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Themes Create convenient accessIncentivise the right behavioursIntegrate 1 2 3.

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2 Themes Create convenient accessIncentivise the right behavioursIntegrate 1 2 3

3 Themes Create convenient accessIncentivise the right behavioursIntegrate 1




7 GPS – GATEKEEPERS TO HEALTHCARE GP’s are a trusted entry point for healthcare Sources of advice on health matters Accessing GP services is getting harder Patients waiting on average more than 1 week for a non-urgent GP appointment Target guaranteeing a GP appointment within 48 hours removed in 2010 NHS Direct closed in March 2014 Sources: nVision Research 2013 and Pulse 2014

8 CONSUMER DEMAND MORE FROM GPS Consumers desire more choice and access Percentage who would sign up for an app or website that helped them : Health insurance is all about access and choice Key drivers of health insurance sales Sources: nVision Research 2013, Vitality Health

9 INTRODUCING VITALITY GP Expert advice on wellness and illness “Whether you want to find out what you should do to get healthier or want to discuss a health issue before making a claim, our Vitality GPs can help. You can speak to a Vitality GP face- to-face through video consultations or over the phone 24 hours a day” ! ! available from Q2 2015

10 MULTI-CHANNEL HEALTHCARE 24/7 access advice on health matters referral to physiotherapist & surgical consultant Vitality lifestyle coaching GP HELPLINE (reassurance & advice) Service Attributes Outputs + flexible appointment times (including weekends & evenings) online booking system (ensuring appointment within 48 hrs) choice of GP (gender, availability, special interests, 10 years UK experience, CQC accredited) medical underwriting (can authorise treatments) secure upload of images (e.g. for mole check) secure sharing of records review & rate facility (member can review & rate experience) (diagnosis & referral ) prescribe Vitality order minor diagnostic tests order prescriptions schedule follow-up appointment authorise referral to physiotherapist (via Priority Physio network) authorise referral to CBT therapist (via CBT network) authorise referral to consultant (Alliance Surgical, Oncologist & medical consultant) referral to NHS GP & A&E

11 THE COST OF VITALITY GP £25 (per consultation) Actual Cost FREE Cost to Member

12 EXAMPLE SCENARIOS I am ill Can a Vitality GP treat me ? Do I need to go to my NHS GP or A&E ? Do I need a referral ? I am seeking medical advice for me or a family member I have a mole / skin lesion I will be travelling Do I need a full medical screening ? My child has a high temperature do I need to take them to A&E ? I have already been diagnosed – Now what ? What is your opinion ? Can I see my named consultant? Can you refer me for a second specialist opinion ? I’ve a recurring problem – acute flare up Can you treat me ? Can you refer me ? I have a chronic condition Can you monitor me ? Can you help me manage my condition ? 12345

13 CASE STUDY 1 Reassurance is just a call away It’s the weekend and Nikki’s son is sick. She doesn’t know what to do. How serious is it? The GP’s surgery isn’t open and Nikki doesn’t know if she should take him to hospital Nikki phones the Vitality GP who advise her on the best course of action for her son and whether or not they need to go A&E.

14 The Vitality GP consultation CASE STUDY 2 The Vitality GP consultation Liz’s arm has come up in a nasty rash. It came on quite quickly and it’s itchy and sore. She wants to see a doctor quickly so they can tell her what it is, but she can’t take time off work at short notice. With Vitality GP Liz is able to book a video consultation with a GP at a time that works for her. The GP can see the extent of Liz’s rash by video and through additional photos Liz sends him, the GP can assess the rash in more detail. The GP then advises Liz on the best course of treatment and whether or not she should see a dermatologist.

15 CASE STUDY 3 The Vitality GP referral Mark has sprained his ankle and needs to see a GP. This is tricky because when he phones his GP’s surgery to book an appointment, the only available ones that week are in the middle of the day. Mark’s busy at work then and doesn’t have time to go during the middle of the day With Vitality GP Mark is able to book a video consultation with a GP within 48hrs and at a time which suits him. The GP recommends a course of physiotherapy and is able to book Mark’s first session for the next day at a clinic near his work.

