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THE PRESENTATION OF HISTORY AATMIK ARADHANA WELFARE SOCIETY is a non- political, non-profit and charitable organization. It is the brain child of Mr.

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3 HISTORY AATMIK ARADHANA WELFARE SOCIETY is a non- political, non-profit and charitable organization. It is the brain child of Mr. Vijay, who is a native of Andhra Pradesh, India. He came to Delhi along with his father and stayed at Kalyanpuri, Delhi. He later on worked hard for his livelihood. Later on he got married to Mrs Santosh are having three children named Philip and Peter Paul and Ms. Esther Rani. He had visited many slums areas where he saw children and women are neglected. Children didn’t access to school and girls were being prohibited to join in school. The girls were considered as burden in the slums areas like Shashi Garden and Pentanpool He was challenged and inspired by seeing their pathetic condition and poor living standard. With much concern He started working among such neglected and marginalized people with children and women with his little earned money. Gradually many same minded and social activists joined with him and encouraged him to start the social developmental work which was later on registered in 2008 in Delhi in the name AATMIK ARADHAN WELFARE SOCIETY. At present, the central office is located at Biharipur, opposite of CRPF Camp, Delhi. AAWS’ social work has been expanded from Delhi to different states of India named U.P., Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. It has been working successfully in the field of community transformation.

4 3 GOAL & OBJECTIVES Goal : “ To see a healthy and just society‘’ Aims and Objectives : 1.To create a sense of brotherhood, cooperation, harmony, love and affection in the society. 2.To promote formal and non-formal education, adult literacy at rural and urban areas irrespective of caste, religion, colors etc. 3.To organize workshop, training programs and seminars in order to sensitize the regarding different social issues, justice, economical development and fundamental rights provided by constitution of India. 4. To provide free service and financial support to poor communities for their empowerment and over all development by constructing community Hall, souchalaya, charitable dispensary/ hospital,library, Balwadies, Creches, 5.To arrange and manage the training institute in typing shorthand, computer, fine art, craft, music, painting, dancing, physical education and in other professional training program for self –employment.

5 GOAL, VISION & OBJECTIVES 6. To acquire, dispose off, sell mortgage any property in Delhi 7.To conduct research in education in various discipline. 8.To Invest money in such ventures as may be permissible by the law for the time being in force 9.To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities 10.l 11.To provide financial support to orphan and poor children with single parents 12.To accelerate efforts for empowerment of women 13.To provide financial assistance to handicapped and widows.

6 5 LEGAL STATUS  Societies Registration Act, 1860: The Society was registered nationally on 20 th June 2008 in New Delhi, vide registration No. S/27904.  Registered U/S 12(a) of Income Tax Act 1961: NQ.DIT (E) I 2009-10/ DEL - AR20188 – 02092009/658  80G (5)(vi): NQ.DIT (E) I 2009 – 10/ 1488 – DEL – AE20641- 02092009

7 6 AATMIK ARADHANA BOARD MEMBERS Mr. DanielMr. Vijay RaoMrs. Saroj DeviMr. KailashMr. Dimple

8 Programs 6 Free tuition center for children Talent hunting program for children Financial support to widows, handicapped persons and poor children Empowerment program for women Vocational Training Tailoring center Free health check up Inception and empowering CBO Advocacy program for community people

9 FREE MEDICAL CHECKUP YearPlaceProgramNo. of camp No. of beneficiaries No. of doctors No. of Nurses 2010 Biharipur & slums Health camp, vaccination, Free medicines & HIV/AIDs, F.P. Twice i a month 110022 2011 Biharipur & slums,, 1500 2 2 2012 Biharipur & slums,, 1900 22 2013Biharipur & Slums,, 2500 33

10 VOCATIONAL TRAINING There are 5 computers have been set up at our computer lab at Biharipur where 10 needy young students have been learning.

11 Our Mission “ To provide safe, stable and loving homes for children to develop and grow in God's love & grace.’’ In our home we rescue orphaned and abandoned children find a gentle, loving environment where they know people really care about them. We adopt abandoned children and at present there are 20 children has been given free food and lodging at Gali No. 14/6, Biharipur, opposite of CRPF Camp, Delhi. ORPHANAGE AAWS’ orphanage is the name to describe a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for them. Parents, and sometimes grandparents, are legally responsible for supporting children, but in the absence of these or other relatives willing to care for the children, they become a ward of the state, and orphanages are a way of providing for their care and housing. Children are educated within or outside of the orphanage

12 Today, the population of Delhi is over 14 million. More than 4 million of these people live in slum colonies that are chronically overcrowded and lack even the most basic amenities. Although India is experiencing significant economic growth and increased prosperity, the benefit of this does not trickle down to the level of the slum dwellers and so the gap between the rich and the poor is growing ever wider. Our mission comes together to contribute towards providing quality education for slum children. Every bit of contribution can help to enrich the experience of the slum children regarding learning and gaining knowledge. Many underprivileged families do not recognize the importance of education and so they keep their children away from schools. In order to encourage all such people, free education and mid day meals are being provided at government schools which not only facilitate children, but also help them in making a bright future. EDUCATION FOR SLUM CHILDREN

13 Sl. NoYearComputer Center / Place in Delhi No. of Center/s No. of Children No. of tutor/s 12008Biharipur1104 22009Biharipur,1406 32010Biharipur,1608 42011Biharipur,18010 52012Biharipur,114010 62013Biharipur,1109 COMPUTER CENTRE

