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1 Ms. R.P. 18 yrs. Jewelry designer (Transc given) C.C : Amenorrhoea since last 5 yrs. (up to 13 yrs of age she had regular periods). Without hormones.

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2 1 Ms. R.P. 18 yrs. Jewelry designer (Transc given) C.C : Amenorrhoea since last 5 yrs. (up to 13 yrs of age she had regular periods). Without hormones she does not get periods. USG Pelvis : hypo plastic uterus and ovaries

3 2 With chief complaints her feeling was “I am not normal”. Right now her main feeling is she is putting on weight. “I don’t look good any more. I always looked good. That is not been problem with me. And I always had that self confidence. When people calls me fat it starts playing on my mind.

4 3 “Appearance now a days does matter a lot. I wanted to feel good about my body. So I always wanted to be a thinner side. I want to have a perfect, good muscular body. So I always dreamt, of looking of my self like that. Even now I don’t consider my self really fattier or obese.”

5 4 “I wanted to look like actress Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif ”

6 5 Suppose if you become like Katrina Kaif, how is the feeling? It looks good, you can wear all types of cloths. “ I don’t have to show out side world, ok I have become thin appearance wise, but it is just that I feel happy”. [My thinking – appearance, cloths, looks etc. are important issue for her.]

7 6 If she becomes over weight – it feels like end of the world. [ I probed her In detail to get the experience but she didn't want to experience that state]. Her feeling was “I never never looked fat, I have always kept imagine my self on the thinner side. It requires too much to work on your self, So I don’t want to reach that stage.

8 7 Dr : How does that feel? Looking your self little more fattier, in front of the mirror? Pt : Depressing, feels low, your self esteem goes very low, you don’t feel confident about your self any more and people make fun of you. Dr : Why it is important to have a nice body like Katrina? VIDEO CLIP -1 (Page : 18) (DVD 25:34)

9 8 Important themes and words : Achieving, perfection, work, carrier, knowledge, appearance, famous. “ you should have a brand, people will know you for your work (performance). Teachers favorite, impressing people, “my work speaks for example. Stand out meaning showing my capabilities, I have edges over the others. I like topping class and being recognized for it. Whole class looks up to me. I like leadership feeling.

10 9 Dr : speak little more about leadership feeling? Pt : You can show your individual characteristics. Teachers say you have done well etc. [more than leadership, it is more of appreciation]

11 10 When doctors used to tell, that she would not conceive, she use to feel shock Experience of shock? It was jittery (no HG) & she felt very bad. [she did not stay there & went to performance once again] VIDEO CLIP - 2 (DVD 35:12)

12 11 Wanted to top the school Again “I came first in class in collage once you are doing well in same stream of your life you feel good”. (for her powerful feeling,is doing well)

13 12 Fear : Becoming fat is a big fear. I have overcome fear of darkness and water Dream : used to get dreams of drowning. What are repeated dream? VIDEO CLIP - 3 (DVD 40:00)

14 13 Dream of myself looking very good. Appearance really matter to me always. So even in my dream I see myself thin, good looking & successful. I want to be the famous. Dream of big house with nice rooms (I have designed that) ……… pink wall……. Punching bag……. (cont…)

15 14 I am vary fond of watches, shoes, related to fashion, I dream of nice wardrobe & good collection of shoes……. Wall had spot light etc. [my thinking – lot of things in the dream related with fashion, design]. When I inquired about her anger she said “ I can not stand anyone to tell bad about me”.

16 15 VIDEO CLIP – 4 (DVD 44:50) Feels very good when appreciated. Opposite feeling? I do not feel bad when I am not appreciated. I would not need appreciation. Does not matter as much if I am confident.

17 16 3 WISHES IN HER LIFE 1. 1. Prosperity (succeed or flourish) in all fields of life. 2. 2. Abundance – health, wealth, happiness. 3. 3. Inner satisfaction & contentment.

18 17 UNDERSTANDING : She is successful (in her dream). Performance is the key along with appreciation. Being topper. Perfection, hard working, knowledge, confidence, achieving, famous, impress, showing capabilities, need to do something different, edges over others, ego. I prescribed her Palladium 1M

19 18 Understanding of Row 5 From : Dr.Rajan Sankaran’s STRUCTURE

20 19 UNDERSTANDING OF ROW 5 The issue in row 5 is of : Performance and creativity Facing the new Create, perform, achieve, to be admired Need of appreciation and sensitive to criticism Appearance, show Adventure, teaching, guiding, learning, technique or skill and dexterity (mental skill or quickness)

21 20

22 21 UNDERSTANDING OF ROW 5 Creativity and Performance : In row 5 the issue is about facing the new, creativity, and performance. They need to process information and come to a conclusion, analyze, improvise, research, invent, devise, formulate, conceive and solve.

