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Herbs that clear the heat 3 Clear Heat from deficiency ( Def. ) Lower fever; sweating in the afternoon or at night; heat sensation in the palms & feet;

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1 Herbs that clear the heat 3 Clear Heat from deficiency ( Def. ) Lower fever; sweating in the afternoon or at night; heat sensation in the palms & feet; thirst; red tongue body with no coating; Clear deficient fire qing hao, di gu pi, bai wei Downward draining herbs Constipation Purgatives Da Huang; Mang Xiao; Lu Hui Moist Laxatives Huo Ma Ren; Yu Li Ren Harsh Expellants Qian Niu Zi; Gan Sui; Da Ji; Yuan Hua; Ba Dou

2 Clear Heat from deficiency Agents which clear heat from deficiency Qing Hao 青蒿 Di Gu Pi 地骨皮 Bai Wei 白薇

3 Qing Hao 青蒿

4 Pharmaceutical NameArtemistae annuae Herba Actions Clear summer heat Clears deficient fever Cools blood & stops bleeding Checks malarial disorders & resolves heat Indications ( Def. ) Summer heat Steaming bone fever Purpruic rashes due to heat in blood Alternative fever & chills Dosage6 – 12 g CookDo not subject to prolonged cooking Toxic sym. Over the normal dosage range, 3.4% patients experienced nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain… Qing Hao 青蒿 (Cold)

5 ContraindicationsWeak digestion or watery diarrhea Combinations IndicationsFormular Bian Dou 扁豆 Summer heat Di Gu Pi 地骨皮 Bai Wei 白薇 Deficient fever Bie Jia 鳖甲 Unreason lower fever Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang 青蒿鳖甲汤 Che Qian Cao 车前草 Children’s diarrhea & scanty urine due to summer heat Bo He 薄荷 Fever with no sweating Huang Qin 黄芩 Chai Hu 柴胡 Alternative chills & fever

6 Di Gu Pi 地骨皮

7 Pharmaceutical NameLycii Cortex Actions Clear deficient fever Clears lung heat Cool blood & stop bleeding Indications ( def. ) Steaming bone fever Nose bleeding; blood in stools or urine Toothache due to kidney def. Diabetes Lung heat type cough or panting Dosage6 – 15 g Cook Toxic Sym. In high dosage ( 50g): vertigo; palpitations; nausea; vomiting Di Gu Pi 地骨皮 (Cold)

8 ContraindicationsLoose stools Combinations IndicationsFormular Qing Hao 青蒿 Zhi Mu 知母 Lower fever Sang Bai Pi 桑白皮 Lung heat type coughing or panting Bai Mao Gen 白茅根 Ce Bai Ye 侧柏叶 Cool blood & stop bleeding. Huang Lian 黄连 Diabetes & hypertension Sheng Di Huang 生地黄 Toothache due to def. fire

9 Bai Wei 白薇

10 Pharmaceutical NameCynanchi atrati Radix Actions Clears heat & cools the blood Cools the blood & promotes urination Resolves toxicity & treats sores Indications ( Def. ) Fever due to yin def. Hot or painful bloody urinary dribbling Toxic sores, swollen and painful throat, & snake bite Dosage3 – 12 g Cook Toxic Sym. Over dosage 30g: palpitations; nausea; vomiting; dizziness Bai Wei 白薇 (Cold)

11 Contraindications Combinations IndicationsFormular Di Gu Pi 地骨皮 Bone steam fever Dang Gui 当归 Ren Shen 人参 Chronic fever Bo He 薄荷 Yu Zhu 玉竹 Wind heat in one with underlying yin def. Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang 加减葳蕤汤 Qian Hu 前胡 Pi Pa Ye 枇杷叶 Cough from lung heat Dan Zhu Ye 淡竹叶 Mu Tong 木通 Urinary dysfunction due to Yin def. Bai Shao 白芍 Hot painful urinary dribbling or painful bloody urinary dribbling during pregnancy or postpartum

12 Downward draining herbs Part 1 Purgatives herbs which are bitter & cold in nature, with rather strong heat-clearing properties. Da Huang 大黄 Mang Xiao 芒硝 Lu Hui 芦荟

13 Da Huang 大黄

14 Pharmaceutical NameRhei Radix et Rhizoma Actions Drains heat & purges accumulations Drains fire Clears heat, transforms dampness, & promotes urination Drains heat from the blood Invigorates the blood & dispels blood stasis Clears heat & reduces fire toxicity Indications (Excess ) Constipation Yang Jaundice Excess Fire: intense fever, sore throat, hot, painful eyes Bleeding hemorrhoids or blood in the stools Fixed pain due to blood stasis Dosage3 ~15 g CookAdd near the end or boil separately for 3 mins Toxic Sym.Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal colic, and jaundice Da Huang 大黄 (Cold)

15 Contraindications Weak stomach Pregnancy & Lactation Combinations IndicationsFormular Mang Xiao 芒硝 Constipation Cheng Qi Tang 承气汤 Fu Zi Constipation due to cold accumulation Huo Ma Ren 火麻仁 Dang Gui 当归 Constipation due to blood def. Huang Lian 黄连 Huang Qin 黄芩 Excess heat in upper jiao Yin Chen Hao 茵陈蒿 Jaundice Yin Chen Hao Tang 茵陈蒿汤 Tao Ren 桃仁 Blood stasis in uterus Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan 大黄蛰虫丸 Di Yu 地榆 Burning (exterior using) Mu Tong 木通 Che Qian Zi 车前子 Hot & painful urine Ba Zheng San 八正散 Sheng Ma 升麻 Toothache due to St. fire

