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10 February 20041 Doors TM for Windows TM Software Installation.

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1 10 February 20041 Doors TM for Windows TM Software Installation

2 10 February 20042 Keri CD-ROM Includes folders with these types of files: –Doors Software –D-Lite Software –Technical Documents –Marketing Documents –Product Graphics –KTI Presentations –Acrobat Reader installation link

3 10 February 20043 Autorun Program Allows you to easily access the main sections of the Keri CD

4 10 February 20044 Starting the Doors Installation Click on the “Install or Update Keri Software” reader icon to install Doors Click on the “View the Doors Release Notes” text to view the Release Notes

5 10 February 20045 InstallShield Wizard Verifies your system meets certain minimum requirements BEFORE beginning software installation Allows you to progress step-by-step, answering questions to install the Doors software

6 10 February 20046 Select Software to Install Two types of software installations: –Doors access control software –GuardDraw (Badging) Allows you to add or update badging software on an existing Doors installation Badging is a paid option to Doors

7 10 February 20047 Select Doors Installation Type Three types of Doors installations: –Demo For a demonstration version of Doors (will appear like a live version, but will not communicate with controllers) –New For the operational version of software –Upgrade Upgrade an existing software installation to a newer revision (A copy of the current Doors will be placed in a new folder. The current data will then be added to the newly installed Doors database.)

8 10 February 20048 Select Doors Installation Type Choose from the three types of Doors installations: –Demo Installation –New Installation –Upgrade Installation

9 10 February 20049 Software License Agreement A text document defining rights, obligations, and protections for both user and manufacturer

10 10 February 200410 Select Language Lists all available Doors language translations –All text strings within Doors will be displayed in the selected language –Program graphics with embedded text (such as buttons) continue to be displayed in English

11 10 February 200411 Enabling Badging Badging is a purchased software option –For creating and printing photo ID badges –If enabled but not purchased, “SAMPLE” is printed across the face of the badge

12 10 February 200412 Additional Badging Requirements 65K color graphics card Free hard disk space of between 100 MB and 1 GB (based on number of badges)

13 10 February 200413 Badging Software Registration Registration is required for proper operation You will receive a License Number upon registration with Keri’s Inside Sales department

14 10 February 200414 Number of Cardholders Enter the number of users to be assigned badges –The more badges, the greater the amount of PC system RAM is required for graphics manipulation

15 10 February 200415 Installation Folder Select the folder to which Doors should be installed –The default folder is recommended for a new or demo installation The folder name includes the software revision –An upgrade installation uses a new folder, but copies user information from the existing installation

16 10 February 200416 Installation Progress A progress bar appears letting you know how far along the installation is

17 10 February 200417 Installation Complete Reboot the computer so program registry information can be recognized by the host computer

18 10 February 200418 Add Dealer Information to Doors Help It is possible to add specific dealer information that will appear in the Doors About window

19 10 February 200419 Create Dealer Information In a text editor program such as Notepad, enter the information to be displayed on the About screen in Doors

20 10 February 200420 Save Dealer Information Locate the folder where the Doors.EXE program file is located (typically in “\Kerisys\Doors_vX.XX”) In the file name, type “dealer” and make sure the Save As field has “Text Documents” selected Click on the “Save” button

21 10 February 200421 Add Dealer Splash Page to Startup A splash window may be added to the Doors Startup with the dealer logo and information –Will launch prior to Doors splash page –Clicking on the Dealer splash page will close it and go to Doors splash screen –Must be Windows bitmap –Keep the graphic to no larger than 400 x 400 pixels –Should be 256 colors with an optimized palette

22 10 February 200422 Save Selected Graphic Save the graphic as “dealerfile.bmp” in the folder where the Doors.EXE program file is located (typically in “\Kerisys\Doors_vX.XX”) Right click on the Doors shortcut and select Properties

23 10 February 200423 Define Target Locate the Target field and following the path “C:Kerisys\Doors_v4.10\doors32.exe” add the phrase “ -bdealerfile.bmp” (with a space before “-”)

24 10 February 200424 Set Display Time Display default is set for 15 seconds To change display time, add the phrase “ -txx” following “-bdealerfile.bmp” (xx = the display time in seconds and must be between 01 and 30) Click on the OK button

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