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Distribution of Fence Materials in Eau Claire Michelle Chrzanowski.

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1 Distribution of Fence Materials in Eau Claire Michelle Chrzanowski

2 Hypothesis The distribution of fence materials may be reflected by the age and cost of the house built. Metal and wood are accessible materials so they will probably dominate no matter the age and cost of house. Plastic fences may mostly be found with newer houses because it is a newer material, and brick fences may be found only on wealthy properties because it is very expensive.

3 Types of Fence Materials Metal Wood Plastic Brick

4 Research Method I collected data in the Third Ward along the route indicated on the map. I chose this route because it included a smattering of both old and new houses, is a relatively prosperous neighborhood, which could lead to more fences, and the area was close to the university. I then went to Eau Claire’s assessment website and systematically found all the ages and costs of the homes.

5 Distribution of Houses with No Fences

6 None


8 Distribution of Houses with Metal Fences

9 Metal


11 Distribution of Houses with Wood Fences

12 Wood

13 Distribution of Houses with Plastic Fences

14 Plastic

15 Distribution of Houses with Brick Fences

16 Brick

17 According to Susan E. Schnare in A Primer on Pickets, wood has been the most used fence material historically Wood is also a naturally common resource in Eau Claire

18 Peculiarly wood isn’t accompanied by the oldest houses on average Very likely due to wood rotting and new owners replacing it with fences that last longer like metal

19 Metal fences can be more expensive Installation process Wrought iron

20 Conclusion The distribution of fence materials is scattered in Eau Claire. The main materials used to build fences were metal and wood with brick being rare but found on very wealthy properties. The one plastic fence found was obviously added later since the house it was with was 19 th century. Fences are often changed when homes are remodeled to personal taste over the years so patterns are sometimes unclear.

21 Citations Anderson, Murray. "Options and Styles for Your New Fence." Do It Yourself. 2006. Web. 10 Jun 2010.. "Landscaping Online." White Picket Fences. N.p., 2007. Web. 10 Jun 2010.. Schnare, Susan. "A Primer on Pickets." Old-House Journal. Web. 10 Jun 2010..

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