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Using E-Class Updating a document in the Library.

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1 Using E-Class Updating a document in the Library

2 This is a PowerPoint presentation of about five minutes duration. It is intended for E-Class users having the ADVISOR or APPROVER role. This will explain when and how update (replace) a document already in the Library and linked to a case file. You may exit the presentation at any time simply by closing the Window. Where this arrow appears, click on it to advance the slides.

3 Scenario An updated job description is available and needs to be uploaded to the Library to replace the one already associated with the case file.

4 Prerequsites To replace a document in the E-Class Library, the following conditions must be true… You must have control of the case file. You must be the owner (uploader) of the document being replaced. If either of these conditions is false you will have to request the assistance of the BCPSA Admin to update the document on your behalf.

5 Step 1 Take note of the document number and file name of the description to be updated 10259: Administrative_Assistant_04Oct04D.doc

6 Step 2 Find the amended document on your hard drive or LAN drive and rename it by changing the date suffix in the file name. C:\My Documents\ Administrative_Assistant_04Oct04D.doc C:\My Documents\ Administrative_Assistant_16Oct04D.doc Note: E-Class will not allow you to replace a document with one having the identical file name!

7 Step 3 Return to the E-Class Library and locate the document that is to be replaced. 10259 Click to find document #10259…

8 Step 4 Only the owner (uploader) of a document can delete or replace a document. This an deliberate file security protection built into E-Class. Click change to start the replacement process…

9 Step 5 Point (browse) to the revised job description on your local drive. M:\Docs\Administrative_Assistant_16Oct04D.doc Click here to complete the document replacement…

10 Step 6 Look for confirmation of a successful replacement. 

11 Step 7 Revisit the case file and verify the successful document replacement  The filename indicates that the newer version of the job description is now linked to the case file.

12 End To return to the menu of presentations, simply close this window…

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