16 PRESCRIPTIONS AND TESTS prescribes medication prescription fulfilled by LloydsPharmacy pick up from local LloydsPharmacy or home delivery recommend s minor tests full blood count, urea and electrolytes, urine for culture and sensitivity, ultrasound scans or plain X-rays £100 (per year) PRIMARY CARE BENEFIT Part of Core Cover No impact on No-Claims Discount Not subject to excess deduction Tests and scans Tests / scansAverage cost Full blood count£78 Liver function profile£98 Urea and electrolytes£78 X-ray£109 Chest X-ray£101 Private prescriptions PrescriptionAverage cost Amoxicillin£8.15

17 CASE STUDY 4 The Vitality GP prescription It’s 8am and Tom has just had a video consultation with the Vitality GP before going to work. The GP has written him a prescription. Normally Tom would take his prescription into a pharmacy in his lunch break and wait while they put together the prescription – this normally takes a while as the pharmacy is always busy at lunchtime Through its partnership with LloydsPharmacy, Vitality GP sends Tom’s prescription straight to LloydsPharmacy who prepare Tom’s prescription for him to pick up during his lunch break

18 KEY MESSAGES Clients Convenience 24/7 access to primary care, including payment for minor diagnostics and private prescriptions Coordinated Care a single point of referral and navigation for your treatment to ensure the best member experience and most appropriate clinical pathway Prescribe Wellness a unique ability to combine clinical pathways with wellness interventions to achieve the best health outcomes Employers Reduce employee time off work due to time needed to see GP, and minor illness Reward employees with a truly unique, relevant and highly valued new benefit Remind employees of your commitment to helping them manage and improve their health and wellbeing

19 TREATMENT 1.Limited clinical and claims information 2.Limited consultant & provider information 3.Size disadvantage for negotiation Customer NHS GP ConsultantHealth Insurer 1.Access to clinical and claims information 2.Access to consultant and provider information 3.Size advantage for negotiation 1.Increasingly hard to contact 2.Little or no knowledge of consultant quality and charging patterns 3.Little or no knowledge of networks and services available through health insurers Who is best to advise ? Information asymmetry in the independent healthcare system means that healthcare consumers have little or no informed choice

20 Real time access to consultants’ & therapists’ profiles Real time access to consultant and therapists’ diaries Members able to choose GP according to their selection criteria Members able to rate GP according to overall experience Continuous feedback loop between insurers and providers ensuring quality of referrals and outcomes Quality assured medical access for member WITH SERVICE INTEGRATION COMES VALUE FOR ALL GP panel delivers clinically appropriate primary care & wellness services and enabled to authorise onward referral for treatment Consultants empowered to make treatment recommendations according to clinical appropriateness and not member’s chosen hospital list Insurer is able to deliver greater customer and partner value while still achieving cost efficiencies Member has immediate access to an integrated healthcare system feedback loop

21 direct referral to consultants consultant refers member to most appropriate facility for treating the presenting condition GP SELECT Member books video consultation with Vitality GP Vitality GP can authorise further treatment and referrals prescriptions minor tests physiotherapy cognitive behavioural therapy GP A&E

22 PRICING BASE COUNTRYWIDE LOCAL -10% -15% GP SELECT 33% ( up to) 33% ( up to) COUNTRYWIDE PLUS ! ! available from Q2 2015 Pricing is indicative only, and correct as at November 2014

23 KEY MESSAGES Empowers GP to make decisions together with the patient without the influence of the insurance company and without the restriction of a defined hospital list Facilitates access to clinicians with expertise relevant to your condition at the earliest opportunity Removes unnecessary utilisation in the system by eliminating repeat consultations and diagnostics Allows us to pass on efficiency savings to the member, consistent with our shared-value insurance model

24 OUT-PATIENT COVER Out-patient Cover MRI/CT/PET Scans  no impact on out- patient limit In-network physiotherapy  Consultations  up to chosen out- patient limits with option to fully cover consultant referred diagnostic tests Diagnostic tests  Out of network physiotherapy £35 per session Core cover MRI/CT/PET Scans  New Out-patient cover MRI/CT/PET Scans are only covered when an out-patient option has been selected 1. Including high cost scans in Core Cover inflates the cost of Core 2. Requirement for consultant referral for scans means its counter intuitive to offer this cover without accompanying Out-patient Cover 3. 93% of new business clients opt for Out-patient Cover Old approach to covering high cost scans new benefits Vitality Health continues to offer the most out-patient options in the market Priority Physio claims DO NOT count towards the overall out-patient limit Priority Physio Network provides access to over 1,400 physiotherapy clinics nationwide ! ! available from Q2 2015

