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Organization and Support Review

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1 Organization and Support Review
AP Persuasive Prompts: Synthesis and Argument Organization and Support Review

2 Functional Organization!
Learning Targets: 1. Review functional organization strategies 2. Match strategies up with certain prompts 3. Practice the planning/ pre-writing stage of writing persuasive essays.

3 Organization Strategies
Let your thesis statement be your guide. Although…Nevertheless…Because Syllogism Primary Premise (P1): All A are B (A=B) Secondary Premise (P2): All C are A (C=A) Conclusion (C): All C are B (C=B) P1: Students at South High School are required to take four years of English. P2: Jessica is a student at South High School. C: Jessica must take four years of English. Qualification of One Term Definition of Terms Yes…But (or No…But) It’s all about exploring the complexity of the issue!

4 The Prompt Should schools teach a traditional canon of literature?
(Synthesis from a few years ago)

5 My Turn! Although teaching a traditional canon of literature may turn some students off of reading, it is ultimately more important to challenge students and make sure they develop cultural literacy. Technique #1

6 And me again! A traditional canon should be taught to all students because it creates cultural literacy, the ultimate goal of education. Para 1: The aim of education is to create citizens with the background and literacy necessary to contribute to society. Para 2: A traditional canon gives students the shared knowledge necessary for a democratic society. Technique #2: Syllogism The ultimate goal of education is to create cultural literacy. A traditional canon creates cultural literacy. Therefore, a traditional canon should be taught.

7 Me, me, me! If a traditional canon of literature only means antiquated titles, then schools should not be limited to such a canon. If it means titles with cultural and literary significance which may include newer titles, then a traditional canon should be taught. Technique—Qualification or Definition

8 And me one more time! A traditional canon of literature should be taught in schools, but only if it is balanced with more modern books that students choose. Technique--Yes…BUT

9 The Importance of Transitions
You MUST have strong transitions between your body paragraphs. Otherwise… “A traditional canon turns students off to reading.” “A traditional canon is necessary for cultural literacy.” Huh?

10 Toolbox of Evidence Before we organize our ideas, let’s brainstorm examples that we might be able to use in this particular prompt. When do you think it’s ok to use personal examples?

11 Your Turn to Practice In The Spectator for December 15, 1711, Joseph Addison wrote: If the talent of ridicule were employed to laugh men out of vice and folly, it might be of some use to the world; but instead of this, we find that it is generally made use of to laugh men out of virtue and good sense, by attacking everything that is solemn and serious, decent and praiseworthy in human life. Write a carefully reasoned persuasive essay that defends, challenges, or qualifies Addison’s assertion. Use evidence from your observation, experience, or reading to develop your position.

12 Ready…Set…Organize Write TWO quick outlines of what you might say in this prompt. Use two different functional organization strategies.

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