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Diana ( ) - Princess of Wales.

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1 Diana (01.07.1961 - 31.08.1997) - Princess of Wales.
Презентация к уроку в 6 классе Подготовила учитель английского языка Павлова Тамара Вячеславовна МБОУСОШ № 28 город Тула

2 Answer the questions about the famous Princess
1. What can you tell about Diana's family? 2. When was Diana born? 3. Where did Diana study? 4. When and where did she first meet Charles? 5. What kind of relations did Diana and Charles have after getting married? 6. When did the situation become worse? 7. When was the official divorce held? 8. How did the Princess die?

3 Make sure you're right Princess Diana was a famous media star. Diana Frances Spencer was born on 1 July, 1961 into an old aristocratic English family in the estate of the Spencers in Norfolk.

4 In her childhood she dreamt of being a ballerina
In her childhood she dreamt of being a ballerina. But she had to give up this idea because it appeared that she was too tall for that. Diana studied at normal schools — at first in Norfolk, then in Kent. When she was 16 she left for Switzerland and finished school there. Diana lived with her friends in London, earning as a cook or a nanny, and then found the job of a teacher in a kindergarten.

5 For the first time Diana met the Prince in 1977, in the estate of Diana's father.

6 They were married at St. Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981 and this wedding became rather most brilliant event in Britain. Diana was twenty, Charles — thirty-two.

7 There were two sons in the family: Prince William and Prince Harry

8 The family was happy first

9 Diana was well-known for her charity.
She visited a lot of hospitals and schools in different countries. She was against landmines and helped people with dangerous diseases.

10 They called Diana the queen of people’s hearts

11 On August 31, 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a car accident .
In her life she did a lot of charity all over the world and became the most popular and beloved figure of the royal family.

12 Princess Diana’s death is still full of mysteries.
Now her name is included in the list of the most important and famous British people. There are memorials in her honour.

13 The task: Speak on the topic about Princess Diana, use the following words
Vocabulary:  estate — имение, поместье ancestor — предок royal — королевский to dissolve — расторгать (брак) to inherit — (у)наследовать to give up — отказаться (от чего-либо) nanny — няня to give birth to — родить кого-л. kindergarten — детский сад suitable — подходящий descent — происхождение heir — наследник wedding — свадьба a brilliant event — яркое событие honeymoon — медовый месяц reign — правление vain — напрасный, тщетный horse riding — верховая езда separately — отдельно, врозь senior —старший  fashionable — модный

14 Thank You! Bye!

15 Reference sources: Учебник для 6 класса М.З. Биболетова «Английский с удовольствием» Издательство «Титул» 2014 г. Картинки интернета Песня Э.Джона в память о принцессе Диане

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