25 WHAT DRIVES HOSPITAL CHOICE? Location most likely to influence hospital choice Most important reasons for choosing private hospital Sources : Competition Commission / GFK 2012) On average patients are willing to travel for 30 mins Willingness to travel to private hospital (average travel time in minutes)

26 Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth added to Countrywide Hospital List at no additional cost HOSPITAL LISTS National Central London main independent acute hospitals main independent acute hospital beds Countrywide 95% 88% BASE PREMIUM Countrywide Plus 100% 33% (up to) Local 70%+ 67%+ -10% Premier Hospital List renamed as Countrywide Plus Sources : Laing & Buisson 2014 ! ! available from Q2 2015

27 ‘ over fifty percent of consultants with admitting rights to Countrywide Plus hospitals also have admitting rights to Countrywide List hospitals Average number of hospital specialists have admitting rights to LondonOut of London 32 LONDON HOSPITALS Myth busting 67% of SME and corporate customers on the Countrywide Plus coverage live within 2 miles of a Countrywide List hospital In 71% of cases, the nearest Countrywide List hospital is also the nearest Countrywide Plus Hospital London consultants tend to only work out of 1 hospital You have to have Countrywide Plus coverage to get ‘Premier’ consultants’ You have to have Countrywide Plus to get the best care and service Sources : Competition Commission / GFK 2012) & VitalityHealth data 2014

28 ABILITY TO MEET CUSTOMER NEEDS Malignant neoplasm, breast  Low back pain, site unspecified  Malignant neoplasm, colon,  Malignant neoplasm of ovary  Malignant neoplasm of prostate  Malignant neoplasm, bronchus or lung, unspecific  - Other and unspecified abdominal pain  Senile cataract, unspecified  impacted teeth  Pain in joint, lower leg  Unilateral or unspecified inguinal hernia  Intervertebral disc disorder  Injury to multiple structures of knee  Haemorrhage of anus and rectum  Atrial fibrillation and flutter  Sources : Vitality Health data 2014 Looking at the top 15 conditions we most commonly pay for in London, between them all 3 Central London Countrywide hospitals treat these conditions

29 KEY MESSAGES Outside Central London Where Central London hospital coverage is not required we believe that in the majority of cases the Local Hospital List offers sufficient coverage with access to high quality facilities and consultants Central London Where Central London hospital coverage is required we believe that in the majority of cases the Countrywide List offers sufficient coverage with access to high quality facilities and consultants

30 CANCER Typical cancer benefits Quick diagnosis  Rapid referral  Prompt hospital treatment  Radiotherapy  Chemotherapy  Drugs/treatments not covered by NHS  Latest technology e.g. Cyber Knife  Treatment at home  Health insurance offers reassurance in terms of cover Concerns about NHS cancer provision prevail

31 HIDDEN COSTS OF CANCER Full Cancer module renamed Enhanced Cancer Cover module but remains default module for quotes New benefits added to Enhanced Cancer Cover module Additional services Monthly Cost Annualised Cost New cancer benefits Wigs hairpieces and head coverings£23£276£300 Fabric supports e.g. Mastectomy bras£14£168£200 Scalp cold capping£50£200Covered Additional servicesAverage Duration Speech therapy6 sessions End of life home nursing care12 – 14 days14 days available on new Enhanced Cancer Cover module Sources : Macmillan – Cancer’s Hidden Price Tag. Public Health England - What We Know 2013

32 Cancer Cover Enhanced Cancer Cover Diagnostics Consultations  Investigations  Surgery  Reconstructive surgery  Stem / bone marrow transplants  Oncology Radiotherapy  Chemotherapy  Chemotherapy at home / work  Biological therapies 12 months  Bisphosphonates full cover if combined with chemotherapy & up to 3 months if used on their own  Hormone therapies  Support Cash benefits  Dedicated nursing support  Assistance at home  Follow-up consultations 5 yearsno time limit End of life care (pain relief)  Hospice donation  End of life home nursing care 2 weeks Wigs hairpieces and head coverings £300 Fabric supports e.g. Mastectomy bras £200 Scalp cold capping  Speech therapy 6 sessions OUR CANCER OPTIONS ! ! available from Q2 2015