14 Sl. NoYearTuition Center / Place in Delhi No. of Center/s ClassNo. of Children No. of tutor/s 12008Biharipur & Kalyanpuri2 1 st – 8 th class804 22009Biharipur, Kalyanpuri & Rohini3,,1206 32010Biharipur, Kalyanpuri,Rohini & Tukmirpur 4,,1608 42011Biharipur, Kalyanpuri,Rohini, Tukmirpur & Rampark 5,,20010 52012Tukhmirpur, Kalyanpuri, Rohini, Biharipur, & Rampark 6,,24012 62013Biharipur, Kalyanpuri, Rohini, Tukhmirpur, Rampark 6,,28812 FREE TUITION CENTER



17 ADULT LITERACY Sl. No.YearTuition Center / Place In Delhi No. of Center/s No. adult literacy student/s No. of tutor/s 12009Biharipur1402 22010Biharipur & Tukmirpur2804 32011Biharipur, Tukmirpur & Sonia Vihar31005 42012Biharipur, Tukhmirpur2804 52013Biharipur, Tukhmirpur41405


19 STAFF & BENEFICIARIES Sl. NoName of statesDistrictsStaffs 1 Delhi410 2 Uttar Pradesh58 3 Maharashtra22 4 Andhra Pradesh37 5 Uttara Khand11 6 Madhya Pradesh22 7 Haryana22 Total 7 states1932 Paid Staffs – 10 Irregular paid staff- 22 Total beneficiaries- Direct: Indirect:


21 Statement from beneficiaries Contd. ‘I am Ms. Sunita, an adult literacy graduate student. Earlier, when I used to go parlor at any occasion to beautify myself, I was scolded by my parents for asking money. But now, I do it for myself and save little money from my earning and help my sibling. I am really grateful to Aatmik Aradhana for teaching and empowering me to stand firm in my own leg that enabled me to help myself and family. ’ ‘ I am a bride of this Biharipur area, Delhi. Being a house wife and mother of two children, I could earn a lum sum amount after learning beautician course at AATMIK ARADHANA training center and could help my husband to maintain our family. This project put off tension of poverty in my family. My appeal to all young mothers to come, join and learn to support their respective family with own income.

22 SUCCESS STORIES 1. Name- Ms. Pooja,Age:22 D/o- Neeraj Address: A-8/2, Ram jee Lal Market Tukmirpur, Delhi- 94 ‘I have 6 others sibling and am the eldest one in my family. All of my family members love me because I was studying in class 5 th and I passed in the final exam. Then I took admission in class VI and went to school for few days. But I had to stop my schooling. It happened in my family that, my father suddenly died due to an incurable disease. We all felt helpless and became too discouraged. My mother was a house wife and had no job or income. But poverty forced her to come out of house and started working in small factory. I had a strong desire to read in school. But my mother put all burden of our family upon me and she prohibited me to go school. My mother realized her mistake and she allowed me for reading after few years but I had forgot all writing and reading alphabets. One day one of my friends shared me about a coaching center run by Aatmik Aradhan Welfare Society. I contacted with the teacher Ms Sunita who encouraged me and enrolled my name in the center on Sept. 2011. I learnt there for 4 months & started reading small sentences and wrote words and also counting. My mother was so happy and encouraged me. Now, I have taken admission in NIOS (National Institute of Open School ) and want to complete my matriculation. I am so thankful to Aatmik Aradhana Welfare Society for rendering free service to poor and needy woman like me.

23 SUCCESS STORIES 2.Mrs. Savita W/o- Rambeer At- Sherpur, Gali No.-4 Near N.N. Balika School, Delhi-94 She is having 3 children (one daughter and 2 sons). Children are studying at nearby Primary school. Her husband is a daily laborer and only earning source for family. So, his income was not enough to meet their daily household expenses. Further, they don’t have land to live. Both of them are non-metric. So, often of getting a job is limited for them. One day Mrs. Savita heard about a tailoring centre run by Aatmik Aradhanana Welfare Society at Biharipur. She took admission and learnt stitching, cu ting within of six months course. Now, her training brought a good stability and income for her. She shared her story and told ‘ I am happy to say that, through my work, I am earning Rs 2000-2500 per month by getting for making ready made garments. My husband is happy and willingly help me in my household works and cutting. Now, we are very happy for our children as they are getting good nourishment after I became self reliant. I am very thankful to Aaradhan staffs for supporting and empowering me to fight against poverty.’

24 1.Financial support for orphan children, adult literacy & tuition centers 2.Support for the construction of central office building 3.Regular Financial support for staffs and social workers 4.5 bikes and 20 bicycles for our social workers 5.Qualified and dedicated staffs for AAWS 6.A van for taking care of children INSTANT NEEDS

25 National- Local communities and churches International – No. donation Individual Delhi PARTNERS

26 CONTACT ADDRESS House No.-14, Street No.-6, Biharipur, Near CRPF camp, Khajuri Khas, New Delhi -110094 India ( M )-09910978699 / 09910778699 Email : aatmikaradhana @ gmail. com / facebook vijay pastor aatmikaradhana @ gmail. com Website : aatmikaradhana. com / aatmikaradhana charitabletrust


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