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Rapid Mind Evolution A presentation to help you tap into the unlimited potential of your brain. Concepts created by: Brain Alchemy Interface Networks,

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1 Rapid Mind Evolution A presentation to help you tap into the unlimited potential of your brain. Concepts created by: Brain Alchemy Interface Networks, Chennai

2 The detailed Course includes 1.Lateral thinking and Out of the Box Creative thinking 2.Faster Learning Techniques 3.Increasing your Intelligence Quotient 4.Left Brain Right Brain Integration exercises 5.Inventive Thinking 6.TPC: Thought Process Conditioning using Basic NLP and Visualization to Self Program the increase in your brain power

3 Normally we use just 3% of our brain for thinking and learning. Imagine if we tripled the usage to about 10%. The Brain potential would increase exponentially than just treble. We could master the most advanced mathematics in months. We could easily complete 2 masters degree programs in a year. We could innovate 5-6 new kinds of machines every year We could find research breakthroughs in 1/10 th the normal time. We could intellectually be 5 times what we would have been. Now, imagine all employees in your corporation tripling their brain power this year, and then interacting with each other. Your company will have patents by the ton!

4 Our Strategies We are largely linear thinkers. Thinking in just line or one plane. This stagnates our mind. Enhancing our potential requires thinking laterally with more focus and then integrating new knowledge. With “Out of the Box” Thinking, we get a new perspective and stimulate innovative solutions. We must launch an attack on the sleeping nerve cells to roar into action, make links with other cells and boost cerebral activity into never before accomplished tasks, thereby causing permanent IQ increase. Parallely, we improve Right Brain communication to feed our imagination with creativity, thereby causing new solutions to enter our mind.

5 Analogy of Linear Thinking versus Out of the Box Thinking: Imagine a forest with many fruit trees. Linear thinking is like finding an apple tree, then going further in a straight line to find yet another apple tree and so on till we are wealthy with apples and stagnate with the knowledge that only apple trees exist in this forest. When we decide to move laterally than straight, we discover a mango tree. We zig-zag further, and we find a coconut tree. We search creatively and uncover a banana tree. Our wealth of fruits has increased four fold, our consciousness refuses to stagnate because we know we can find more and more trees in this forest. We become wealthier than ever! The Forest is our Brain. The fruit is our talent. Out of the Box thinking enables us to discover hidden talents and encourage us to keep learning for we may discover newer talents. Linear Thinking will then be “fruitful” in helping us apply our talents.

6 Out of the Box Thinking: An important subset of Lateral Thinking This is a standard exercise to illustrate OBT. How will you connect all the dots with 4 straight strokes without lifting your pencil ? 5 strokes seem to be required.

7 Out of the Box Thinking

8 An example of Lateral Thinking: How is 33 = 0 ?

9 Laterally thinking, we can fold 33 to 8. Again, folding top to bottom shows us that 33 is 0! Mentally folding space is a powerful art of boosting intelligence. Think of Origami, the Japanese art of folding 2 dimensional paper into 3 dimensional objects. In fact, lateral thinking tells us that the shortest distance between 2 points in a plane is zero! Will this concept be used in space travel of the future without the need to go beyond the speed of light ?

10 50 x 10 – 1000 = 1000 Lateral thinking helps us correct this equation using just 2 strokes of the pen. Can you solve this ? What do you feel after you know the solution ? Are you starting to feel the importance of thinking laterally and seeking out of the box solutions ?

11 Series Completion 1 4 9 16 _ (LINEAR) 1 8 27 _ (LINEAR) A C F J _ (LINEAR) J A S O N _ (LATERAL THINKING NEEDED!) F S S M _ (LATERAL THINKING)

12 Series Completion using Linear and Lateral Thinking: (The equations are from left to right)

13 Anagrams Verbal Stimulation improves your learning, communication skill and pattern matching/associative skills which will fuel further improvement in Out of the Box thinking. Simple Anagrams: PPAHY GINATE IT WAS INRGB It is easier to solve anagrams that do not get easily pronounced as a word already. This shows how our Brain maintains complex verbal indexing system. If an index exists for words, it similarly exists for sounds, images and knowledge. Higher Level indices can be created as and when needed to exponentially enhance our learning process and associative memory power. They also enhance creativity.

14 More Anagrams: TVEETCIDE ANNEFIC MEPCOURT INNEGGIBN Why is it easier to solve an anagram when we have an associative clue ? Does our brain maintain a cross index for every kind of data index ?

15 Lexigrams A powerful exercise to use lateral thinking and expansive logical thinking simultaneously in improving verbal ability. Lexigrams are a group of sentences formed from a name or a place or object using the letters in it without addition or repetition of more than existing letters in any single word. Example: ORANGE: NO RAGE, NO AGE, ANGER ON A GEO RANGE. INTERNET: I ENTER NET TREE EARTH: HEAR THE HEART RATE HEAT HATE Try for countries, celebrities etc. Try to do them very fast. Does your brain try to search for meaningful sentences that match the actual meaning of the word?

16 LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN Left Brain Logical Sequential Rational Analytical Objective Looks at parts Right Brain Random Intuitive Holistic Synthesizing Subjective Looks at wholes

17 LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN We do not use our right brain too much due to our right handedness (controlled by left brain), prominence of verbal communication than pictorial and too much of logical linear thinking. To drastically enhance your overall IQ, we must activate our right brain hemisphere. Several exercises are listed in the full course notes. The more you are comfortable with your left hand and the more images you can visualize or manipulate in your mind, the more the power of your right brain will increase, the more will be the inter hemisphere communication and ultimately, the more genius like you will become, inventing at will.

18 Quick Discussions: NASA vs Russia. Nasa spent 10 million dollars to develop a space pen that would work at zero gravity without spilling ink bubbles in the space shuttle. The Russians solved the same problem in one dollar using out of the box thinking. A heavily loaded truck would get stuck under a bridge because its load was a few millimeters too much. It was too late to head back to reduce the load. A child helped solve the problem in the easiest method. What did he suggest ?

19 Inventions What has been helping inventors invent down the ages? Necessity? Or Necessity combined with out of the box thinking and sparks of insight ? List some simple inventions. What is common ? Can you make them better now? Can you innovate by combining separate discoveries? Let us discuss some new inventions and make some of our own. UltraMotion, Matrix Effects, Digicams, Cellphones Holograms, Smart Machines, Computer Peripherals, Genetics, Biometrics, Space Missions, Deep Sea, Smart Equipment etc. Questions to ask: How is the Human Body as a perfect machine? How did DNA get “designed” ? What can we do to our design process to make it work as perfectly as like DNA? How to do we select the best patterns from our designs?

20 CONCLUSION Explore the journey of your mental improvement confidently and enjoy every kind of success as your rapidly evolved mind takes you to greater heights. Visit us at

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