33 Themes Create convenient accessIncentivise the right behavioursIntegrate 2

34 BROAD RECOGNITION OF NEED TO INVEST IN HEALTHY BEHAVIOUR ‘ There would be merit in extending incentives for employers in England who provide effective NICE recommended workplace health programmes for employees ‘ - NHS – Five Year Forward View ‘ ‘If the nation fails to get serious about prevention then recent progress in healthy life expectancies will stall, health inequalities will widen and our ability to fund beneficial new treatments will be crowded-out by the need to spend billions of pounds on wholly avoidable illness’ NHS – Five Year Forward View

35 INCENTIVES HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ENCOURAGED GREATER AWARENESS OF HEALTH non- smoker’s cashback Removed HealthCheck fee Average Vitality Age completions per quarter Average Vitality HealthChecks per quarter Removal of Healthcheck fee applied to VitalityHealth members only x3 x10 Weekly movies

36 UNDERSTANDING HEALTH GETS EASIER AND CHEAPER Entry levelVitality Prevention Plus£50 Lifestyle Health Assessment £122BMI Essential£84 Mid-range Vitality Active£64 Female Health Assessment £154BMI Select£162 Vitality Core£85 Comprehensive Vitality Executive£125 360 Health Assessment £257BMI Advanced£246 360+ Health Assessment £341BMI Advanced Plus£329 Bluecrest offers health screening services out of 1,732 locations nationwide Discount of 50% applied to all health screenings Prices include 50% Vitality Discount and are rounded up to the nearest £1 for illustrative purposes

37 GREATER INSIGHT INTO THE RISK PROFILES AND NEEDS OF OUR MEMBERS Vitality Age and HealthCheck data gives us a unique ability to segment our members and tailor interventions based on individual need Based on analysis by Vitality % of members

38 HIGH-RISK MEMBERS NEED TO GET CONTROL OF THEIR RISKS AND CONDITIONS The least healthy 15% of members have an average of 3.1 risk factors compared to an overall average of 1.8 Based on analysis by Vitality % of members

39 AT-RISK MEMBERS REQUIRE A REGULAR ROUTINE OF ACTIVITY AND WELLNESS 66% of these members are out of range for each of physical activity and nutrition Based on analysis by Vitality % of members

40 Walking Running Compared with inactive people, those who run/walk for 15 minutes a day have a 14% lower mortality risk, and a 3 year longer life expectancy Source: “Minimum amount of physical activity for reduced mortality and extended life expectancy: a prospective cohort study”, Chi Pang Wen, Jackson Pui Man Wai, et al SUSTAINED DAILY ACTIVITY CAN DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE LONG- TERM HEALTH

41 Relatively simple exercise behaviours (e.g. walking, cycling) may more easily become habitual than behaviours that are rather complex (e.g. attending an organized fitness program)... Source: “Physical exercise habit: on the conceptualization and formation of habitual health behaviours”, Henk Aarts, Theo Paulussen and Herman Schaalma EMBEDDING DAILY ROUTINES WITH REGULAR, MODERATE ACTIVITY IS KEY TO INCREASING OVERALL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY

42 Engagement in healthy activities by movie goers relative to non movie goers: Vitality members Non-Vitality members 8.2x 14.1x 16.8x INCENTIVES CAN HELP CREATE NEW ROUTINES, BUT WE NEED TO MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE Based on analysis by Vitality Our experience with the cinema benefits have shown the effectiveness of rewards in increasing healthy behaviours Based on new business 2013

43 More than one million wearables are expected to be sold this Christmas Analysts are heralding 2014 as the year the wearable finally fully breaks into mainstream consciousness WEARABLE DEVICES TOGETHER WITH INCENTIVES GIVE US A UNIQUE ABILITY TO DRIVE SUSTAINED ENGAGEMENT

44 MAKING IT EASIER TO TRACK ACTIVITY AND GET ACTIVE Moves: Free App for iPhone & Android Now you can link more activity devices and earn Vitality points with free mobile app Moves

45 MAKING IT CHEAPER TO TRACK ACTIVITY 50% 50% off selected Garmin activity tracking devices Includes Garmin Swim, so now swimmers can be rewarded too One of the largest producers of activity trackers in the market Each adult member can earn 50% off either a Garmin or Polar device during the lifetime of their plan