16 Mang Xiao 芒硝

17 Pharmaceutical NameNatrii Sulfas Actions Purges accumulation & guides out stagnation Clears heat & drains fire Clears heat & reduces swelling Soften hardness Indications (Excess ) Constipation Sore swollen throats Red swollen painful eyes Ulcerated mouth or throat Dosage6 -18 g Cook Toxic Sym. Mang Xiao 芒硝 (Very Cold) (Very Cold)

18 Contraindications Pregnancy Spleen & St. def. Combinations IndicationsFormular Da Huang 大黄 Constipation Huang Qin 黄芩 Gua Lou Ren 瓜篓仁 Cough due to phlegm heat Ban Xia 半夏 Zhi Ke 枳壳 Pain in both shoulders or swelling of the extremities due to phlegm heat Bing Pian 冰片 Peng Sha 硼砂 Redness & swelling of the throat ( exterior using )

19 Lu Hui 芦荟

20 Pharmaceutical NameAloe Actions Drains fire and guides out accumulation Clears heat and cools the liver Kills parasites & strengthens the stomach Indications (Excess) Chronic constipation Liver heat Tinea Dosage1.5 – 4.5 g Cook Toxic Sym.Nausea, vomiting, epistaxis, abdominal pain, diarrhea Lui Hui 芦荟 Lui Hui 芦荟 (Cold) (Cold)

21 Contraindications Spleen def. Pregnancy Combinations IndicationsFormular Long Dan Cao 龙胆草 Zhi Zi 栀子 Constipation due to damp heat Sheng Gan Cao 生甘草 Tinea (exterior using ) Dan Nan Xing 胆南星 Tian Hua Fen 天花粉 Bei Mu 贝母 Childhood convulsion due to damp heat Shi Jun Zi 使君子 Kills parasites

22 Downward draining herbs Part 2 Moist Laxatives herbs which moisten intestine Moist Laxatives * Huo Ma Ren 火麻仁 * Yu Li Ren 郁李仁

23 Pharmaceutical NameCannabis Semen Actions Nourishes & moistens the intestines Nourish Yin Clears heat and promotes healing of sores Indications (Def. ) Constipation in the elderly Constipation due to Yin def. Sores & ulceraations Dosage9 – 15g Cook Toxic Sym.Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Huo Ma Ren 火麻仁 Huo Ma Ren 火麻仁(Cold)

24 Pharmaceutical NamePruni Semen Actions Moisten the intestines and unblocks the bowel Promotes urination & reduces edema Indications ( Def. ) Constipation due to qi stag. Edema Dosage3 – 9 g Toxic Sym. Yu Li Ren 郁李仁 (Cold)

25 Downward draining herbs Part 3 Harsh Expellants herbs Moist Laxatives * Qian Niu Zi 牵牛子 Gan Sui 甘遂Gan Sui 甘遂 * Da Ji 大戟* Da Ji 大戟 * Yuan Hua 芫花* Yuan Hua 芫花 * Ba Dou 巴豆* Ba Dou 巴豆

26 Pharmaceutical NamePharbitidis Semen Actions Drains water & promotes urination Drains out phlegm & thin mucus Unblock the bowels & remove accumulation Expels intestinal parasites & reduces stagnation Indications (Excess) Edema Water accumulation Wheezing, sensation of fullness in the chest Dosage3 - 6 g Cook Toxic Sym.Little toxin Qian Niu Zi 牵牛子 (cold ) (cold )

27 Pharmaceutical NameKansui Radix Actions Drains water downward and drives out thin mucus Drains out phlegm Clears heat & reduces swelling Indications (Excess) Accumulation of water in chest & abdomen Nodular skin lesions due to damp-heat Phlegm accumulation Dosage0.5 – 1.5 g Cook Toxic Sym. Toxin Gan Sui 甘遂 (Cold)

28 Pharmaceutical NameEurphorbiae pekinensis Radix Actions Drains water downward and drives out thin mucus Reduces swelling and dissipates nodules Indications (Excess) Water accumulation in the chest & abdomen Swollen, painful, toxin sores Dosage1.5 - 3g Cook ToxicityToxin Da Ji 大戟 (cold) (cold)

29 Pharmaceutical NameGenkwa flos Actions Drains water downward and drives out thin mucus Dispels phlegm and stops coughing Kills parasites Indications (Excess) Water accumulation in the chest & abdomen Coughing & wheezing Dosage1.5 - 3g Cook ToxicityToxin Yuan Hua 芫花 (Warm) (Warm)

30 Pharmaceutical NameCrotonis Fructus Actions Warmly unblocks and vigorously purges Drives out water & reduces edema Breaks up clogged phlegm and improves the condiction of the throat Indications (Excess) Severe cold accumulation in the interior leading to constipation Water accumulation in the abdomen Dosage0.1 – 0.3 Cook ToxicityToxin Ba Dou 巴豆 (Hot) (Hot)

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