to land on me and die.

64 Natures colorful. The great beautiful colors. I love all of them.
Haiku By Michael Morley Natures colorful. The great beautiful colors. I love all of them.

65 Limerick By Michael Morley There once was a panda named Bar. Who was a stealers fan by far. He thought about that life. Then he left with a knife. Now its black and white behind bars.

66 Ballad By Michael Morley I went on a Disney cruise line. The first thing I did when I got there was go on the ledge. Then my family and I went to our room where me and my brother Dylan got our cell phones. Then me and Dylan went to the edge. On the cruise line you can see the ocean. On the cruise line you can hear the waves. On the cruise line you can eat ice cream all day long. Also on the cruise line you cane play video games. When I got to the edge I saw that they had stackers as big as desks and also computers. They also had the best ice cream. They even had a dance floor. That place is so great it was like a dream.

67 Ballad By Michael Morley On the cruise line you can see the ocean. On the cruise line you can hear the waves. On the cruise line you can eat ice cream all day long. Also on the cruise line you can play video games. Then at the edge we did a super scary ghost hunt. We also played a really fun game called ghost turn. We also watch the movie Holes and made cupcakes. Then after we went to the Bahamas I got a really bad sun burn.

68 About the Author Michael Morley lives in sterling Virginia and is a six grader. Michael likes to play the sport basketball its Michaels favorite sport. Michael wants to be a grate artist. Michael also wants to be a fisherman.

69 By Amelia Ragland Spring 2012
Grand Poetry By Amelia Ragland Spring 2012

70 Dedication I dedicate these poems to my Family, because they are the ones who help me and tell me “DON’T give up on the things you’ve just started!!”

71 Personal Poem By Amelia Ragland My name is Amelia Ragland, at my house I am called “ Mia Bidea “, everyone I know calls me, Mia or Mimi but I really dislike it when people rhyme, “Mia” to any possible words they can find. I wish my name was “Destiny” because I like it when I find something I must do, then it becomes my destiny to do it. The animal within me is a Dolphin Because I’m always ready to take a splash, and since Dolphins are loyal and fast learners, this animal suits me. A book is what is in my heart, the hard cover and pages resemble me because I can be tough when I want to and I can tear at the sadist moments. On my forehead lies the word outgoing, At moments I need to be outgoing with the world and be my self.

72 I love the sound of babies laughter but I hate the sound of fingernails on a chalk board. I love the new baby smell but I also hate the smell of burning or rotting foods. I am mostly active in the afternoon because I’m not to worn out and not to sleepy. If my hands could talk they would say, “Don’t waist your life on things your going to regret or forget. The most memorable moment in my childhood was when my sister and I were little, she was just getting out of time out, and I happen to see a foot just dangling there, so I bit it. I can still here my Parents say, “ You can’t buy happiness or Love with money!”

73 Quatrain By Amelia Ragland The clear aqua water floods into my eyes, I can hear bubbles whispering to me, The star fish are telling lies, Finally I can see. As I push myself through the ocean water, I feel a spongy sponge, I wonder “how deep is the ocean?” Then I plunge, Making a lot of motion. On the ocean floor there are a lot of sea creatures, I wonder “How long is the ocean floor?” That blowfish has a lot of features, I’m going to explore. As I make my way up to the shimmering surface I hear, “boom” That silly blowfish just pounced, I assume, “Boom!” again, yes the blowfish bounced.

74 Couplet By Amelia Ragland I feel the warm summer rays dance across my face but I must tie my shoe lace. I feel the wet tear slide down my rosy cheek, so to speak. There is a sound of the whistling in my ear, so it must be near.

75 Haiku By Amelia Ragland Flying Butterflies, White and gentle flowers flew, The warm breeze blew leaves.

76 Limerick By Amelia Ragland There once was a mermaid named Kate, Who said she was drastically late, She swam up to me hooked, Then I started to look, Now that she’s great she’s never bait.

77 Ballad By Amelia Ragland I’m missing you everyday, I want to see you right now, He says to Skype, But I don’t know how. Its been so long since you’ve come my way, I just want to run to you, I want to see you every day, I’ll never forget the day you flew. Your daring and caring, My head is spinning, Am I wasting your time? I hope your winning. I just want to run you to, I want to see you everyday, I’ll never forget the first day you flew.

