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Setting Captives They sold me a dream…

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1 Setting Captives They sold me a dream…

2 Setting Captives … then they sold me

3 Setting Captives Meet Sabina When Sabina left home in Bangladesh, she felt good. Her luck had changed at last…

4 Setting Captives Sabina’s story She was turning her back on a life of poverty cleaning other people’s houses in exchange for food. It was all thanks to that Indian lady who visited and offered her a job in India. Sabina dreamt she might even find a husband. But as soon as she arrived, they locked her up and raped her repeatedly. For seven days.

5 Setting Captives Sabina’s story She was just 12 years old. For Sabina, like thousands of other young girls and women each year, the dream of a better life turned sour. It was years before Sabina took her life in her hands and managed to escape. She eventually made it back home to suffer the daily gossip. Now her only concern is that her son doesn’t end up like her.

6 Setting Captives One of many Sabina is one of many Bangladeshi women CMS mission partner James Pender has met as he works with the Church of Bangladesh to prevent trafficking.

7 Setting Captives One of many Alongside Women’s Development Officer Juliate Malakar, James raises awareness of trafficking and offers women opportunities to start businesses so that they don’t get desperate enough to be tempted across the border.

8 Setting Captives A terrible trap “Trafficking demolishes the status of women and is a terrible trap for women living with poverty and unemployment. “I want to work with these women because I see them suffering, I want to be with them as Christ is with me.” Juliate Keya Malakar Women’s Development Officer, Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programme

9 Setting Captives The red light district In the red light district of Pune, India, Dr Lalita Edwards offers care and counsel to commercial sex workers. And she helps them give their children a brighter future.

10 Setting Captives The red light district She has set up a community centre where children with HIV / AIDS can be cared for.

11 Setting Captives “Rescue those being led away to death… Lalita’s motto “If you say, ‘But we knew nothing about this,’ does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?” Proverbs 24:11,12

12 Setting Captives The bigger picture More than ONE MILLION girls and women are FORCED into the sex industry in India FIFTEEN per cent of India’s estimated 2.3 million prostitutes are CHILDREN Every year 20,000 women are TRAFFICKED from Bangladesh alone… …65 PER CENT of them into the sex trade Worldwide, between TWO AND FOUR MILLION people, mostly women and children, are trafficked each year

13 Setting Captives You can help Wear a wristband… add your name… It’s a talking point to raise awareness… and a reminder to pray for Sabina and thousands of others

14 Setting Captives Made in Bangladesh… …by impoverished women out of hard-wearing jute. Income-generating projects like this…

15 Setting Captives and this… …give women the opportunity to make a living with dignity.

16 Setting Captives Your money can… help Lalita Edwards create a night-crèche: £20 could provide one month’s care for the child of a sex worker, taking them out of their mother’s rooms when they are working at night help prevent trafficking in Bangladesh: £30 could help counsel a victim of trafficking and get her back on her feet with a micro-credit loan help the Church of North India develop a country-wide programme to combat the trade in human flesh

17 Setting Captives Give me a future… …rebuild my dreams

18 Setting Captives Thank you for caring… …enough to act.

19 Setting Captives 020 7803 3332 Setting Captives Free Church Mission Society Partnership House 157 Waterloo Road London SE1 8UU Contact

20 Setting Captives Donations Send donations to: Setting Captives Free Church Mission Society Partnership House 157 Waterloo Road London SE1 8UU Or donate online at Or call Louise Gibson on 020 7803 3329 for more information

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