23 22 The feeling here is, ‘I am safe but I need to explore the new.’ Here they need to be creative, perform, be appreciated and also defend themselves. Here they can’t be routine: every situation is a new situation and they have to solve the problem.

24 23 Attack and defense for this row is not that people will come and get them, but that where they are going and venturing out is dangerous. ‘It is my choice to go and venture out.’

25 24 The capacity to face the new and to create is completely lacking in the left hand side of the row. It develops gradually so that by the middle they are successful as performers and towards the right hand side they start loosing the capability to perform. (cont…) (cont…) 24

26 25 To begin with they don’t know what they want to do, which they gradually find out (as their capability increases). When they identify their goal they become more and more specialized in that area of creativity. 25

27 26 As you go from the left hand side of the row to the middle, the specialization gets more and more fine, but at the same time the anxiety to perform increases because it’s a bigger potential fall each time. 26

28 27 UNDERSTANDING OF PALLADIUM : Palladium belongs to the meeting point of row 5 and column 10. Palladium has the feeling, ‘I am successful in doing something new, pursuing a creative activity and getting appreciated for my novel creation.’ These people lay great emphasis on what others think about them; hence there efforts are directed towards gaining the good opinion of others, failing which, they feel insulted and neglected.

29 28 The above mentioned aspects are represented by the rubrics (complete repertory) : Delusion, appreciated, he is not Delusion, insulted, he is, and Delusion, neglected, he is Longing for good opinion of others Love of approbation (praise)

30 29 In order to gain the admiration of other people, they always need to do something special. These are a few comments that people make about a Palladium patient: “Oh! What a nice person he is.” “She always appears presentable.” “He has a good command of language” {In Silica it is only about identity & appearance. where as in Palladium it is about skill & talent (e.g. beautiful work) }

31 30 Difference between appearance and skill Comparison with row 3 Difference between appearance and skill Row 5Row 3 Mainly concerned about opinion, wanting a good opinion, to be appreciated for their skill, talent, creativity and performance. Not concerned about looking good only. Opinion is ab your worth Mainly concerned about impression, appearance and identity. Appearance is the way they look to other people. And the opposite is awkwardness or timidity. 30

32 31 FOLLOW UP : Got her natural period after 5 yrs. It has happened for the first time & she is very happy about it. She is more aware of her ego & has became more humble to others. VIDEO CLIP (DVD 04:15) Date 27/09/2008 31

33 32 KEY WORDS OF ROW 5 New Change Creating Research Invent Discover Guide Urge to learning Appreciation Applause Criticism Good opinion Complements Shining Performance Talent

34 33 Attack & defense Tactic Improvise Solve Solution Skill Strategy Plan Analyze Conclude Flexibility Expertise Specialization Problem Foresight Competence Innovation (introducing new ideas, methods etc.) Knowledge

35 34 Few words from one of my cured – Case of Stannum met : Main problem Passing blood in urine Tuberculosis Dream (something is stolen, car is stolen) Helpless Adversary (opponent) Adversary is too strong Side line Capability Cornered I am not strong enough No strength Given up Acknowledge Important Recognition Capability

36 35 Advice Magazine Proper importance Appreciate Topper Loosing Failure Encouraged Techniques New ideas He has done a good job You are very intelligent fellow It comes to paper or magazine Defense, Research &Development BARC Inventive mind Good in math's Something better Design Very fatigue Very tired

37 36 Very weak Technical ability Breaking down Defeated Lost Exhausted Tiredness Destroy Sucked up So helpless I don’t have energy Guru Flow energy So weak Sexual energy is wasted Lost vital energy Not able to do it Stability is much less Fade up Feel lost Old age Not as strong Crushed

38 37 Destroyed Pressed under vehicle Strength is not there Not strong enough Much stronger Poor health Desperate Repair Damaging the system Not sufficient Worthless Not able to cope up Not able to do Solve Weak all the time Totally different Very poorly built Damaged me a lot Body was weak

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