78 About the Author Amelia Ragland is an author that is interested in nature and how water flows, Amelia loves and enjoys writing poetry, She has made these poems for your enjoyment and wants you to enjoy every second of them. Amelia thanks you for your patents and is hoping that you enjoyed her work.

79 Poems of Jeweliana Rivera
By Jeweliana Rivera Spring 2012

80 Dedication I dedicate this to my family because most of these poems are about my grandma and we all miss very much.

81 Personal Poem By Jeweliana Rivera I am Jeweliana Rivera. I am also Jewel, everybody calls me Jewel. My family calls me Jewel bug . When people I don’t know call me jewel bug it doesn’t bother as much as it is a use to. My real name means joy and it fits because I'm always happy and I smile a lot. The animal inside me is a monkey. I'm playful and I love to eat bananas. I love to climb trees and be crazy all day. But I am also very loving and caring . The item in my heart is a key because I have to find the key to everything. I am very nosy and curious too. The word helpful is written on my forehead. If I see something wrong I have to fix it, if someone cant carry something I carry it for them or help them carry it. I love the sound of music ,people laughing , and people having fun. I hate the sound of screaming and crying and the ambulance. Whenever I hear those things I feel like crying. I love the smell of the Christmas tree. I love that smell because it reminds me of the good times I have with my family on Christmas . My favorite time of day is night in the summer because its warm dark and the sky looks beautiful. I always love looking at the sky at night. If my hands could speak they would say never give up and always believe in yourself. My favorite memory is when I went to grandmas house one day and we made ice-cream sandwiches with brownies and ice-cream. We did each others hair and nails. We had the best time ever. My grandma was a very loving and caring person. I would always tell her I was scared to die but she would always say if you follow the lord you'll go to heaven and it’s a better place there.

82 Couplet By Jeweliana Rivera Confused asking why she had to go? I'm always so sad I pretend I don’t know. The smell of tears in the air. We all miss her love and care. It felt like someone stabbing my back . As I watched them dig her up it felt like a wack.

83 Quatrain By Jeweliana Rivera When I would sleep over her house You couldn’t hear a mouse We laughed and sang Till we fell and heard big bangs We were always happy while we’d sing Running smiling and dancing our eyes twinkled with joy We would get tired then wind our self's up like a toy It felt like heaven with her We would make brownies and I would stir Then we’d go up stairs to fix our hair That would make a mess but we didn’t care The next day we’d clean the mess We’d go out side and look for birds nests We’d see people and say hi But now its time to say bye

84 Blazing sun so hot Squint as it gets in my eyes Cool down when it sets
Haiku By Blazing sun so hot Squint as it gets in my eyes Cool down when it sets B

85 Limerick By Jeweliana Rivera There once was a cat named leset Who really disliked her weird vet She said he was dead Then she went off to bed Now her glowing vet is leset.

86 Ballad By Jeweliana Rivera My cousin Nino just the other day he was six Now he is seven and getting older I miss the younger Nino he was sweeter I miss when he would rub my uncles shoulders Nino now your too old Please stay six forever Be nice always And never forget to be clever when the smoke rose from your cake I wanted to cry you were officially seven The age when you get mean I was so depressed but I realized one day he’s going to be eleven

87 About the Author The authors name is Jeweliana Rivera she I very fond of her grandmother. Most of her poems are about her grandmother. She also loves monkeys and she is very loving. And she loves poetry.

88 By: Elenilson A. Nieto Rivera Spring 2012
Elenilson’s Poetry By: Elenilson A. Nieto Rivera Spring 2012

89 Dedication I dedication this poem to my family because I love him so much.

90 Personal Poem By Elenilson Nieto I am Elenilson A. Nieto Rivera. At school they call me Elenilson Nieto. My family call me Nino. My real name is summer which I like and it kind of fit my name. The animal inside me will be a dog. They love to play and love to dig. Some of dog love to swim and run which I like to spend my time. The thing inside my heart is a bell. Every day they tell people, about what time is it. I like telling my family what time is it. The word written in my forehead is weird. The sound I love is the sound of the wave crashing into the sand at the beach. I dislike the sound of baby laugh because it sound creaky. the smell I love is chicken soup. Muffin coconut is the smell I hate. My favorite time of the day is night time because of the cool and the light of night sky. I remember form my childhood is going to a waterfall near a farm. And walking over it.

