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MBS GENERAL INFORMATION UPDATE Terri Hunt, John Church and Phil Goble.

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1 MBS GENERAL INFORMATION UPDATE Terri Hunt, John Church and Phil Goble

2 MBS emails your PSR/Programming Support when an error occurs in the web application, and specific IP range(s) can be excluded from access Event Notification – MBS can be configured to send emails when certain messages/exceptions are raised in the batch programs (such as posting payment or deposit batches) and Programming Support (by default) gets copied on all events with a Critical or Error severity Leveraging QRT – If your company has business rules that MBS cannot enforce (i.e. they are specific to how your company operates), automated queries can send emails about data anomalies, if present MBS – REACTING TO CONDITIONS

3 Automated nightly scripts checking for bad data caused by known bugs, which allows CDG to respond quickly to find problems and, if possible, correct the data until a fix can be deployed Validation scripts – Every 3-6 months we run a series of scripts that know the business rules of the application from a data integrity perspective and help find potential problems MBS – PROACTIVE CHECKING

4 Thank you! Thanks to everyone who made suggestions last year about ways to enhance the conversion process and weekly meetings CDG created an MBS onboarding document to help outline some important considerations for conversions, including a phased approach to the order in which we convert data, to help clarify the process of 10,0001 questions that comes with conversions MBS – CONVERSION ENHANCEMENTS

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7 Faster runtimes on AIX versus the mainframe – We have noticed a third to half the time for running billings Clients will be able to view reports quicker through the Company Report File screen and the reports get created in real time Clients can now approve or help with the approval of their reports and bills Clients will be able to view bills before they are loaded into the Bill Image In the future, you will be able to monitor your toll and submit your own billings AIX ADVANTAGES




11 Please keep in mind when viewing reports, if you are going to print or take information off the reports, please wait until the PSR has notified you to do so We do on occasion rerun a billing to fix an issue ANNOUNCEMENT

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13 Instead of receiving your CD a couple of days after your billing approval, you can get the files the same day the billing is approved Instead of storing information on CDs, you can save the RMS billing reports and bills to the hard drive of your computer for easy access Files are compressed when you pull them back and you can then copy them to a thumb drive for safe keeping Save on postage for mailing CDs to your office Save a small cost on the CD itself ADVANTAGES


15 Once the files are downloaded to the directory on your PC or server, you can copy them to a thumb drive or un-compress them to place them in a folder To run, click the RmsCd.exe file to start RMS like normal (You can also create a shortcut for the.exe command on your desktop) RUNNING RMS

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18 Color Printers Implemented Upgraded Storage Server Upgrades PCI Out of Scope iSeries OS Upgrade (licensee impact) MAJOR CHANGES

19 3 color printers replaced 3 B&W printers in February Eliminates need for preprinted stock Color quality exceeds that of preprinted stock Provides opportunity for color in 1 st page message area Color inserts could now be replaced through use of a color page on the invoice Color printing on pages other than page 1 would result in additional fees that have yet to be determined COLOR PRINTERS IMPLEMENTED

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21 IBM XIV storage implemented in Champaign and at disaster recovery site will be used for all CDG systems Encrypted for increased security (physical access) Uses flash components for increased performance Highly redundant with mirroring support Additional details can be found at STORAGE UPGRADE

22 We our replacing 4 older Dell R710s in our Champaign data center with newer Dell R730s Transaction performance is about 2x better SERVER UPGRADES

23 CDG will begin using Open Edge to accept, validate and store credit cards beginning with the MBS 4.0 release This change means these functions are now being performed by a vendor that is fully PCI compliant This takes CDG out of scope of PCI This reduces company exposure but does not remove them from their own PCI responsibilities CREDIT CARD PROCESSING CHANGES

24 Credit card numbers stored only if Open Edge used Only the last 4 digits of the credit card will be stored within MBS, which means extraction of credit card numbers from MBS is no longer possible Expiration date will continue to be stored CDG tools identifying expiring credit cards still available Open Edge supports automatic update of credit card numbers and expiration dates (free for now, but could involve fees later) Tokens link to credit cards stored in Open Edge to support credit card reuse and autopay CREDIT CARD PROCESSING CHANGES

25 All CDG MBS licensees are currently on v6r1 IBM v6r1 is end of life on 9/30/2015 IBM v7r2 is the current iSeries OS release CDG already has CABS customers on the v7r2 release MBS expects to complete its testing of the v7r2 release by 08/01/2015 CDG and MBS licensees should be looking at tentative dates for upgrading to the v7r2 release ISERIES OS UPGRADE

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