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Clyde Community Survey RESULTS Clyde Community Development Resource Committee August 14 th, 2013.

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1 Clyde Community Survey RESULTS Clyde Community Development Resource Committee August 14 th, 2013

2 Contents Objectives and Methodology Findings Recreation Business Government Summary Development Opportunities 2

3 Objectives and Methodology Objectives Learn more about the attitudes and concerns of Clyde citizens Determine the community’s priorities for development Create a plan, along with the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations to address identified issues. Methodology Mail survey to each 66938 household 120 completed surveys. Response rates: MailedReturnedResponse Rate Boxholder732230% Rt. 22787627% Rt. 31752213% Total52612023% 3 Clyde 66938

4 Demographics Survey respondents are mainly: Older Married No Children at Home Lived in area over 20 yrs On RR2 2010 U.S. Census shown in grey Younger, single, and RR3 (from # mailed) appear to be under-represented. 4


6 Recreation Overview Recreation ratings are in general very high. The ratings for Places to Walk show some dissatisfaction with this area. 6 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

7 Recreation Map Parks, Playground, Baseball Fields, Library Hours, and Pool are seen very positively by most people. Fewer people had an opinion about the Pool hours, or Courts, but there were still few negative ratings. Places to Walk garnered negative ratings from about 1/3 of respondents. 7

8 Places to Walk Detail While attitudes are fairly similar across groups, Female, Younger (19-45)/Older (Over 65), Married, and those with Children were more likely to express concern about Places to Walk. 8 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

9 Recreation Comments About 1/3 of people made a comment about Recreation. 15% commented on Walking, while 9% commented on the Baseball Fields (mainly about having restrooms at the field). 9

10 Places to Walk Comments 10 The sidewalks are in disrepair and some dog owners don’t follow the leash law making walking in some areas hazardous. Sidewalks in residential areas need to be considered in future City budgets. Some are in good condition, but many need to be replaced. In many areas they do not exist!! We need more areas for people with disabilities to walk. It would be good to have a walking or biking trail along the Republican River or somewhere and not be bothered by dogs on the loose!

11 Recreation words 11


13 Business Overview The primary concern in the area of Business is Dining. There were also some lower ratings of Telecommunication/ Internet. Residents may not have connected “Retail Services” with the convenience store—that may have garnered more negative ratings. 13 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

14 Business Map Most people had an opinion about all of the items in the Business category. Dining was rated very poorly, with 75% rating disagree or strongly disagree that they were satisfied. 24% were dissatisfied with Tele/Internet. 14

15 Dining Detail Dining was seen negatively across all demographic groups. Younger (19-45) residents were least happy. 15 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

16 Tele/Internet Detail Tele/Internet was rated less favorably by Younger, Single, and Newer residents. Those with Children also expressed concern, but there were a fair number who also gave good ratings. 16 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

17 Business Comments Over half of residents made a comment about Business. The main areas of comment were split between Retail (convenience store) and Dining. Although it received some low ratings, few people commented on Tele/Internet service. 17

18 Retail Services Comments 18 We need an eating/dining service that is open all day and for the evening meal. … one with dependable hours Wish we had a Convenience Store with hot food, pizza, subs/sandwiches, burgers, etc. A Convenience Store that is open from 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. would be great. Take investors for the Convenience Store; many are willing. I would like to be able to purchase gas without a fuel card after 5 p.m. I would like more variety in eating and dining options. Don’t do much cooking for one.

19 Business words 19


21 Government Overview High ratings were given to Emergency Medical, Trash, and Fire. Law Enforcement and Animal Control were areas of concern in Government. Some concern was also expressed by some in the area of Housing. 21 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

22 Government Map In the upper left are areas where most people expressed a satisfied opinion. Many people also expressed a negative view about Law Enforcement (33%) and Animal Control (38%). About half of residents had an opinion about Housing, with roughly 1 in 5 giving a negative rating. 22

23 Law Enforcement Detail Law Enforcement ratings were fairly consistent across demographic groups. 23 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

24 Animal Control Detail Animal Control was rated negatively more by Male, Older, Married, and Newer residents. 24 % Agreeing “I am satisfied with the…”

25 Government Comments A third of residents made a comment about Government. Overwhelmingly, those comments were about Animal Control, with some comments about Laws Enforcement and Street Maintenance. 25

26 Animal Control Comments 26 We need an animal control officer … an animal shelter … ordinances that are fairly and consistently enforced I like to walk, but can’t because dogs running lose scare me– nothing is done–so people don’t obey the law–when they do pick up a dog the owners aren’t fined–so why would you obey the law? Children have dogs charge at them in a threatening way. Too many cats running wild. Neuter male cats! Animals should not be allowed to roam (especially on trash days) and leave droppings in people’s yards.

27 Government words 27


29 Survey Summary Overall, participation in the survey was strong, with about a quarter of residents responding. Many residents provided comments. Ratings in most areas were very high, with residents expressing strong satisfaction with the state of the community. Where dissatisfaction exists, it was strongly expressed. The areas where there are opportunities for development are clear. Residents seem to have realistic expectations about what will be available in a small town, but have several basic needs: The ability to walk around town safely on well-maintained sidewalks. A place to get gas and a snack at convenient hours. A nice restaurant to have a sit-down meal that is consistently open. Well-controlled animal populations Adequate housing stock Beyond these basic amenities, residents provided many ideas for development in their comments which could be used as thought-starters for future development. 29

30 Development Opportunities Recreation Places to Walk Repair sidewalks and curbs Walking trail Enforce animal control Other ideas Recreation for seniors Youth programs Business Convenience Store Hours Availability of gas Meeting area Dining Consistent hours Family-oriented Healthy items, dietary concerns Attract people from surrounding area 30 Government Animal Control Enforce leash ordinance for dogs Feral cats Animal control officer Law Enforcement Improve patrols Housing Improve availability of housing for sale or rent

31 Research Support Independent analysis for this report was provided by former Clyde resident, Joey Michaud. Biography: Son of long-time residents, Wilcid and Edna Michaud CCHS Class of ‘88 B.S./MBA, Marketing, KSU, ‘92/’94; Master of Marketing Research, SIUE, ’96 Sr. Director of Marketing Sciences, Maritz Marketing Research, Financial Services Research Group Over 15 years experience in designing and analyzing survey research projects, including sampling, questionnaire design, and analysis. Specialties include experimental design, new product development, interactive report design, and simulation. He has worked in the Telecom, Automotive, Tech, and most recently, Financial Service sectors. Joey currently lives in St. Louis, MO, with his wife, Beth, and enjoys cooking, bicycling, craft beer, and local music. 31

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