91 Couplet By: Elenilson Nieto For all of season have pass in here It feel like day to bears. In the season there is winter who all cold Then animal all have to close the door. All season have summer who is hot Then we feel like water in a hot pot. In the fall who is cold and hot Bird migrate to where is warm a lot.

92 Quatrain By: Elenilson Nieto I use to have a dog named rover Who name I change to Pluto I used to do plays with him and do duo Two year pass by and he get much older. I give his red fluffy hair a bushy And he get all pushy After school I run home to play with him I play with him also with Tim. I remember walking Pluto And give him Hugo He love to eat nice And I served him twice He love to stick his head out the window And love to play with dingo He enjoy to swim Once I took him to a prelim.

93 Haiku By Little bird flying Small bird fly south for winter Bird migrate in fall.

94 Limerick By: Elenilson Nieto There once was a girl named Alice That thought she live in a palace. It used to have big field Then got replace by seals Now she lives in Texas, Dulles.

95 Ballad By Elinelson Nieto Rising up back no the street I’m a boy with no father Then one I get take to a camp Then they teach me how to survive Then I left the half-blood camp In search of saving the world Then I hear that Zeus Will start a war if he does not got his lightning bolts back Chorus So many half blood have to save the world While other ones has been legend Then I leave to the underworld Looking for Hades Maybe he has the lightning bolts Then I found out that he have the lightning bolts I take the lightning bolts Back to Zeus before the summer solstice When I give it to him Then every thing came back to normal

96 About the Author The author is a 13 year old boy named Elenilson Nieto Rivera. He live in Sterling VA. He spend his childhood in El Salvador. He was educated in El Salvador and in U.S.A.

97 MY THOUGHTS!!! By: Jordan Day Spring 2012

98 Dedication To my parents and my sixth grade English teacher, Mrs.Dolar . Mrs. Dolar she has inspired me to write these poems.

99 Personal Poem By: Jordan Day My name is Jordan Day, people sometimes call me JJ or JDay. My parents name me after Michael Jordan. My real name is thrash it means Jordan, I am most active in the summer. The animal inside me is a lion. They are fierce I don’t strong and fast creatures. A football is my heart, leather and laces are me On my forehead it’s says “Go with the flow. Meaning I don’t like to take charge in less somebody tells me to. I love the sound of football pads popping together ,laughter. I hate the sound of my sister crying and screaming. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass from a football field. The smell gets stronger once I get tackled to the ground. Every morning is my favorite time of day, in fall and winter I like early nights. If my hands could talk they might say “get on with it. One of my child hood memories is my Football team winning the LLBFL championships played for the Redskins. My mom demands little of my family and it is respect , Kindness, and finish our work.

100 Couplet By Jordan Day Oh little pig oh little pig, oh how I hate them (A) that’s why I ate one (A) I ate it so fast it felt like I blew away some cash (B) and the excitement was done. (B) I still had a bone © So I digged a hole and put them under a stone. © I was still craving food so I found a bib (D) And went to a restaurant and order some prime rib. (B)

101 Quatrain By: Jordan Day I saw a man in a tan trench coat Near the dock by his speed boat He was tall and hefty I'm pretty sure he's a lefty. It was a unknown face I was so alone it felt like I was in space He was as dirty as a pig It looked like he was digging a hole just to dig. I said stop stranger When he kept going I knew I was in danger I started screaming And I woke up and found I was sleeping. I went outside My friend was giving me a ride And I saw the stranger Turns out he's is the famous Danny Granger.

102 Limerick By: Jordan Day There once was a kid name LaCurb He live in a psychotic suburb He went to the store And left, it was a bore Now he ate this huge herb

103 Ballad By: Jordan Day My dog Dylan is a husky He used to tear dolls He was a big dog He loved using his claws Dylan is a husky ah ah husky When it was time for a bath He just ran away He is a smart dog By the end of the day he came home to play He was one of my friends He was apart of my family He was close to me If he had a puppy I might of named him Stanly I loved him so much But my mom gave him away Its not his fault he sheds But I still think about him today.

104 About the Author Jordan Day lives in Sterling, Virginia was born and raised there. He love the Washington Wizards and Washington Redskins. His birthday is April 27 he is 12 years old.

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