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33. Handed Over to be Crucified Mark 15:1-20 p. 940.

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2 33. Handed Over to be Crucified Mark 15:1-20 p. 940

3 Handed Over  Two aspects to explore: Jesus’ Silence The Abuse he suffered  Time Magazine: May 20 th, 2013 The Me, Me, Me Generation.

4 Handed Over...  Jesus’ final hours: “Very early in the morning” (v. 1) they took Jesus to Pilate  Jesus’ “trials” follow the same pattern: Jesus faces a barrage of accusations He remains silent – surprises his accusers An unruly crowd participates in his condemnation A decision is made – without due process Jesus is abused.

5 1. Silence  Our society – people demand their rights  Jesus remains silent Jesus does not reply to the Sanhedrin (14:60-61) The same happens before Pilate (v 3-5) Just as was prophesied (Isaiah 53:7)

6 1. Silence...  A deeper reality: His prayer in the garden of Gethsemane (14:35-36) “Not what I will, but what you will” His submission to the will of the Father:  Could have out up a spirited defense  He didn’t  Not because he was fearful or weak

7 1. Silence...  Politically explosive charge: “King of the Jews” Treason to challenge the rule of Caesar. Not a “King” in any sense Pilate would understand. A different kind of Kingdom (Mark 10:45)  Submission to God – at odds with prevailing mindset Mark 10:44 “whoever wants to be first must be slave of all” Mark 8:34 “...deny themselves...take up cross...follow me”  Jesus’ silence was a sign of faith.

8 2. Abuse  After both “trials” Jesus is violently abused As prophesied (Isaiah 50:6)  Was this necessary? Was it part of payment for sin? Macabre fascination in Jesus’ suffering (e.g. Passion movie) Is it God’s will because it was prophesied by Isaiah?

9 2. Abuse...  Day of Atonement - Old Testament A lamb was slaughtered as a sin offering No evidence it was abused first (it was unblemished) Sins were atoned for by BLOOD not Suffering (Heb 9:22) Blood, not suffering is redemptive

10 2. Abuse...  Why the abuse? Two Factors: FIRST – These were brutalized cultures.  Life was very tough  Mistreatment of prisoners not unheard of.  Jesus’ case nonetheless unusual – more severe than usual.  Isaiah prophesied it because God knew it would happen, SECOND - It’s the way sinful people respond to Jesus  The alternative was repentance.

11 2. Abuse...  The same is true today. We may face ridicule and abuse Not always because we are doing something wrong. We may be doing something RIGHT Values are in chaos at the moment  National Post article – “No Hero Zone”  “Calgary student rebuked by school for stopping bully” Jesus: not base actions or decisions on response received

12 Handed Over  Jesus trusted God for the outcome...... We should do the same.  Jesus taught a radical prayer...... “Your will be done” (Matt 6:10) We should pray this prayer for ourselves and entrust ourselves to God.


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