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The New Permanent Record Presented by Steve Dembo

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1 The New Permanent Record Presented by Steve Dembo Steve_Dembo

2 Who am I?



5 Michael Hanscom Heather B Armstrong Jessica Cutler Daniel P. Finney Steve Olafson Lain Murray Penny Cholmondeley Matthew Brown Troutgirl Joe (Waterstone) Vibor Kalogiera Jeremy Wright Amy Norah Burch Rob Smith Rachel Mosteller Peter Whitney David Higham Paul Andrew Juliano Veronica Gregg Easterbrook Kelly Kreth “Silver Tree” Richard Eid Lance Salyers Nadine Haobosh Joe Gordon Angelo Villagomez Joyce Park


7 Mayor of Arlington, Oregon MySpace page contained photos 3 years ago Forced to resign from political position

8 Student at Millersville University in PA Posted ‘Drunken Pirate’ Photo on MySpace Denied degree and teaching license

9 The Honorable Alex Kozinski

10 28% of children 12-17 have created their own blog 44% of online teens share their own creations online (artwork, videos, photos) 59% of online teens have created content for the internet Pew Internet & American Life Project survey of teens and parents October – December 2007



13 Steps to Taking Control Understand what has changed Consider appropriate use Identify inappropriate use Establish Policy

14 Creating Policies Don’t create policy in a vacuum Bud’s Blogging Policy – –Parent Letters –Sample blogs –Student created policies AHS Policy –

15 Get Proactive Gain first hand experience Be realistic Ask your students,,

16 Just the facts Assume everyone is going to see everything. –Nothing on the internet is private –An alias provides only minimal protection 44% of teens only use one screen name Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Parents Survey –Deleted does not mean gone

17 GaETC Today

18 GaETC 2007

19 GaETC 2006

20 GaETC 2005

21 GaETC 2004

22 GaETC 2003

23 GaETC 2002

24 GaETC 2001

25 GaETC 2000

26 GaETC 1999

27 Don’t just remove it, blanket it Change the content at its source Request archives/cache be deleted – Blanket it with newer, more relevant content

28 Teaching about Privacy Create a photoset and sort them into public vs. private Discuss why Facebook and Myspace ask you to specific your age Have students review each other’s pages and give them a privacy score. Set profiles to private

29 3 Basic questions Can I share this with my parents or teacher? Would I want a college recruiter or job interviewer to see this? Could this allow someone to find me and put me in danger?

30 Ed-Safe Alternatives –

31 Ed-Safe Alternatives –

32 EdSafe Alternatives - Ning

33 Ning Can be completely private No links to other networks Can use your own domain name

34 Trailblazing or trailing behind?

35 NSBA Creating and Connecting “The Internet and social networks are a reality in the lives of our students and will likely play an increasingly important role in their future. They will not always be online in protected environments so they must develop the tools they need to interact safely and responsibly online. “ Ann Flynn, NSBA director of education technology _netw.html

36 There’s a time to think, and a time to act. And this, gentlemen, is no time to think.

37 PowerPoint resumé? UIC requires ‘slideware’ presentation for MBA program Freeform space for students to say what is important Trying to identify students with creative spark

38 Make it work for you


40 Making it Work Des Moines, Iowa Students create both online portfolios for colleges and employers to find. Search for themselves to see what admissions will find about them. Tips Don’t lie Be Professional Show off and stay current Censor yourself and friends Edit, spell check and proofread Des Moines Register, July 19, 2007

41 BeRecruited.Com






47 Steve Dembo

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