46 REWARDING ACTIVITY THROUGH A NEW REWARDS CATEGORY We have been inspired by the success of the cinema benefit in increasing Vitality Age completion; can we now use it to motivate regular physical activity? 9 points unlock a weekly reward WEEKLY REWARDS 1 movie AND 1 drink per week 40 points unlock a monthly reward MONTHLY REWARDS Minimum of 1 song per month Active Rewards How it works:

47 INTRODUCING FREE PASS FOR VITALITY GOLD AND PLATINUM MEMBERS  To recognise the efforts of our Vitality Gold and Platinum members, we are giving these members immediate and ongoing access to Active Rewards, regardless of their weekly and monthly points earning

48 REGULAR ENGAGERS NEED SUPPORT TO SUSTAIN ENGAGEMENT The challenge is to keep these members engaged in their health on an on-going basis % of members

49 BronzeSilverGoldPlatinum 10%20%40%50% £250£300£400£500 £50£75£100£125 25%30%35%40% 50% Rewarding ongoing engagement for the attainment of health goals STATUS REWARDS 25% Maximum cashback: Subject to terms and conditions

50 Reduced Status Requirements Single Unchanged Couple Couple and family Family 1 1 - Couple with 18+ Dependant, 2 – Available from Q2 2015 for new business and renewal CHANGING THE VITALITY POINTS STRUCTURE TO ALLOW EASIER PROGRESSION FOR FAMILIES

51 CASE STUDY - COUPLE WHO BOTH WALK 7,000 STEPS A DAY It took 267 days for them to reach Silver: Before: Silver status = 1,600pts Now: Silver status = 1,200pts It takes 200 days for them to reach Silver: They get to Silver over 2 months earlier Making moderate engagement more achievable for couples and families Time taken to reach Silver:

52 CASE STUDY – RECOGNISING AND DRIVING MORE ENGAGEMENT Wife goes to gym 3 times a week, but husband is un- engaged: Bronze statusSilver status Gold status Before wife’s effort was not recognised: Couples joint status: Now her effort is appropriately recognised: If husband walks 7,000 steps a day they can get to Gold : Our new approach is designed to help get less active partners engaged, so couples and families can enjoy more rewards Old thresholds: New thresholds:

53 Domestic European ANNOUNCING AN EXCITING NEW STATUS REWARD PARTNER Up to 40% off return flights including taxes and charges, to more than 70 destinations within UK and Europe

54 Vitality Status Discount off total fare* Number of return flights per life per annum Bronze 5%1 Silver 20%1 Gold 30%2 Platinum 40%2 Number of flights per annum applies to each life named on the plan The discount applies to return economy flights and is subject to a minimum stay depending on the day of departure. 2 nights stay needed for Sun to Thurs departures, and 1 night overnight stay needed for Fri and Sat departures. WORKINGS OF THE BRITISH AIRWAYS BENEFIT

55 SUMMARY OF PARTNER CHANGES Our new partnersWithdrawals We are removing some of our less used partners to make way for even more partners Our new partners will become available for new business from end of January 2015 New business : These partners will no longer be available for new business from 1 January 2015 : Existing business : Bookings for Mark Warner and Merlin are available up to renewal after 1 Feb 2015. Ticketmaster and are available for new contracts and activations up to 1 Feb 2015. Existing phone contracts will be honoured until the end of their term..

56 Themes Create convenient accessIncentivise the right behavioursIntegrate 3

57 STATUS LINKED EXCESS ADDITION A non-discriminate way of sharing cost with employees and driving engagement Vitality STATUS £250 Max £150 Max £250£150 £100 £0£50 £0 Reduced excess for low status employees

58 ENHANCED PERSONAL HEALTH FUND Vitality STATUS Annual Contribution £75 £125 £175 £225 Service average cost of a private sight test £78 average cost of a private dental check-up £30-£60 Bluecrest Vitality Executive Screening £125* Annual cost of a chronic prescription card £104 Garmen Vívofit£44.50* Omron Elite Blood Pressure Monitor £102.95 Betterlife Digital Tens Unit£25 50% towards indicator measurement devices/products, including blood pressure cuffs, cholesterol and blood glucose testing kits etc. 50% towards medical aids, including hearing aids, tens machines, first aid kits, dressings and medication + * Includes Vitality discount


60 IN SUMMARY GP embedded in our product Launch of new product Introduction of Active Rewards Powering our Status Rewards

61 INTRODUCING VITALITY INSIGHTS visit Reports & articlesCase studies Regular insights, research and case studies showing the value of Vitality’s shared value approach


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