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The 1920s Decade of Contrasts. Warren G. Harding.

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1 The 1920s Decade of Contrasts

2 Warren G. Harding

3 The Harding Scandals Teapot Dome Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall

4 Harding Funeral

5 Calvin Coolidge

6 Meanwhile on the cultural front...

7 The Jazz Age

8 Flappers

9 Prohibition

10 F. Scott Fitzgerald The decade of the 1920s was “the gaudiest spree on record” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

11 Eugenics Claimed that blacks, Italians, Jews, and other groups were “human weeds.” Said that Australian aborigines were “the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development.” Margaret Sanger

12 Klan Resurgence of the 1920s

13 Social Commentators of the 1920s Sinclair Lewis

14 Social Commentators of the 1920s H. L. Mencken

15 But meanwhile...

16 Billy Sunday

17 William Jennings Bryan’s Campaign against Darwinism in Schools

18 The Scopes Trial, 1925: A Publicity Stunt A publicity stunt Intended to put Dayton, Tennessee, on the map Based on the false claim that Scopes actually taught Darwinism A response to the ACLU’s solicitation

19 The Scopes Trial Clarence Darrow

20 The Scopes Trial, Differing Objectives Dayton town boosters: to put Dayton on the map Bryan: to defend a belief in the special creation of man Darrow: to attack and ridicule Bryan, the Bible, and Christianity

21 The Scopes Trial

22 The Scopes Trial and the Media H. L. Mencken

23 Politics

24 The Election of 1928 Al Smith, Democrat Herbert Hoover, Republican Winner

25 The Great Bull Market The Stock Market Crash of 1929

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